Skippy Gates Throws His 46% African DNA Under The Bus

Thanks to my Twitter timeline I found out Henry Louis “Skip” Gates wrote an Op Ed in the New York Times that was published yesterday. In discussing the possibilities of reparations – which is highly unlikely to occur under this administration to begin with – Gates feels the need to remind us that black people sell each other out.

Really? Gee who would’ve thunk it!?

He writes:

While we are all familiar with the role played by the United States and the European colonial powers like Britain, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain, there is very little discussion of the role Africans themselves played. And that role, it turns out, was a considerable one, especially for the slave-trading kingdoms of western and central Africa.

I found his Op Ed hilarious. No, it isn’t funny but it’s so ridculous to see a man who was elevated to prominence by white liberals, is married to a white woman, who has basked in his discovery of his 54% European DNA write something that denigrates his black heritage. He is clearly so ashamed of who he is that he’ll do or say anything to distance himself all the while earning a living at promoting blackness. That’s what you call irony.

I’ll never forget he was one of the main supporters of the filth spewed by 2LiveCrew by claiming degenerate behavior is in the nature of black males. Which for those following the motley crew of pathology flag wavers Steve Harvey also mentioned during the most recent Nightline segment continuing its half-baked conversation on black women and dating. This is an interesting deconstruction – however misdirected – of how black males have worked towards the demise of the black collective even before the first slave ship docked in the Americas.

I find it very interesting how certain blacks choose to ignore these openly hostile attacks from black males yet they fret so much over what black women are doing. We know black women are loyal to the ideology of the black community – nee black males to their detriment. I call that ironic.  So, of course we can surmise the man who flipped out at being reminded he was a Negro during his selective confrontation with the Cambridge cops last summer would continue to reassure whites whose side he’s really on. It’s not the black hand side!

Of course we know that Africans were forced into slavery throughout the world, not just the Americas. Many people have conquered or been conquered by groups as they’ve fought for dominance. There’s been intra-racial and inter-racial conflicts galore. Focusing on blaming long-dead generations of people does little to uplift current ones. Deflecting responsibility for the impact of the brutality of those enslaved ignores how the enslavers uniquely benefited from the arrangement. It was they who maintained the system and fought against its dismantling.

Luckily, most of us already know this. I’d expect this type of rhetoric to come from a Teabagger, KKK member or other white supremacists. What will be surprising to some is how virulent the hatred of blackness comes from those who are black (males). I think it’s very telling that any random number of black males feel free to openly display their own racism. This is a patriarchal society and males that cannot compete and thrive under a system designed to benefit them are the worst failures. They’ve been allowed to display their own special brand of racialized misogyny against black women unabated thus far so it’s interesting to see it come full circle as they continue to publicly self-implode.

One other segment of this Op Ed that really belongs on the therapist’s couch is how Gates absolves President Obama from having to deal with this pesky reparations issue. So is he speaking on behalf of his friend in an official capacity or is this another way this administration is letting the world know black issues need not apply here? Of course one could argue that the behavior of the black collective does itself a disservice. Also the President is not African-American as Gates erroneously states. Obama is half-white and half-foreign black. He was raised by whites and clearly loathes having conversations about the embattled history of survival of the blacks that built this country.

I’m further reminded again of the efforts of those who fought so vigilantly for Civil Rights that allowed for the large-scale emigration of foreign blacks to the United States to begin with. Racist whites and other obstructionists will never be satisfied or be willing to accept certain truths. Our ancestors are owed a debt of gratitude not a kick in the head by the likes of Gates or the cowardly reluctance of others in being proud of their heritage or in acknowledging our contributions.

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  1. You're welcome. Just to correct a mistake I made -- African Americans went over to Ethiopia and taught Ethiopians how to fly planes and other important skills during World War II. The Battle of Adwa I mentioned was prior to this.

  2. People are always talking about how Africans sold their own into slavery but what group at some point in history hasn't done this? Certain Jews betrayed other Jews to the Nazis during the Holocaust but I don't hear anyone hanging that over their heads. And the Asante and other great kingdoms that Gates spoke about that supposedly benefitted so much -- where are they now? Colonized and enslaved right out of existence just like all the other kindgoms of Africa. Some of the same chiefs who sold their own and others ended up getting sold as well.

    West Indians, including myself, owe a great deal of debt and gratitude to the struggle that African Americans went through during the Civil Rights era. We in the West Indies had our own problems with colonialism and as a young girl growing up on an island I learnt a lot, and continue to learn a lot from what African Americans went through. I remember my first books and t.v. shows showing positive images about black people were African American.

    And even before Civil Rights AA's went over to Africa to help fight colonialism.

    Haile Selassie's fighter pilot during this time was an African American and this pilot and other AA's taught the Ethiopians a lot about technology and sophisticated fighting methods that helped the Ethiopians defeat the Italians during the famous Battle of Adwa.

  3. I believe slavery was bad but what came after it was bad too 'reconstruction' and 'jim crow'. It was after America became 50 states that we were starting to finally get ahead. Unfortunatly, the drug scene and the sex-ins of the 1960's threw us for a loop. Jamaicans and other black groups had slavery BUT not the 'reconstruction', 'jim crow' problem, so they have more of the IMMIGRANT ADVANTAGE and blend in with other immigrants with business minds and none or the 'acting black crew' mess

  4. Gates is employing the 'African Enslaver' model of absolving US involvement in roughly three hundred years of chattel slavery. Apparently, Gates feels slave-owners are as morally culpable as the Africans who supplied the slaves; and since AfAmers aren't asking for reparations from the various (historically) slave trading/capturing nations in Africa why should AfAmers ask for reparations from the US government. In his opinion, AfAmers shouldn't blame white slave-owners for slavery when (he assumes) they don’t blame the African slave suppliers. His reasoning is similar to the ‘Arab Trader’ argument with regard to slavery -- if a non-white person was at any point in time engaged in the procurement, trading, transportation, owning of enslaved Africans, then how bad could it have been because non-white people engaged in too.

    Epic. Massive. No. Cosmic Fail!


    1. Ditto! He had the nerve to mention the black overseerers as well. He's far too blind to realize HE IS ONE! Pathetic.

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