Revisiting Sharon P. Carson’s Original Book “Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man”

I was in a Facebook forum on women utilizing relationship techniques where someone posted a video clip from a comedian’s talk show. If you’re familiar with the title of her book, then you know who ripped it off. Perhaps you weren’t around when we first highlighted this situation of intellectual property theft back in 2009 and didn’t realize it was the dirt that occurred. I was compelled to bring these mostly non-black women up to speed on who they were even remotely legitimizing in error. I took a breath and quickly filled them in.

Since that opportunist was mentioned I had to revisit the site of the original creator of such an affirming book written with love for women to better themselves. I’m relieved to hear author Sharon P. Carson’s copyright case against him is still active and I hope she wins millions. In the meantime, I really appreciate her attitude of trust that everything will work out to her benefit in the end. May it be so.

Women need to remember ONE thing:

In this clip Ms. Carson breaks down passages in her book, comparing excerpts from his book (actually written by Denene Millner). It really takes some type of Negro to not only rip off someone else’s intellectual property but twist it into some mess AND have to hire a ghost writer Judas to clean it up!

We have to value who we are and what we offer. All of those toxic conversations about black women and attitudes for example always ignore the reasons WHY some women are prickly: they’ve been trampled on and used up by other men that’s why! LADIES –  PLEASE use discernment. STOP being so desperate. Stop taking blind advice from male “relationship pimps for profit”. VET VET VET!!  Be authentic. Embrace modesty and celibacy if you have to, in order to heal your heart and get your mind right.  Don’t let past mistakes destroy you. You ALWAYS have options!

Check out Ms. Carson’s website to order her book. In case you’re wondering it employs a lot of what I’d call “grandmother’s old skool wisdom with love” that is also very tactical to employ like the strategies discussed in The Rules. Please support quality.  Watch on and get an education.

6 Replies to “Revisiting Sharon P. Carson’s Original Book “Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man””

  1. I just bought Ms Carson's book just like I bought Khadija's book. I support the high quality works by black women.

  2. I did not realized Sharon Carson had taken Steve Harvey to court. Good for her! One would think he would have given her her due or at least
    some money for a great title. Steve knows he is slimy. One day his nephew was complimenting some Swedish women and Steve chimed to
    remind his nephew who is audience was…mostly bw. Nephew was/is so stupid it took him a few minutes before he finally shut his mouth on
    the subject. I was so out done that Steve Harvey would be so obvious. IMO, "Hey, nephew talk about ww after the show."

  3. Thank you Faith. I'd instantly liked Sharon P. Carson while I was watching that video and afterward very much and I will buy her book and recommend it to friends. I hope she ships her books outside of the US as well! LOL you're right her book is in alignment with The Rules very much so. I also hope she squeezes every drop out of SH because bilking from her brainchild is a face-ty thing that he would never try with whites such as the white women who wrote The Rules for instance!

    This reeks a lot of the situation when Ntozake Shange sold rights to make the movie 'For Colored Girls….' To a black woman director and then along came Tyler Perry to ruin it all!

  4. This is so empowering! This is the longest YT video I have ever watched! I am so happy I got on the internet today!

    Steve Harvey disgusts me. I wish I heard about Carson's book before I even heard of Steve Harvey's Title Rip Off.

    I'm glad I didn't even see the movie or read the book! I am just so inspired by Carson and her message and the video and all that wisdom made me so giddy! I am totally getting her book!

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