See How Fast Blackistan Turned On Trayvon’s Mama Sybrina Fulton?

Just know when I was writing this I was watching Maya Rudolf on the Ellen Show. Tooo funneee. I was about to do a news and social media break because of the increasingly irritating “controversy” over Ann Romney being a Stay At Home Mother and some “feminist” brou-ha-ha which had my eyes glazing over. Class envy is such a wasted energy. Using poor women to argue a counterpoint is WRONG. The Talking Heads don’t care and some people voted against their self-interests and are suffering the consequences. Ann & Mitt are BILLIONAIRES y’all! They’re very, very rich and have lots and lots of privilege. NEXT!

There’s nothing stopping any woman from positioning herself to be in a similar situation. LIVING WELL. VERY WELL. 

Back to the matter at hand.

Blackistan Emergency Broadcast System Alert!

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW WITH SYBRINA FULTON and  TRACY MARTIN first, but I’ve pulled selected quotes:

“We just want him to be held accountable for what he’s done,” Fulton said. “And by him not being arrested, that would not have been done. So we are happy that he was arrested so that the committee gives his side of the story.”

“I believe it was an accident,” Fulton said. “I believe that it just got out of control, and he couldn’t turn the clock back. I would ask him, did he know that that was a minor, that that was a teenager and that he did not have a weapon? I would ask him that I understand that his family is hurting, but think about our family that lost our teenage son. I mean, it’s just very difficult to live with day in and day out. I’m sure his parents can pick up the phone and call him, but we can’t pick up the phone and call Trayvon anymore.”

It appears to me that Sybrina Fulton, the mother of murder victim Trayvon Martin doesn’t want the larger issue of justice for her son to be used by the black collective to continue their “hate on whitey” foolishness. The usual suspects of ambulance chasers and victim peddlers for profit will need to glom onto another “injustice cause”.

I admit I was quite surprised and deeply admire Ms. Fulton for keeping some objectivity in her grief. The way some people – who unfortunately happen to be black – are acting you’d think we were on the verge of another Civil War. I’m not fighting anyone and they don’t speak for me!

What immediately stood out were the disturbing responses that began showing up on my Twitter timeline as black people began reacting to their interpretation of Ms. Fulton’s statement. I expected it from black males, but the peculiar responses from black women who immediately began questioning and attacking Ms. Fulton were particularly vicious. And yes, that includes some famous ones, too. Don’t worry, I’m only sharing a few:

I finally just saw the clip on NBC and am stunned. So damn mad! Why in the hell would she say she KNOWS Trayvon’s murder was an accident!

 She’s delusional.

Trayvon ‘s mother just got George Zimmerman off!

Now…last time I checked Trayvon is her child. His parents have clearly stated they want the criminal process to run its course. But all of these random black people are soooo up in arms over this one particular murder while IGNORING the 9,999 other black-on-black CRIMES committed EVERY DAY?

There’s already a “clarifying statement” from their lawyer thanks to the idiot slave-minded black folks trashing Ms. Fulton. I wasn’t confused by what she said. Who would think they were referencing Zimmerman as being anything but responsible? Twist of fate sounds more accurate, but anyway here’s the second statement:

When I referenced the word ‘accident’ today with regard to Trayvon’s death, in NO way did I mean the shooting was an accident. We believe that George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood. The ‘accident’ I was referring to was the fact that George Zimmerman and my son ever crossed paths. It was an accidental encounter. If George Zimmerman hadn’t gotten out of his vehicle, this entire incident would have been avoided. My son was profiled, followed and murdered by George Zimmerman, and there was nothing accidental about that.”

This is an election year people. You can’t take anything for granted. Some people can’t look past the end of their noses to think about the ramifications of their behavior.

So-called white liberals who are appalled by this crime are often silent about the massive criminality amongst blacks. Especially when it comes crimes committed against black women and girls by black males. Yet, they can afford to be sympathetic because they’re not giving up any of their positioning in society.

Someone asked on Twitter also asked if “Latinos had stood up to defend Zimmerman as one of their own”? Of course not! It doesn’t benefit them politically. Keeping the focus on fighting the “evil white man” helps everybody except black women.

Your Ship Has Sunk, The Water Is Around Your Ankles But Everything’s Fine Eh?

I think some of you need to stay focused on what matters most to you, like that wretched Steve Harvey movie you’re certain to flock to. If you recall he was sued by writer Sharon P. Carson for plagiarizing her self-published book Act Like Lady Think Like A Man. Yes, that would be the same title of his book and movie. HER book offered sage advice from a slightly irreverent perspective. HIS book reduced your value as woman to a “cookie”.

This would be despite the fact that yet another black male (surprise, surprise) starring in the movie has publicly trashed you right before it opens. So Kevin Hart takes up where DL Hughley left off. They can’t help themselves. They’re Damaged Beyond Repair, stuck on a perpetual loop of mental castration.

The intellectual property of many black women has been hijacked or rumored to have been from Barbara Chase-Riboud to Sophia Stewart. It often comes down to what can be proved from a legal perspective and whether the creator of the work has enough money to secure expensive representation from the wealthier idea thief. You have to be very careful about what you support.

Now that George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder we’ll have to wait to see. Yet, I’m thinking about how quite a few people were found not guilty of the crimes they were charged with like R. Kelly and OJ Simpson. Casey Anthony. Hmmm.

Just like you can’t help yourself in making random white males the sole focus on your disdain because those black males who trash you tell you to. And like good little lap dogs you follow behind them waiting for whatever crumbs of affection might befall you. They pat you on the head to reach into your wallet, get your assistance at making their lives easier, sex and then discard you. That includes your children.

But many of you already know this. You just hate being reminded of your continued foolishness. You save all of your viciousness for black women who reject the programming.

6 Replies to “See How Fast Blackistan Turned On Trayvon’s Mama Sybrina Fulton?”

  1. After all this time, I shouldn’t say that I can’t believe the ‘face-ty’-ness of those women who feel they can comment on a mother’s feelings for her own murdered son, but I really can’t believe their craziness. They don’t even know crazy they sound. They are the reason why it seems as though there is never any real and solid sisterhood, empathy, and respect between BW at all. They were just so quick to turn on her that it seems to me that all they’re good for is for being easily led by the nose and over a cliff by the likes of Al Sharpton and his big bouffant! And they just seem to lap it all up!

  2. The whole situation is unfortunate, but I'm not surprised. Like you said, many black folks are so self-centered that can't see past their noses. It's mind boggling that folks can't grasp the fact that all the foolishness their posting online could actually undermine the case! Their responses to Trayvon's mother comments show just how ingrained the hatred for black women is in the BC. Folks are just waiting for any opportunity to pounce on black women. However, they are willing to defend and uplift the most trifling black man no matter what (e.g. R Kelly).

    The immature responses from black people about this case show that we have lost our collective power. The BC of today is not capable of doing what the BC of yesterday did with the Civil Rights Movement. People are quickly making a mockery out of their supposed fight for social justice. I say supposed because I think in this case black people's interest in this case is not completely due to a desire to see justice served. A lot of folks are just caught up because the case fits the theme of a black man (i.e. Trayvon) being persecuted/destroyed by the man (i.e. Zimmerman) that so many black folks have been trained to respond to. Most of the black folks making the most noise are silent and unresponsive to the very real threats, issues, etc. that are destroying millions of black folks.

    I hope justice is served with Trayvon, but I'm not holding my breath. I believe the PD simply charged Zimmerman to appease the angry masses. The case will probably go a lot like the Casey Anthony trial. The defense will convince the jurors that there isn't enough evidence to come to a definitive conclusion, and Zimmerman will be released.

    1. Well, like I wrote when black folks were up in arms about Oscar Grant, things would backfire. It happened faster and slightly different than I imagined but…it's's's going to escalate.

  3. This is where most AAs don't get it. THEY continue to internalize pervasive racism with external origins (whitey), MAGNIFY it by 1,0000000000, REFUSE to do anything to change, DESTROY the black infrastructure (Women & Children), ANNIHILATE each other….and THEN CRY RACISM because other people view BM as viruses.

    I don't know if Zimmerman's going to jail. I know there won't be likely to be ONE black on that jury. I know they'll be sending a message…and it might not be one blacks want to hear. I know many AAs thought the "Age of Obama" was going to be gravy, but thanks to racial politics and everything we've been discussing online for the past 5-6 years, it's more like sawdust!

    Still, I look at this as THE PRIME TIME for black women to SAVE THEMSELVES. Even the ones with cotton in the ears and blinders on!

    Thanks for commenting. We were discussing this on Facebook before I published the post.

  4. Wow. I see many deer-in-the-headlights look on many black female faces from this post. I personally agree with you 100% and do not financially or psychologically support folks who hate me. Ms. Fulton is an intelligent lady who has managed to be dignified in the face of an indescribable loss. From what little I've seen of her life with her son she was definitely not of the limited " black folks don't do ______". I certainly hope Zimmerman goes to jail AS HE SHOULD, but I'm not holding my breath. Again, the hypocrisy of the dead bc has again come to tie an innocent with fatal repercussions. Lack of standards, self-policing and general disrespect for life that looks like you ( other lack folks ) has led to EVERYONE devaluing black lives. A small subset of aa have developed communities of individuals who are concerned with their well being & avoidance of Blackistan & it's inmates I mean residents is of paramount importance to any aa woman who wishes to live well. Yet another dead-on post ( as usual 🙂 ).

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