Secrets Of An Income Generating Guru

Having been inspired by the Sojourner Passport posts where blog host Khadija features web sites to help us monetize our blogs or create passive income, I’ve done a little research of my own to add two sites to that list.

As I’m writing this post I have HGTV design show on in the background where one of the co-creator’s of the television show Glee is having his home styled. Having lived in Los Angeles I’m drooling over the neighborhood where he purchased his home: Beachwood Canyon. It’s a slightly hilly area that full of quaint bungalows and still has a neighborhood feel in central Hollywood. One of my favorite coffee bars in the vicinity is Bourgeois Pig, an eclectic bohemian hang out.

Anyway, it’s a warm and cozy little pocket of the sprawling city that is in close proximity to many amenities. Which brings me full circle to the purpose of the post: seeing a goal (believing in oneself and one’s vision or dreams) and doing (following through to completion). When I watch the design and travel shows I envision having a full life, adequate funding, family and friends and one word comes to mind: PLENTY. Our lives should not be lacking in any way.  This is why some people are successful and separates the talkers from the executors. I don’t know about you but I don’t want external forces out of my control to take precedence over my destiny.

For those looking to pick up or brush up on technology skills software training is key. Lynda dot com offers an online training library in digital media.  With the tag line, “Get Smarter” and an affordable monthly plan starting at $25 you can sign up for classes from Excel to CS5. Considering the founder of Tech Crunch, Michael Arrington was publicly whining about being held accountable for the lack of diversity for women leaders at tech start-ups it’s very important that we continue to make inroads. While Rachel Sklar offers a thoughtful response in Addressing the Lack Of Women Leading Tech Start Ups it still doesn’t answer for the almost total lack of representation by women of color and in particular African-American women.  I know I have plenty of ideas, but I’m don’t have a specific technical background. Of course with the right funding the back end needs can be paid for. Which brings me to the next site.

The other site is I Will Teach You To Be Rich run by Ramit Sethi offers plenty of tools to get your creativity and focus geared towards removing mental barriers to making money. I linked to his Knowing vs Doing post that featured Erica Douglass of which Khadija mentioned in an earlier post. I had no idea Ramit and Erica knew each other but isn’t it serendipity how it all comes together?

So check out the sites and hopefully gain some very useful information. Feel free to leave comments along the way for sharing tips!

2 Replies to “Secrets Of An Income Generating Guru”

  1. Faith,

    Thanks for the shout-out! Also, thanks for the info about these 2 sites!

    You said, "I had no idea Ramit and Erica knew each other but isn’t it serendipity how it all comes together?"

    What I'm discovering as I read these (non-Black) internet marketers' sites and their information products is that these folks are networked. For real. They make concerted efforts to get to know each other and work together on joint ventures.

    By doing so, they lend "social credibility" to each other's information products by vouching for each other in testimonials. It's a win/win situation with their online cliques—everybody makes money.

    1. Khadija: You said, "What I’m discovering as I read these (non-Black) internet marketers’ sites and their information products is that these folks are networked."

      Yes! They are. As I scroll through other Social Media Experts' sites and study their platforms I see how they've extended their networks as well and how that translates to their credibility and helped their businesses. They cannot be an island unto themselves.

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