Skewered Justice Is No Justice At All

I have the television on as background noise as I’m writing this essay and the series 16 & Pregnant is airing. It’s a follow-up to the previous season, but it isn’t something I’d usually watch. Listening to these young women talk about their experiences is heavy. Perhaps the tone of the series would be different if they had selected different participants, but there’s a similar line of thinking and social class amongst the group.

You can read between the lines about the current uproar over a teen killed by a Neighborhood Watch volunteer.  I know what happened to Trayvon Martin was horrible. My heart goes out to his parents. I hope his mother has the support she needs and they get grief counseling. Similar in mentality, it should not be a surprise but the Twilight Zone behavior of those in Blackistan bending over backwards to focus on George Zimmerman would’ve said zip if they had both been the same race.

Let alone if it had been a black girl followed, harassed and killed by a black male. You can’t ignore the race-based gender terrorism! Zimmerman may very well be a racist which only plays into the ‘evil white male” hegemony reaction by so many blacks.  I see the ambulance chasers surrounding the parents and this growing furor fueled by misguided and opportunistic types and it makes my blood boil.

Remove The Ego & Learn Something

When the black community and so-called progressives banded together to protest about Oscar Grant, I wrote that it was a huge mistake and there’d be unintended consequences. I predicted the support of a criminal would lead to the death of an innocent. And so it begins. Blanket support for any black male with zero accountability is par for the course.

As contrast look at one recent example of accountability in the policing of Kirk Cameron. After his appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight where he made offensive statements about gays under the guise of Christianity, the backlash was severe. Less than two weeks later he made a point to claim his very CLEAR anti-LGBT comments were “taken out of context”. I have no doubt he meant everything he said, but since he’s experienced unwanted repercussions he has PUBLICLY changed his tune.

I haven’t spent a lot of time discussing Occupy Together because as I’ve stated, their agenda is a little flimsy to me. I still see one giant red flag in that participation is circumstance-based. Once more favorable conditions get reinstated for those disgruntled by their loss of entitlements, they’ll go back to their selective engagement.

I’m mentioning this because there’s now some clashing over use of space (after initially disrupting some of the homeless)  and accusations of appropriation with participants of the Million Hoodie March. Of course that initiative has its own issues. Public marches don’t effect change alone. This isn’t the 1960’s.

The Million Hoodie March serves what purpose? Empty venting that goes nowhere. Actually, the rhetoric being used feels eerily like a lynch mob (in reverse). The rabid focus on white male racism is Pavlovian, hypocritical and irrational. Not even the disclosure Zimmerman has Latino heritage (which in some corners makes him a person of color) has lessened the furor.  Zimmerman seemed to be reacting to Martin as if he was a potential criminal. Yes, it was irrational, but is that inherently racist in responding to someone he didn’t know in his neighborhood? We have every negative societal ill at their highest percentage ratio to our population, yet the core issues are never addressed.

How You Conduct Yourself Matters

This seems baffling to some, but the mass justification for criminality within the (dead) black community, aka Blackistan is not tolerated by others. I observed many online conversations and was surprised when a 40 year-old AA woman asked about the significance of the negative reaction to the hoodie.  Someone replied how their parents did not allow them to dress in certain attire. Growing up in the 1980’s certain clothing was favored by elements they didn’t want as an influence. This shouldn’t be a surprise!

In addition, many who pledged support by donning hoodies photographed themselves wearing scowls and looking anti-social. Another supporter asked what had prompted folks to do that instead of being seen looking ‘normal’.

The Hip-Hop Industrial Complex influence has caused irrefutable harm. It successfully integrated a wholly dysfunctional line of thinking: loud, materialistic, violent, Get Rich or Die Trying Baby Boyz in Da Hood Syndrome of the infantile and irresponsible. Sure folks may claim not everyone is like that and we should be judged by our merits, but look at what is glorified and who is envied.

The Anti-Black Woman behavior that’s now commonplace is seldom questioned by the masses. People overlook the integration of prison attire many wear as a matter of course. Sagging pants (belts are banned), lace-less sneakers, huge tent-like shirts, etc. They also dismiss mannerisms that mimic criminals including hairstyles, speech patterns and demeanor. When so many glorify the gang-banger lifestyle, why are folks shocked other people would view black males with suspicion? They are generally not viewing black women that way, so when “racism” is assumed, is that accurate?

If you desire fair treatment, the benefit of the doubt and respect you must behave that way. Since the majority ignores the atrocities enacted against black women and girls – the ones you use, abuse and throw away karma demands a remedy for the gross imbalance. Your prized calves that you worship above anything else and the status quo you protect will continue to be desecrated.

This goes beyond the underclass you ridicule, the middle class who thinks they’re rich, the intelligentsia who think their education and double-speak offers great insight, the advocates who fail to acknowledge any of this. You must be high quality, set standards and have accountability. I don’t see it.

If you want to blame someone look in the mirror. The African-American male collective takes no responsibility for protecting the women and children in their neighborhoods, let alone prioritize building stable families. It’s an inconvenient but brutal truth that other people are going to dive into overdrive to feel secure in theirs. I thought after a short period of public venting it would be business as usual. This misplaced anger feels like a pending race war where blacks are going to lose. It’s surreal to watch people reacting to racial stimuli that’s historical in nature but happened to other people.

AAs are reacting to modern-era conflicts as if they have no power and nothing has changed. This is not the era of slavery, Jim Crow or Civil Rights. l saw footage from a protest where some were singing, “We Shall Overcome”. I already take issue with the AA women who were sacrificed – first to violence at the hands of racist white males then the misogyny of those black males jockeying for camera time in ‘leadership’ roles when pushing through Civil Rights legislation.

I already know there are so few of us offering counterbalance to harmful people, places and practices, but even I am alarmed by the scope of insanity. Is anyone thinking about the long-term ramifications to the AA collective specifically? How the world continues to move forward? How those who may be considered ‘conservative’ will become less tolerant? Have those angry folks thought about the true costs involved in getting Zimmerman’s head on a pike?

Here are two posts from the Sojourners Passport forum that offer a laser-like clarity you should review thoroughly.

For Your Own Safety, Keep Male-Identified Women Out Of Your Inner Circle

You Betta Recognize, Part 2: White Male-Dominated Law Enforcement Is The Only Thing Standing Between You And Mass Rape In Black Neighborhoods

Things don’t happen in a vacuum; and people tend to avoid behaviors that will cause them to be shunned. Unfortunately, among African-Americans, there’s no social penalty to pay for being a man who beats or rapes women. Nor is there any social penalty among African-Americans for being a Black male pedophile who preys on underage girls.

Unfortunately, most African-American women are dangerously male-identified. We support violence against other Black women and girls—as long as these attacks are committed by Black men (and not White men).

Some things are matters of common sense, public safety, and are beyond all reasonable debate.

White hegemony is currently feeding all African-Americans. To put it bluntly, White people feed all of us. Directly or indirectly. We need to stop “tripping” about that. Very few African-Americans have ever been serious about building the infrastructure needed in order to be a self-sufficient people. Only marginalized groups among us like the Nation of Islam went so far as to actually cultivate farm land, and create grocery stores and restaurants to feed African-Americans.

Nobody except African-American women is sacrificing anything in order to “fight” White hegemony. Including the Black men who flap their lips talking about White hegemony. Many of the Black men talking that stuff are busy dating, sexing and marrying the so-called “evil White man’s” daughters. These men are busy transferring whatever wealth they can accumulate back to the so-called “evil White man” through his daughter. If not the so-called “evil White man’s” daughters, then these Black men talking that stuff are looking to transfer whatever wealth they get to other types of non-Black women.

No other race or ethnic group of women are even worrying about “fighting White hegemony,” except African-American women. When you’re the only one doing something, that’s usually a clue that whatever you’re doing is a bad idea. Other women, including other types of Black women from around the world, are too busy making sure that they (directly or indirectly) get a slice from the current, status quo “White hegemony pie” by marrying whichever man will bring the most to their table. Including qualified White men.

When it’s aggression committed against black women and girls by black males we’re guilt-tripped and browbeat into turning the other cheek, being understanding and ignoring crimes. This is in sharp contrast to the clarity used in assessing right and wrong when it comes to blaming white males.

I’ve briefly mentioned this before and it’s a very painful topic, but my brother was in murdered a few years ago  – in a city with a black Police Chief and Mayor. He was an innocent college student and law-abiding citizen. His perpetrator is black. Most black males die at the hands of black males. Law enforcement is totally prepared to seek justice, but black people who prefer to protect black males at all costs thwart it. So criminals win.

Questions For Black Women With Black Sons

I can only imagine how difficult it is to maintain any semblance of objectivity. Yet, so many express being in this ever-increasing sense of dread about the safety of their “babies”. Of course, concerns about daughters is rarely expressed. I don’t see many people demanding justice for them. I don’t see press conferences or rallies about the blatant racio-misogyny and denigration heaped on them by those same (male) “babies”.

Don’t the girls deserve justice? Fairness? Equal protection?

Do you really want to feel at ease? Don’t you want to stop carrying such a heavy burden in waiting for the other shoe to drop that will impact your boys? You already know you’ve ignored some rather glaring inconsistencies, leaving it up to others. This is your reckoning.

Tragedies can strengthen or destroy us. No one’s perfect obviously, but if you don’t base your life on a set of principles as a life guide how can you expect other people to?

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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this post (even though you didn't want the grief). I, too, pointed out the same hypocrisy on my Facebook wall and I didn't receive any comments of support (although I did get one "Like" from an AA male). I'm just shaking my head over the Trayvon situation. I'm so over the victimization excuse . . . .

  2. Oh Man. This is so where I am right now. With all this Trayvon fury and fervor I went in on everyone on my Facebook page. I called bulls*it on all of them. I said I post all the time about Black women/girls who are missing murdered whatever, and not a peep. Now because its a Black male, everyone wants to get involved? Oh. I should post the comment here. For reference, I had linked something that Kola Boof said.

    "Its so true. I post all the time about crimes against Black women/girls and a good majority of you never care. Or respond. And some of you are Black women yourselves. Im calling bullsh*t on ALLL of yall. Lets see yall reaction the next time a Black woman or girl is hurt/maimed/murdered whatever.

    But, but ****** this is about a young Black man, Black girls and women dont matter to us. Yeah. I know, and thats the sad part."

    1. There's a point where continually engaging those folks is futile. Even those women who may be pointing out certain truths after a few months (and years later) only show they are still deeply embedded and focused on Blackistan.

      If you don't LEAVE you are still engaged, protective of it and ultimately disloyal to FREEDOM for all black women.

      I think most of those women still have not done any introspection and divided loyalties makes them ultimately unreliable and unable to go the distance. Every woman who wants to live her best life needs to keep thinking critically and evaluate so-called allies as well their own motives.

  3. Geraldo has apologized for causing any harm. I figure if he was a Limbaugh type he wouldn't care. I can't determine the initial motivation, but what he said wasn't so far off the mark when taking the overall hypocrisy of black people into consideration. Here's another BW blogger offering perspective on this issue

  4. Thank you thank you so much for making some sense out of this tragedy. President Obama, said the right thing and the right time. Steven Lawrence's parents had to wait eighteen years for justice to be done. What about the young black girls who have died and are their parents getting justice. One young girl who was only sixteen had her life support machine turned off last Tuesday, because she was with friends, a group of men asked for their numbers, they refused, they came back and shot the girls, and the girl in question was fatally injuried.

    I would like to see Rev Jessie Jackson, and members of the civil right movement come down, hold marches, etc. Evil is evil is evil is evil, and it is still a life taken. We cannot have a system where young black men must live and young black girls must die and there are too many black girls dying deaths. They too have dreams and their lives have been cut short. Mr Zimmerman is Hispanic and he will be dealt with.

    Treyvon's parents will get justice, however all the young black girls who have died, I hope their parents gets their justice too.

    1. The glaring inconsistencies are turning off more people than those paying lip service to PC behavior. Here's a story about two BM teens setting a classmate on fire.

      All it's going to take is a few white girls raped or killed and all of the kumbiyah, "we are all" talk will go right out the window and the backlash will be severe. Black women and girls are canon fodder on an even larger scale as those who blindly support this have no recourse. Where are they gonna go when they chose to support the harmful people, places and practices of Blackistan?

      They're only supporting BM because they are DESPERATE for love and acceptance from them. BM don't WANT black women or black children. They let them do and say anything, mistreat them and still come back for more. They fight other BW who encourage them to GET OUT. Then they instill an impossible sense of entitlement in their "babies", these man-children are UNFIT for any woman.

      The "Peace Walls" and police patrols will contain most BW with their 'downtrodden BM' who will make Dunbar Village look like a retreat. Then the current and future George Zimmermans (all those "people of color" and "allies" included) WILL guard their turf with deadly force and nobody outside those same racism whiners will care.

      A lot of these people don't spend a significant amount of time around Blackistan. They are clueless. The ones who know better are basically giving folks all the rope they're asking for right before they lower the boom. When these foolish BW in the bunch realize they're trapped the reply will be, "But you said 'They're ALL Trayvon' didn't you?"

      I'd love to be mistaken about this, but how many BW are in a position to roll the dice to find out? The black male collective is NOT your friend!

  5. Great post, including the comments by Khadija. I was going to blog about this, but I've changed my mind.

    What stands out for me on this topic is that: Zimmerman was the only volunteer for the neighborhood watch. All the able bodied black men who lived there couldn't be bothered. So here we have a situation where black men were relying on a "white" man to be the policing force. This is the same problem in "Blackistan" (love that description) areas: black men don't want to be a force against a criminal element that looks like them.

    If T. Martin was a girl: I doubt most parent(s) would find her going out in a strange area by herself to buy food acceptable. Why was it okay for the young man? Maybe because he was 6'2", a football player, and some black parent(s) see their sons as being "able to take care of himself" and actually like that they are viewed as intimidating.

    Zimmerman was following T. Martin, because he didn't know who he was. The breakdown is where they couldn't speak civilly without it turning into a deadly confrontation. That's the part that gets me.

    1. I was reluctant to write about it myself frankly. I didn't want any extra grief but I'm glad I did. So I'm wondering if the dad's fiance is white only because it was a predominantly white gated community. I'm also wondering if an active Neighborhood Watch was a preventative measure or if there'd been an uptick in crime. Apparently Zimmerman was a nuisance and hyper-sensitive about black males and crime.

      To your point about the BM in that area not doing anything to protect it, you can see where their lack of involvement only fueled his obsession. I wondered why people weren't introduced so folks would know each and who was visiting as well because there are usually rules and homeowner bylaws. I know people want to focus solely on race, but I also see where Trayvon was done a disservice in not having his father explain the concept of being on one's best behavior in certain circumstances.

      Zimmerman was out of line and control but there was no shame in Martin backing down if he responded to aggression by being aggressive. Women have to suck it up when dealing with street harassment. The whites who don't want to be seen as racist aren't helping the situation either and jumping over Geraldo misses the point.

      Blacks are only reinforcing their inferiority and not thinking in terms of dominance. This could've been a painful but powerful lesson to learn but it will be an opportunity squandered. I can see why the police tested Martin because if he'd had any substances in his system it would've been game over. And even though Obama commented on this if you actually listen to his delivery it was rather hesitant.

      The other problem is all the leeches surrounding Martin's mother. She now has a Twitter account and this is the last thing she should be doing while under so much stress.

      The peace walls are coming up faster than planned if a few idiots succcessfully reshape the "black" narrative to include every BM criminal as being "just like Trayvon" while still ignoring every 'Trayvonia'.

  6. This has been a tough one for me because I am a mother of a black (biracial) boy and as a mom, there is something about this case that hits me in the gut. And unlike other cases (Oscar Grant, Jena 6) involving young black men, this one is actually a case where the kid really did nothing wrong and should never have been targeted in the first place.

    That being said, the usual elements of reaction from the BC bother me. The BC is upset because a white (or white Hispanic, whatever) man committed this act. There are all these stories out here about "the talks" black moms/parents must have with their sons, the hoodie movement, etc… when in actuality, these young black men are more likely to be taken out by another black man than a George Zimmerman. I've seen so many stories of promising black men on the right track losing their lives at the hands of going-nowhere black men who just wanted to pick a fight and start shooting. Where are the marches about that? Where are the social media protests against them? I'm more worried about those guys than a potential army of George Zimmermans.

    And of course, to your greater point, where is the outcry about protecting our daughters? There might be one if the attacker is white (see the Duke lacrosse allegations, which were later proved false), but if the attacker/killer is black? Yeah, good luck with trying to get ANY kind of social movement started to get justice for the black women who are victims of violence, especially if it's at the hands of a black man.

    So yes, I support the prosecution of Zimmerman and hope it happens… and I'm glad that attention was given to this case. But the ensuing frenzy about all black boys being targeted, white racism, etc., is just more of the same old, same old.

    1. The blatant hypocrisy of the selective outrage is particularly galling. I know a lot (most?) BW with sons have truly divided loyalties that must be examined. It’s either about a male relative or romantic interest that drives putting an illogical spin to black male worship. I commend the small number of BW who look out for our collective interests when it’s so few and far between. Even as we continue to encourage more BW to marry out, I also know there’s no guarantee of reciprocal support of other BW or automatic race/ethnic pride instilled in their offspring. I still do the work anyway. It may bother folks to discuss this, but every aspect has to be laid bare.

  7. Faith, I have been having the same reaction as you have to this tragic situation. I saw the Geraldo piece and he is 100% correct. Life IS different if you are a minority teen in America & looking like a Hip Hop thug, no matter how innocent, leads to a whole slew of negative assumptions that may lead to a fatal outcome. It is deplorable that this innocent kid was murdered by a nut. However a great deal of the outcry seems hypocritical when many more young blacks are killed by other black people on a DAILY basis without so much as a peep. The deafening silence regarding the level of violence against black women & girls is a whole different discussion well covered throughout the BWE blogosphere. The logical approach for anyone with a teenage minority male is this. . .are you willing to DIE for a fashion statement? DO NOT DRESS LIKE A HIP HOP THUG! It may get you killed quite literally. Stop identifying yourself with low class, antisocial behaviors and thought patterns. You are not white & yes life is unfair, but you must make decisions based on how you will be perceived as a black person and what unspoken message you are sending. I do not wear high heels anymore because if I need to get away from a predator, I want to make sure I am prepared. One must think ahead & try to be as prepared as possible for adversity. Bad decisions made on a collective level does indeed lead to unintended casualties.

    1. Nobody wants to self-regulate their behavior or hold each other accountable. I think Zimmerman will eventually be sanctioned in some fashion BUT the plans for erecting the "peace walls" and the removal of law enforcement in areas where blacks reside have now been sped up. The more Middle Class mixed areas will be more difficult for AAs to integrate into. More security guards, more restrictions.

  8. I should be as clear as possible here. What I meant by my comment is that this kid -- Treyvon is one of the unintended victims of this homicidal hip hop culture.

    Meaning -- obviously from the reported emergency call -- Treyvon was walking AWAY from this misguided vigilante. But what happened was a ill association with a negative stereotype due to the misguided vigilante's racially guided perceptions coupled with the way the child was dressed and this powder keg of a moment erupted.

    1. I understand what you meant. Swimming against the tide on this subject requires careful consideration because people have lost all perspective.

  9. Geraldo has chimed in. Some may not like his direct to the point comment..I however see the clear and direct parallel between what he so astutely pointed out and the discussion above. Especially the subheading of " How You conduct yourself matters".

    And let me be CLEAR -- No I am not in anyway blaming the victim, I am pointing to the direct connection between the "Hip Hop" culture and it's directive to flaunt the rules, taunt the rules, throw the rules out…glorify any thing and everything that is against common sense. And the end result is -- there are groups who are still in power who will NOT in anyway stand for it. This ruling group will get away from anything that resembles this hip hop culture ( unless it makes them money -- then on the personal side of that picture they will NEVER live amongst those same hip hop culture members ), and will undertake all the necessary measures to insure that the "hip hop" culture does not infiltrate their immediate space.

    Below is a link to Geraldo's comments-

    1. I noticed people on Twitter having fits about it. Including Roland Martin -- who needs to be quiet. Geraldo doesn't strike me as caring, but his bluntness is a more accurate barometer than most.

  10. How You Conduct Yourself Matters…

    This seems baffling to some, but the mass justification for criminality within the (dead) black community, aka Blackistan is not tolerated by others. I observed many online conversations and was surprised when a 40 year-old AA woman asked about the significance of the negative reaction to the hoodie. Someone replied how their parents did not allow them to dress in certain attire. Growing up in the 1980′s certain clothing was favored by elements they didn’t want as an influence. This shouldn’t be a surprise!

    The Hip-Hop Industrial Complex influence has caused irrefutable harm. It successfully integrated a wholly dysfunctional line of thinking: loud, materialistic, violent, Get Rich or Die Trying Baby Boyz in Da Hood Syndrome of the infantile and irresponsible. Sure folks may claim not everyone is like that and we should be judged by our merits, but look at what is glorified and who is envied….

    And now my comment;

  11. When it’s aggression committed against black women and girls by black males we’re guilt-tripped and browbeat into turning the other cheek, being understanding and ignoring crimes. This is in sharp contrast to the clarity used in assessing right and wrong when it comes to blaming white males.


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