Social Media Gets A Holiday – Sorta!

No, you can’t take a (paid) day off.

Honoring social media doesn’t warrant its own national holiday – yet. about a mention…and a cause for celebration?

All across the land skeptics, newbies and power-users alike will come together to acknowledge the impact of social media, social networking and the like. For where would we be without our online communities?

Seriously though, those of us who’ve connected via the internet have managed to bypass gatekeepers and find millions of other like-minded folks who share ideologies on a variety of issues. We’ve even had the privilege of meeting those with dissenting views to get us to seriously evaluate where we stand.

We’ve found an oasis amidst a desert, been challenged, made friends and connected with others in real life as well. Businesses are now able to directly communicate with their customer base and create new ones. Government officials can discuss legislative proceedings. Foreign leaders now use Twitter to reach a worldwide audience. We can find high school classmates…or even meet someone.

Social media is: social. There’s no participation without people.

Social media is here to stay. Get involved or be left behind.

Here’s the video from last week’s NonProfit 2.0 Unconference in DC where many of us discussed why there’s a need for social media and how we use it.

Check your city for events via Mashable.

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  1. I'd wanted to have day off with pay also. How can we do that when our job I considered is a day off already. hehe. I enjoyed doing social media projects and enjoyment for me means working happily.

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