So Mitt Romney Decided To Attend The NAACP Convention But Obama Didn’t. Thoughts?

Here’s a few things to consider as we continue to move into a higher plane of consciousness, raising the bar for our expectations:

Is it conceivable during an election year, where a sitting President is running for a second term to ignore a gathering at the largest Civil Rights organization in the country? Was there some nuclear bomb crisis or death in the family we weren’t aware of?

Can you think of any other MAJOR ORGANIZATION, GATHERING or GROUP the President would have dismissed so easily? Especially one where his OPPONENT attended? I don’t care that Romney is being reported to have flailed. The NAACP invited him. He knew he’d be appearing before an unenthusiastic and skeptical crowd [if not outright hostile]. He went anyway.

You can’t claim if Obama had participated it would have been a sincere message. It’s all for political currency. The question is are you selling yourself for cheap? He obviously ASSUMES he has the black vote (black women) tagged and bagged. So he didn’t even have to bother. Romney rightfully pointed out how blacks have fared poorly under this administration, but I hold no delusions about either of their intentions.

Romney could have simply written black women voters off and not even bothered. It’s a bad idea to limit your options if you’re playing to win at life, let alone throw away dwindling political power. Did you know a pro-lesbian super PAC has been created to make sure their interests aren’t ignored? There’s so much at stake this election. Fear of a Republican-fueled 1950’s time-warp is not enough of a scare-tactic to not make an informed decision. Concern of a one-term Presidential fade out and legislative set-backs across all branches of government  should be the impetus for action.

The sagacious individual understands there is no difference between #REPUBLICANS and #DEMOCRATS

– the lesser of 2 evils is still EVIL

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It is a very telling message just how little the Democrats think of black women voters when no one stepped in to advise Obama against skipping the event. Doesn’t this read like a bad romance? You know that’s the emotional irrational underpinnings that influence the way far too many think. He’s just not that into you! Except when he wants something.

Obama and his chorus of a thousand excusers have sung the same broken tune of “Can’t DO Nothing” for the past three years. It only shows how he has no real infrastrusture supportive of him. This is the manifestation of Negro Comfortable Up In Here. Yet the opposition is a well-oiled machine. Crooning soul tunes at a fundraiser heavily attended by blacks earlier this year didn’t create jobs for the millions out-of-work who need to support themselves and their families. The fact that Romney made even a tiny gesture says something….Obama bowing out as “strategy” does as well.

Based on the response from the audience and conversations in the media, Romney may do more to further his agenda of getting elected. We know all about lip service. Romney [and Obama] will need to put out, lol! In some strange way this could be the opportunity to finally get your “1st Black” to actually DO SOMETHING for YOU and YOU ALONE.

Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT support the agenda of the NAACP which has proven it’s purpose to be anti-black woman. Like most “black” things and “black” people. There are others. This is one of your most crucial decisions that will impact your lives for years to come. Discussing your lifestyle development under the guise of a “blog” post doesn’t count for much according to someone who thought to belittle the advocacy and social justice purpose of this forum by negating our work in raising awareness and encouraging women’s empowerment.

I had to defend YOU from being so readily dismissed. I don’t write and research and execute these posts, actively engage with people who can be both clueless and hostile or unappreciative and non-reciprocating because I lack other activities that would be far more pleasurable. It’s time for more of you to get your minds and purpose in order. You are in crisis!!

I do this because I believe in an alternative NORMAL universe where we’ve created a better world for ourselves and future generations. It’s not easy or convenient, but it is absolutely necessary to contribute toward making it happen as a goal.

In the process, I’ve been labeled a so-called  sell-out [for encouraging quality interracial marriages between black women and non-black men], a rabble-rouser [for exposing certain lies], a ranter [for not limiting black woman free agency in any capacity] and an extremist for  pointing out the benefits to cutting all ties with anything related to [supporting, upholding, complaining about but not moving on beyond]  Blackistan and for aggressively urging black women to reform their alliances with themselves [weight, diction, education, social circles] and others. Oh and let’s not forget exposing fraudulent saboteurs offering praise one minute and calling for your head the next.

People, places and practices matter.

While the NAACP is solely reliant on black women, they’re not calling the shots – by choice. You can change that!  Black women voters were President’s Obama’s largest voting block percentage-wise when he first ran for election. Some other things to consider:

  • Black unemployment is at the highest rate it’s ever been and just shot up again.
  • Ask yourself if you’re doing better today than you were three years ago?
  • What do you consider most important in designing the life of your dreams?

Every other group has had SOME if not ALL of their agendas addressed during this first term EXCEPT blacks. Deny it if you want but a fact is a FACT. This wasn’t be accident. People are mobilizing and disciplined in achieving an “upgrade”. They’re not relying on something or someone else while still expecting a return on their political investment.

At some point you have to ask how much longer this adjustment, the reasoning offered for inaction is going to take. You know, the Bush inheritance, the economic collapse, blah, blah, blah. Last time I checked, these types of reasons will not guarantee you an IOU for gas, rent or food let alone creature comforts…like (money to pay for) healthcare.  Romney said he’d repeal ObamaCare if he got elected – which is what riled the crowd. We see how obstruction can slow if not derail the effectiveness of a President.

While seeing Mrs. Obama and the wee-Michelles in the White House is a GREAT thing, black women have unique concerns and needs that symbolism alone cannot remedy.

I’ve found myself visiting a few other feeds on sites like Facebook and engaging people. They are very attached to their line of thinking on whatever subject they’re conversing about.  As am I. Yet, I don’t base my point of view on emotions, chasing after the black male gaze, one-sided “alliances”, white hegemony arguments or pixie dust and unicorns.

Black women are not in the position socially, economically and status-wise to dismiss addressing their needs. And by black women I mean black women and girls. Not “My baby boy can look at a President who looks like him and be proud.” or “What about all the dirt Bush did?”  or “We have to support x,y,z because…..”

Actually, you don’t.

And don’t get it twisted this isn’t a support piece for Mitt Romney. He needs to release his tax returns just like everybody else had to. What about all of those trusts and funds he has sunk into off-shore accounts? We can’t really be sure what he’s up to.

Yet, despite his 1% status he still needs support to be elected and has people to answer to and interests to be met. The same for Barack Obama.

Vote for whomever you want. Just be prepared to live with whatever UNEXPECTED and UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES occur. Like the steady negative media storm revisionist tripe of pre-Civil Rights and Slave Narratives. Like states gutting Planned Parenthood. Like the War on Women. Well, there’s been a specific war against black women for the past two decades where other black women have been enemy combatants.

The question you should be asking them and the potential 3rd-party candidates is WILL THEY ANSWER TO YOU FIRST, LAST OR AT ALL?

In the meantime, your ever-shrinking blog host/social community practitioner will continue running this forum much the same way I’d run a company, campaign or organization: with heart, integrity and grit. I’ve had several million lurkers drop by, so I figure somebody must be interested in what we discuss here!

And to tie all of this with a big red bow I encourage you to read these archives at Muslim BushidoThe Change That Never Came 1, 2 and 3 to reassess your political support. It should not be based on emotionalism, saving the race or on unproven allies. Stop being a Ride & Die chick!

Your extended public debates arguments with people who will NEVER change is a gross misdirection of your time, a bad look for black women and will keep you tied to Sodom & Gomorrah Blackistan. Win a few battles only to LOSE THE WAR.

Also one of my favorite posts at DBR Alert (pretty please come back to the internet and write again) about recognizing when you’re cutting off your own limb to spite yourself.

Please READ and SIT ON THESE POSTS and then offer your thoughts after deep reflection. I really hope it makes some of you angry….so you wake up from your tunnel-vision.

The future looks like some variation of you being an up-and-coming black actress dating the hottest white male actor in Hollywood [that would be one Nicole Beharie and Michael Fassbender] and ALL of the THIRSTY WENCHES [and other obstructionists] who wish it was them [and don’t want it to be her or you] because from all indicators they’re both amazing people very well-suited for one another. It puts IDEAS into other women’s heads that they too can have the 5-course life instead of table scraps. You’re laughing, they’re fuming. Too bad for them. Win for us!!

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  1. One other thing I take into consideration for voting is which candidate is more likely/willing to invest in repairing and building the infrastructure in this country. We can't afford for it to collapse, which is what will happen if we don't invest in its maintenance. As much as I care about social justice issues, I care a lot about basic development and infrastructure issues, because they are important to the structure and functioning of our society as we know it. It's important to maintain a healthy skeleton, not just worry about "the meat on the bones".

  2. Stats!?! THAT'S AWESOME!!! If you can manage THAT, you've got a good brain! 🙂

    I DO try to lead by example. It's one of my personal values. It's sweet of you to offer me the potential opportunity to guest post. I appreciate that you respect my opinions. I respect and value yours. I want to "get some more upstairs", so that I can tie together the various things I've learned. If ever in the future you're still blogging and I think I have a well put together message that I'd like to share, I will let you know and see what you think about it.

    BTW, I think YOU are my peer group. I'm in my 30s. I've had some great opportunities in life. But, I've also had several challenges from people that I had to learn to overcome. I would LOVE to help other young BW reach their goals. But, people have to be psychologically ready. I have a younger family member I'd love to help. But, I am unable to do anything because of her current mindset. Even if I tried to initiate a conversation, she would take offense and become angry with me. So, I leave her alone and hope for an opportunity to help in the future.

    I DO want my MRS. I've never thought of going abroad for a husband. But, maybe I should, since I like international guys. I've always wanted to travel to see the world, but never thought of living anywhere else. I'm happy for the BW who do. I'm such a Mid-Western girl, at heart. I'd be happy, living on a farm (with no animals to raise--lol). I still love my country, and I'm highly attached. But, I want to raise my children with fewer attachments, because I realize the successful people of tomorrow will need to be able to live ANYWHERE.

    1. I think I thought you were under 30, but I’m still older, lol. Europe has lots of farms…but if you’re comfortable and achieving your goals….. The offer to post is open-ended.

      1. Well, when I saw your photo, I thought you were around my age, so Kudos to you! As I've told you before, I think you look VERY BEAUTIFUL. I'm not objected to living elsewhere, if that's where the true love of my life is. I saw you and another poster "hearting" Norway, I think. Wherever a BW finds her happiness, that's where she should go.

        1. You're sweet! Yes, I have this fascination with Scandinavia, but there are many places I could live and be happy. As long as we're exploring all of our options, it's up to each woman to determine what works best.

  3. Faith, this turned out to be a GREAT discussion! SO MUCH FUN!!! You're making me miss my poli sci classes. 🙂

    1. Formavitae, I agree. Everyone who commented MADE this a vital, vibrant discussion that I know many who read it will be thinking about the next three months before the election and LONG afterwards. 100+ SUBSTANTIVE comments for a week-old post at my little dent in the blogging universe is a milestone. That's the equivalent of 500 comments at one of the established political blogs. Especially those clinging to symbols, clamoring for an Obama 2nd second term with no demands of reciprocity, operating under the assumption the "real" Obama, supporter of their interests will fly in on a cape to wave his magic wand and leave candy on their pillows. A year from now I want people to remember this discussion to compare notes on their magical thinking versus the reality, who made sure they got their needs met and who's begging at the back door.

      1. I'm interested in seeing the outcomes too. I'm still in the process of deciding where I'm going to fall on the political spectrum. I have a series of books lined up for reading, once I've finished the extra studying I need to do for strengthening my foundation in my new career. For now, I'm focused on who will keep the pathways open for me to continue moving up towards my success. I'm on my way. I've got a good work ethic and lots of tenacity. All I need is the map (which I also have) and open pathways.

        1. I've never taken a poli-sci course (how did I manage to be stuck with statistics!!!!) -- but I do read a lot. Glad to know some things can be officially, academically confirmed. It appears to me you've made and will continue to make sound choices for your life. Many of us would be lucky to use an ounce of common sense and be so confident. Thank you for leading by example! If you ever want to do a guest post here, let me know. Many younger BW in your peer group could benefit from your perspective and would respond differently when being addressed by 'one of their own' so to speak.

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