Can A White Person Successfully Give Up Their Privilege?

I was reading this post at the anti-racist parent blog about White Noise, a Minneapolis-based group of “white parents with white children” who want to end white supremacy. The name sounds a bit too similar to militia/supremacist groups which is why I initially decided to research them. I was going to write about this the […]

White Woman Virtue Intact As Letterman Forced to Eat His Words

Wow there is some serious animus going on. I totally missed the David Letterman controversy because I was off doing other things. Apparently he insulted Alex Rodriquez by suggesting that he’d be interested in one of Sarah Palin’s daughters. Actually he made a joke about her getting knocked-up at the Yankees game. Was the joke […]

You’re So Lame Award of Shame – Kate Gosselin

What is with these women who CHOOSE to get pregnant, conduct expensive experiments with their fertility, have multiple births and beg for public attention and financial recompense? There is no “motherhood gene”!!! It’s all a choice and if you chose it don’t make a career complaining about it!! Nadya Suleman has only now just […]

While Prop 8 Rages On Racial Profiling Continues in Palo Alto

In case all you Obama stans thought it was going to be hug a Negro Day and an end to white guilt, the contrast could not be greater. While mostly white middle class people who identify as gay rage about the failure of their entitlement to Prop 8 for voting for Obama, Black and Latino […]

Prop 8: Evaluating & Finding Common Ground

So while the blame game continues, people take to the streets in protest and file lawsuits take a look at the actual votes for Yes on Proposition 8 by non-Blacks: White Men:   51% of 31% of 10,325,615 votes: 1,632,480 YesWhite Women:   47% of 32% of 10,325,615 votes: 1,552,972  YesLatino Men:   54% of […]

Oprah Just Honored Gloria Steinem: Why Am I So Mad?

So I was watching Thursday’s Oprah episode where she featured Maria Shriver. Maria has an annual conference for women and this year Billie Jean King and Gloria Steinem are amongst the honorees. Now Steinem might be an ally of Oprah but is she an ally of mine? What about Laquisha from the hood? Or Monique […]

Sexual Conduct and Double-Standards: Edwards, Clinton, Obama and Black people

John Edwards has a baby mama. Sure this is old news by now, well actually it’s officially ‘unconfirmed’. Yeah right. I give it a few weeks. On a more important note we lost two greats this weekend. R.I.P. Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.

So…why do I care? Black people are held to different standards. Black […]