Snagging, Bagging & Tagging: White Men!

Yup, that’s a provocative title for sure. It’s a spin on the book Girls’ Guide To Hunting & Fishing. I was thus inspired by a little blogger troll who took issue with my Mrs. & Mr. Zuckerberg post from last week. Which was about how an average woman can position herself to live well and how marriage to a person who adds value certainly helps facilitate that. So sad…too bad certain people remain stuck on stoopid. It’s all about perspective..and choice.

Apparently Flat Earth Theorists know something we don’t. According to this scholar of relationships black women wouldn’t be interested in a man who came from a 2-parent home, espouses Middle Class values, busted his hump to get into Harvard, learned how to relate to women by trial and error – oh and is a game-changer. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – no OOW kids, criminal record or public displays of questionable behavior. Not to mention a Rolodex and access to certain social circles to die for.

If he isn’t a pretty (white) boy, all bets are off? Seriously? This is a renewed (and unoriginal) attempt at poisoning the well. I don’t know why these white hegemony-fighting black women or deeply insecure black males still come to this forum whining after all this time. We already know many black girls are preyed on by lecherous older black males while other women are guilt-tripped and browbeat into propping up ex-con/rarely employed/under-educated ‘Pookie’. Now someone’s parroting a DBR comedian obsessed for years with telling everybody how “we don’t want no white boys”. You wish!

Looks are in the eye of the beholder. And you know what, really good-looking men often have an inflated sense of entitlement. There are also males coddled by overindulging and weak women who make lousy partners. Some males don’t even TRY to compete with other men for achievement and continue to suck from the teat of WOMEN their entire lives.

As I’ve written over numerous essays BACKGROUND & BEHAVIOR trumps everything when evaluating a man’s potential. Every man must PROVE himself. I am very adamant that BW do NOT take up with any random dude, lest he reveals himself to be a DUD. Dating ‘white’ doesn’t automatically make it right (as a few disgruntled readers have found out). It doesn’t mean someone’s an ally of other black women either. You also don’t get a pass from playing your A Game.

Despite all exceptions and objections to the contrary most women – especially those who want to be mothers – are best served by high-caliber partnerships drawing from every population and better social strata. Marriage.

Which begs the question: why not consider a qualified white male? Even if some are a little slow on the uptake. The more couples that find each other, the more couples will grow. People are like plants. A little soil, water and sun (nurturing) and positive reinforcement is all it takes.

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8 Replies to “Snagging, Bagging & Tagging: White Men!”

  1. As a white male, these posts are interesting to me. For me, the most important thing in a lady is substance. Race or color does not enter into the calculation for if I am interested in someone. Still looking for the right one, and I am perfectly happy if that ine turns out to be black. I am not looking to make a statement, simply a connection. Something that does seem odd to me is that the black and Hispanic ladies I meet tend to be much more serious about their life and thoughts of family and seem to be more in tune with my goals in life than white girls, who all of a sudden seem to want to be thug wannabes and collect welfare and sit in their government subsidized apartment with what everyone knows is a worthless black dude. They think it is cool, that is what the tv tells them. They are not interested in cream of the crop in the least, so at least black women don’t have to worry about losing good candidates out of the BM pool. And most of those girls do not appeal to white men, because we want motivation and loyalty. There was a post on another site, who wants a 24 Yo ghetto sounding black girl stuck in a dead end job at long John silvers? So that everyone knows, I do. She demonstrates very desirable traits. Working to take care of herself, and concern with her self image. Even though she is way too hard on herself. Real men think that is hot. Real men don’t just want to plant their seed they want to cultivate and watch it grow. In today’s world, black women are becoming the best choice in that vision. Be proud of who you are, not just what you are, and you will find wonderful things happen.

    1. Well….what we discuss here are lifestyle strategies for women (and allies) to think and act in ways that benefit them generationally. I am personally interested in women elevating their social status. I would hope a "ghetto-sounding black girl in a dead end job" would know she still has plenty of options. Which includes education, non-ghetto vocabulary, career opportunities and proper evaluation skills to connect with a HIGH quality mate. I'm not going to get into why I don't believe this commenter is a white male, but just in case you are I'd be VERY wary about ANY male claiming the things you wrote. Your outlook is simply not in sync with the intended purpose of this conversation.

    2. Funny, eh? Okay Bruce, you sound intimidated. Your comment was in a spam folder, but I let it through. You had me until the ghetto girl reference. I don\’t know what site you were reading, but the context which describes the woman in question is a little insulting. Values aside, class, education and exposure do make a difference.

      Some non-white women you may have met may be (or seem) more serious because they\’ve had more responsibility and less room for \”silliness\”. That\’s not the case across the board of course!

      I do appreciate that you are also exploring your options in finding a compatible mate. Thanks for your keen observations.

  2. These conversations are helping so many women avoid having to make serious course corrections later in life. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Part One: Man who are these Black women who dont find white men attractive? Ive always found white men to be hot, when I was a kid I loved me some Michael Knight from Knight Rider. White mens is ma kyptonite. On a more serious note, for years I bought into that strong Black family crap and denied my attraction to white guys in terms of being partners in marriage life and love. What a mistake.

    I found some Black fool and he went from his mama house into an apt for "us" in a building his grandmother owned. He is lazy, unambitious and balked, and I will never forget this, about how I felt he should take care of me. He said youre a grown ass woman, I dont need or want to take care of you. He made me feel bad for even mentioning it. We divorced after seven years and five years later he is still in that same apt selling bootleg DVD's and working part time at Staples. This fool is thirty-something.

    1. Whenever I do site updates lately certain comments disappear for 2 days. I just saw these.

      I'm sorry your 1st marriage wasn't a quality one, but it looks like you're on track now. May your happiness be tenfold your sorrow. You moved on and up into better circumstances.

  4. You made a point about the juvenile attitude that's overly focused on superficial things. Of course we want someone we're attracted to, but one of the main criteria for the "warm and fuzzies" is BEHAVIOR. Everyone poops, gets sick, has less than stellar moments. Romantic love and lusts wanes. People grow old. Then what?!

  5. I love that you cut to the chase in your post. Black women have to be directly told to marry out. Of course, you are not saying to marry a KKK member, or a skinhead, or a meth dealer, or someone who cannot hold a job. You're simply stating that in our own interest, we should date/marry out with good quality non-Black men.

    Hopefully, more Black women are getting the memo.

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