North Korea Has the Right to Bear Arms

Yeah I said it. The big bad (insert communist, fascist, whatever interchangeable term applies) country dares to flex their defense muscles and build arms. Is it a little scary – yes – but it’s their right. North Korea is a sovereign nation. Shall I repeat that?! 
I know our President wants to instate an international disarmament but how will that take place, per chance? Who verifies the nuclear materials have been rendered useless? All the Neo Con war hawks are circling and squawking. Also the United Nations isn’t in total agreement about this. The US does NOT have the right to dictate to another country whether they can produce weapons of mass destruction. Not when they have them, Russia, Israel and a host of other countries. Or is it only okay when it’s an “ally”? I will say it once and say it again: today’s friend could be tomorrow’s foe. Today’s terrorist may have been yesterday’s freedom fighter. 
Maybe if these predominantly male leaders would use some diplomacy for a change instead of being so combative a more amenable relationship amongst nations would emerge. Yeah…I know…I’m taking a trip to Disneyland with that one. I’m just tired of the overreaching tactics of this government that has historically sought to destroy the infrastructure of other countries to retain its dominance. 
Need I remind everyone that our Messiah/Devil Incarnate depending on who you talk to (you know Obama) is not opposed to war? The bottom line is this: either everyone should be able to have them OR no one. Level the playing field and some from the bully pulpits of the world have to then learn to be nice(r). Players only love you when they’re playing. 

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The Obamas Go to Europe: The World Sighs in Relief

Take that Republicans, so-called feminists stuck on their white privilege, the permanently discontented, the show me the $$$ folks and whomever else has a concern, beef or “doubts” about the Obamas!! They rock! For all the arguments and fake outrage over Michelle’s arms, hairstyle and whether she’s refined these matters of importance have been put on the shelf. Nobody is as upper crust as the Queen of England. She broke protocol to embrace Michelle. 
Can there be any question as to whether world leaders (and figureheads) are thrilled with this latest administration (at least for now)? The Obamas have already done much to mend the rifts caused by the previous one just by showing up with smiles on their faces it seems. I lived in the UK at the beginning of the Iraq “war”. I had to tell people I was Canadian because as soon as I opened my mouth I had people expressing their complete hatred for the US government’s actions and especially how much they wanted Bush gone. I was yelled at and given lots of dirty looks. You’d think I would’ve gotten some slack for being part of the short end of the stick of race relations and discrimination but nooooo. Nobody cared! I was American and I was dirt – even though I made it clear I not only hadn’t voted for Bush but was very opposed to his policies. 
The UK media had more balanced coverage of Iraq, didn’t squash dissent and showed live coverage of the civilian casualties. Seeing children survive bomb blasts but with missing limbs and other signs of trauma would’ve outraged me too but of course people in the USA didn’t see any of that unless they specifically sought out foreign news sources. So I started using “out” and “about” a lot in my speech and sewed a Maple Leaf to my backpack when I was out..and about. There was a major anti-war protest in Hyde Park where 1 million people showed up. So believe me I remember what it was like. I can imagine how ecstatic average citizens must feel now, but Obama needs to stick to that timetable he laid out for pulling the troops out. I hope Iraqis will have some relief soon.
In the meantime all this goodwill is great! Here’s a panel on Larry King (hey I only watched it once this week) discussing their UK visit and the wow factor. Loved the comment about the toothpaste commercial. 

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Unfiltered Views on the (Latest) Middle East-Related Conflicts

I don’t expect to see this being critically examined on my nightly news. Dismiss it if you will but this is definitely food for thought. Particularly in light of the economic instability spending $9B + annually on military aid for other nations is costing US taxpayers. Amongst other expenditures. We are responsible for allowing our gov’t to do things in our name – especially as it begins to negatively impact a large portion of its citizens. 
There are some people who won’t get overly emotional about taking a viewpoint one way or the other. As a Black person of American descent I’d like to ask what’s in it for me and mine? What alliances have been negotiated that proves worthiness for my support? If I was in need of serious help and a place of refuge who and want entity could I count on? There’s many citizens around the world who need assistance – some from my very own gov’t! We should be the priority.
Some think a foreign country who wants to engage in armed conflicts should be paying for it themselves. Anything that important with those type of ramifications should be engaged very carefully. Especially considering yesterday’s friend is today’s enemy and such. I’d like to see an end to the rhetoric and double-speak and definitely the blank checks. It’s nothing personal. We are seeing what happens when we leave our futures to the whims of others. We don’t necessarily have the same interests and to pretend otherwise for a grand gesture will not clothe or feed us when things hit the skids.
Ron Paul discussing political fall-out from gov’t meddling.
Israeli solider discussing his disagreement with his gov’t and why.

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Let the Sliming Begin


I say this from personal experience.

Boy, that didn’t take long. As the amateur but harrowing video of the shooting of Oscar Grant gets played worldwide, the push back by the police begins. Apparently there’s no peace for the dead as his arrest record has been released. I already predicted this. The outrage at the behavior of the police is what counts, not the imperfections of the victim. Looking at the video you can clearly see Police Officer Johannes Mehserle fire his weapon and the reaction of those surrounding Mr. Grant. You can hear the crowd that was detained at the station recoil in horror. Again, this is not about Mr. Grant this is about seeking justice. Already there’s speculation (and a way of earning jury pool sympathy) the officer may have reached for his taser but pulled his gun instead. Whatever! That indicates serious incompetence! Nice try though. At the very least the officer should be fired. I see a definite payout. Tourism is one of San Francisco’s biggest cash cows and this is NOT a good look.


Roland Burris showed up for the party but his name wasn’t on the guest list. Harry Reid and ’em don’t have a leg to stand on for trying to block Senator Burris. Blago appointed him and as long as he remains Governor it’s his right to do so. Reid will either follow the rule of law OR deal with a primary challenger and likely Presidential smack-down shortly. If Reid wants to start applying an extra set of rules then the Democrats are in even more of a mess than usual. I’m certain the LOCKSMITH has already been called! 

This was the ONE opportunity for this party to not only emerge victorious in an election year but to get it together once and for all. The Republicans are still trying to figure out where its nose is. This of course proves it’s not about political party but about the idiots and crooks who are running things. We the people have got to be active in this process. VOTE THEM OUT! 


What is she, the Queen of England? News has surfaced that Obama wants Leon Panetta to head the biggest spook agency in the world. Just remember it might not be his only choice. Panetta has no intelligence experience whatsoever – but is on record for opposing torture. Remember Obama didn’t have any experience either. I have no idea if Panetta is the best choice but we’re getting Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State when (if) confirmed. Whether we like it or not. So Feinstein is supposedly not pleased about this selection.

Could it be this might affect the business dealings of her husband, Richard Blum who is heavily invested in the Military Industrial Complex? She is yet another Old Guard Democratic party member who rubber-stamped everything Bush wanted and is one of those “liberal in name only” politicians. The profits and unfettered power is very enticing I’m certain. I’d welcome some SERIOUS public scrutiny into all of her associations and how qualified she is for her new position as Committee Chair of Intelligence.  


There’s nothing like a little bad press to make you dig in your heels! I remember when it was the PLO. Today it’s HAMAS. Tomorrow will this be over? There’s an expression: the hate that hate breeds.  

Shrub is ending his days picking his nose somewhere in a corner – and preparing pardons! Blair House wasn’t booked either.

Israel told Obama F-U before he even got to swear in. Once he’s President he promises to have plenty to say. I’m more concerned about what he’s going to DO because I’m one of those rabble-rousers who expect my government to be effective and address my concerns.

Meanwhile Black men are killing each other off and terrorizing women and children unfettered. Guns, drugs and apathy do NOT MIX! Where’s the protest and outrage for THAT?! It can’t just be reserved for when cops use excessive force and kill civilians. 

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Playing Chess In the Dark: Ending Our Dependence On Oil

Gaza Funeral

“I will set a clear goal as president: in ten years we will finally end our dependence on oil in the Middle East.”
If the President-Elect can make serious in-roads in that campaign promise we will have “peace” in the Middle East. We can redirect the $9B+ in aid and untold Billions in weaponry focused on Israel and put it back into our infrastructure. We can bring our troops home. The military should not be populated by criminals who are trained to kill just to avoid a draft. We can slow global warming. We can sing with the Happy Feet penguins. The Neo-cons, religious zealots, jihadists whatever you want to call them from ALL SIDES will have to soften their overly aggressive (but necessary to them) actions against each other. People will have to sit at the table and work something out. It won’t be a total hand-holding venture but the stinger will have been removed from the scorpion. Innocent people may breathe a little easier and the casualty pile-up will decrease. 
I watched Charlie Wilson’s War last week and though I took it with a grain of salt, the ending of the movie was totally on target. After the bombings stopped and ‘victory’ was declared, Rep. Wilson went to his fellow war hawks and asked for money to rebuild a school. His reasoning was that the Afghan children had nowhere to go and weren’t going to care about who did what and why. They were just going to see the devastation and know it came from certain people and would grow up wanting to avenge their loss. He was ignored. 
Blowback is a bitch. The cycle of violence and blame has to end.
photo courtesy of the CBC

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A Very Heartfelt Letter of Gratitude

One of the charities I donate to is Women for Women International and I received a message from its President. This organization helps women in foreign war-torn areas rebuild their lives. I was so moved I had to share it with you all. Sometimes all we need is a bit of perspective to remind ourselves how blessed we truly are despite our own difficulties navigating through life:
A long time ago, the staff of Women for Women International decided that we would not do a gift exchange during the holiday season. Rather, we would share something symbolic with each other—a word, a song, or a wish.
There was the year where we sang songs to each other, the year when we made dishes for each other, and the year in which we gave the gift of words to each other. I remember a colleague wishing me not only good health so I can keep on going, deep love so my heart may be filled, but also enough challenges to keep me humble and enough pain to remind me of my blessings. I thought this was the most beautiful gift I had ever gotten and, God knows, the prayer did come true.
This year, around a simple pizza gathering, we shared what we are most grateful for. (Perhaps not the most ideal holiday party, but we are a nonprofit and there is a financial crisis going on out there. We need to squeeze everything we can out of each penny.)

And, I think, this year was the most profound sharing of gifts I’ve ever had. 

The night before, my father had called me from Baghdad and was complaining about how tough life is in Iraq—how there is only limited electricity each day, how water pressure is so weak one barely gets enough water (let alone clean water), how there was a bomb that exploded in neighborhoods all around him. And, as I was trying to calm him down, I was also thankful that he is alive, that my loved ones are alive and though he and other family members have endured so much, they are still there in my life. For my father’s love, I am very grateful. 
The week before, an Afghan colleague was sharing her worries about her children’s safety and while she will do anything to keep working for the women we serve, she just wants to make sure that her son’s life is safe. For her courage, determination, and love I am deeply grateful. 
And just the month before, I had the privilege of spending time with Honorata, a woman whom I first met as a participant receiving Women for Women International services in DR Congo and just recently, I met her as a colleague, a hero, and a great teacher in this life. On her first visit to the United States, Honorata stood in front of more than 800 people and gave her testimony about what she endured during her sexual enslavement in DR Congo, “I was married and was wearing a wedding ring on my finger. They sawed off the ring and, because of that, my finger can no longer function properly. They said I was nobody’s wife and, at the same time, I was the wife of everyone. They called me ‘a meal’. Everybody who was hungry for sex could take me as their meal. After raping me, they would pick up any rag, put it on the end of their rifle, and insert it into me, saying that they were wiping me clean”. These were just some of the things she shared in telling her story. Later on, and in a private conversation with me, she talked about how important it was for her to have the power not to look back, not to have her past paralyze her life, to be able to love more, and speak more, and share more. Her resilience shows an amazing part of humanity’s strength, courage, and beauty and for her I am incredibly grateful. 

I have always known that the women we serve and the colleagues we work with in our overseas offices will always be a source of inspiration for me. But, as many of us do, I have often traveled the world and looked ahead for what I will be grateful for and often forgotten to pay attention to what is around me every day, to show my gratitude to those who sometimes, because of their closeness, I do not always give them the time needed to communicate my love and admiration for them. This is what Sibongile taught me in our holiday party. 
As we went around the room in our headquarters office in Washington D.C., my colleagues expressed all kinds of gratitude. There were those who were grateful to have found love in their lives, those who were grateful for doing the work they do, and those who were grateful for good health. And then there was Sibongile, a newer staff member. She took a deep breath and talked about how she was grateful for the ability to communicate with one another, how she was grateful to live in a peaceful country, how she was grateful to have the basics in life. “Don’t worry about the financial crisis”, she said as she tried to put into perspective one’s life, the gift of communication, the gift of sharing, and the gift of showing what is most valuable in our lives: love, kindness and generosity of spirit.

Sibongile grew up in South Africa under the apartheid regime and witnessed the disappearance and death of loved ones in her life, days without much food or basic amenities, and days of fighting and instability in her life. Sibongile and I have only met once before in her 9 months with Women for Women International, but I am deeply grateful to her for teaching me to see the blessings and wisdom that has been so close to me all year long, yet, I didn’t spend much time to appreciate it. For the beauty of her words and her spirit, I am very grateful. 
As we all embark on a new year—hopefully a good year, a peaceful year, and, yes, maybe a tough year, but never for too long—remember to notice the blessings that are close to you and far away from you, remember to take the time to share a sweet word with someone, and hopefully, with a woman in a war torn region. Write a letter to your sponsored sister. If you have not yet sponsored a sister, please go to and sponsor a woman survivor of war. Share with her some of your financial blessings, some of your love, and some of your wisdom. 
And remember Rumi’s words when he said:

Dance, when you’re broken open
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off
Dance, in the middle of the fighting
Dance, in your blood
Dance, when you’re perfectly free

May it be a very happy 2009.

With deep gratitude for all of your support,


Women for Women International 

4455 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 200 
Washington, DC 20008
Product Image
The book, “The Other Side of War: Women’s Stories of Survival and Hope” would make a great gift as well. 

Why I Think Critics Panned The Day the Earth Stood Still

So I wouldn’t usually care about these things because all the parties involved have been paid for their work, but I went to see this movie last night only to hear it’s been universally panned. Not that I rely on what a few paid hacks have to say about a film. After all, didn’t one such review say a certain ‘singer’ whose initial begins with a B could win an Oscar for her latest attempt at forcing her non-acting skills on us? **Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen it.**
I did wonder where the disdain came from. I know the original is considered a classic and on the list of Top Sci-Fi films of all time, but have any of these reviewers actually seen both movies? The original was released in 1951. This was during Jim Crow and I bet quite a few Earthlings wouldn’t need an alien to come tell them some people needed to mend their evil ways. It was also before the creation of the United Nations so the script had to be updated!
I’m not going to discuss basic plot points just the outlines of how the two movies differ. The original had the threat of nuclear war emerging while the remake focuses on environmental decay. In the original Klaatu was taken to Walter Reed Hospital to attend to his injuries. I highly doubt that would happen today! Also the movie of the ’50s was far more innocent in presenting an outlook of gov’t operations. We are far more aware of how nefarious politicians are and how they are actively working against us. Klaatu specifically said he came here with a message of peace and left leaving it up to people to change.
In the current version Klaatu made no such promise of peace and was here to deliver the consequences of our violation. Two intersecting perspectives I found is in comparing the original plot how Klaatu being brought back to life by GORT was temporary and only a ‘Supreme Being’ had true power to resurrect, while the reference in the remake has Klaatu instigating the next Noah’s Arc because the spheres had taken samples of every vegetation and species on the Earth. It was only those pesky humans that were getting in the way.
I liked how the script beefed up the role of the female by making her a scientist instead of a secretary. She was also defiant to the end and didn’t give up. Now one could argue against creative casting by giving the son a different ethnicity but their explanation for it was weak. Helen could have had a bi-racial child that looked like Jacob. Klaatu has superior abilities so why dumb the script down by having him ask about Jacob’s parentage? They didn’t have to create emotional distance by making him her step-son or being vague with the amount of time they’d been a family. It undermined the relationship. 
I also found it disturbing the way the writers put so much fear into the character of an eight year old with him urging the adults to kill Klaatu. This ‘shoot first ask questions later’ mentality is conditioning usually reserved for adults and I thought it was frightening to hear those words come from the mouth of a babe. On the other hand that babe has absorbed all of the Neo-Con rhetoric and hate since September 11th, lives in New Jersey and plays video games so you can see where this is going. In real life a child that displays such callousness would be very dangerous though and that’s nothing to take lightly. 
What I also observed was how Klaatu wanted to address the United Nations immediately and was rebuffed by the US Gov’t, because apparently they’re the only gov’t that counts. The Secretary of Defense is a woman and just as hawkish as any male predecessor, but even she realizes GORT is like the Borg and resistance is futile. This unseen President is hell bent on fighting no matter what and orders the release of what I imagine to be nuclear weapons to get rid of the ship, GORT and everything in its vicinity to no avail. 
Klaatu seemingly has more power in the new version by escaping so easily and bringing someone back to life with the help of electricity from a car, but can’t control GORT? It didn’t make sense. GORT could have been utilized differently. Who doesn’t want to see a laser coming out of a visor to zap you into oblivion? I did notice the special effects of the GORT activated annihilation sequence of pulverizing everything to dust looked a lot like the last X-Men movie. It wasn’t clearly defined to the audience that GORT could turn itself into a swarm of metal insect bots to consume everything in its path. I did like the use of spheres and light to show the superiority of alien technology.
It is only the love of a mother and child – and that mother’s constant carping – that causes Klaatu to reconsider getting rid of everybody. So he stops GORT by walking into the swarm and being consumed by it – but reaches out the giant sphere to suspend time and all electricity. Then the movie ends. So no farewell speech. That may have been a little disappointing but what was he gonna say?  Na-Nu Na-Nu? Humans get their umpteenth do-over. Until the next time. That is the biggest secular promotion of a religious tenet if there ever was: forgiveness and grace. 
Per the wiki entry:
Producer Julian Blaustein set out to make a film that illustrated the fear and suspicion that characterized the early Cold War and Atomic Age. Director Robert Wise and Blaustein were both liberal, and Blaustein said his aim with the film was to promote a “strong United Nations“.
So I think we can say – at least in this instance – Mission Accomplished. The US was thought to be a pillar of the world 50 years ago and doesn’t have anywhere close to that stature now. Perhaps the disappointment with the film has to do with more with ideology and the recognition of how some still haven’t learned to get along rather than execution.

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Beware the Herd Mentality

I watched the documentary Taxi to the Dark Side detailing the approval of torture of detainees (the abducted) by the US military. The Geneva Convention and Habeas Corpus have been thrown out the window. Mass hysteria caused by witnessing the horror of seeing the Towers come down or of seeing people jump from those buildings before its collapse did incite us and conditioned some of us to accept whatever ‘solution’ was offered just to make it stop. 
The subject of this documentary sickened me and I was reluctant to watch it at all except I know it is my responsibility as a citizen and as a voter to pay attention to what the gov’t does. Especially when they claim to do it for my benefit. If others had not been diligent in exposing these atrocities we’d never know how far down the rabbit hole really is. We still don’t.
To be clear there are people out there who are dangerous and would be considered terrorists. My question is: which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

The Ku Klux Klan was allowed to terrorize an entire group of people for nearly 100 years unfettered.  Let’s just say these people who witnessed, participated in and approved of such treatment and the mentality behind it are seriously lacking in a proper moral compass. 
Now for all the heavy-handed words from gov’t officials who’ve assured us repeatedly every violation was for our good and use of brute force necessary it seems there was something lacking: sound judgement.  It is so easy to treat people like dogs when you see them as one….or less than one in fact.
Which brings us to the latest bit of nastiness on the campaign trail. The McCain brigade has sunk so low he has to reach up for the gutter. There are no circumstances which a candidate for office should allow their supporters to call for harm to come to an opponent. I think McCain forgets that if he’d been treated the way the US treats enemy combatants he might not be here right now. 
He was on World News Tonight and reacted angrily when Charles Gibson asked him about directly confronting Obama instead of being a punk during his Klan rallies. He said he would. I’m looking forward to McCain showing his ass on national television for next week’s debate. I hope he does it. Let the people get a glimpse of the real McCain (angry, disrespectful, avoiding eye contact, racist and petty) and imagine how all that negativity would turn off other world leaders. Since he’s planning to bomb a zillion countries anyway I suppose it doesn’t matter to him.
He knows tying Obama to William Ayers is a gross misappropriation. McCain has plenty of questionable associations and character lapses. This is all he has left because he’s on the verge of losing this election. He has to make Obama the ‘other’. We see what happens when those with positions of authority (and control of media) accomplish that goal. We also see when it backfires! The lowest road traveled will always appeal to some but most of us chose to aim higher and see the good in people. We’ve had 8 years of beating up on people and being scared and now we’re being robbed of our futures. I know I’m tired of being manipulated – aren’t you? It’s time for something new. 

Preoccupied By Economic Manipulation & Political Theatrics We Might Miss WWIII

This is a scene out of a Spaghetti Western. The firing squad has formed and is closing in on its target. Ready. Aim. You know the rest.

As the USA spirals downward lets just say a few world leaders are probably snickering under their breath and wondering why it took so long. If Osama bin Laden was the real culprit behind the 9/11 collapse, he may have fired the shot, but we (I should say they) stood in front of the bullet. Cuz I didn’t have anything to do with this mess. I didn’t vote for Bush and I have written many scathing letters of condemnation to the Democrats who’ve enabled and actively supported his policies. This is not a summer blockbuster where Will Smith saves the day – unless he’s playing a newly elected Obama (wink) empowered by non-warmongering politicians in the House and Senate. We can hope!! Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead!! Indeed.
The 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations met last week in New York. I highly recommend people take a few moments to read through the speeches and I believe there’s video posted on Youtube as well. How prescient that Heads of State were here to witness the Fall of the Empire. This is a plot straight out of Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones and a revisiting of past historical events.

Observers believe that Palpatine’s rise to power is very similar to that of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany; as Chancellor of Germany, the latter was granted “emergency powers”, as was Chancellor Palpatine. Comparisons have been made to Octavian — who became Augustus, the first emperor of Rome — and to Napoleon Bonaparte, who rose to power in France from 1796 to 1799. Octavian was responsible for the deaths of several hundred political opponents well before he was granted tribunician powers; Bonaparte was appointed First Consul for life (and later Emperor) by the French Consulate after a failed attempt on his life and the subsequent coup of 18 Brumaire in 1799. Some have drawn parallels to the American Civil War, likening the Separatists to the Confederate States of America; the official name of the Separatist group is the “Confederacy of Independent Systems”. The name of the government Army, the “Grand Army of the Republic”, is the same in both Star Wars and the American Civil War, and both Palpatine and Lincoln took extensive warmaking powers and suspended many civil rights. 

But hold up!!! How does this apply to what’s going on today? Aside from the Patriot Act and FISA shredding our all-hallowed but selectively followed Constitution? Well the US has been planning for has a naval blockade of Iran. Congress barely defeated HCR 362 with the intention of slowing the Bush Neo-Con doctrine of annihilation – phew. (Update 10/8 I got it wrong I thought it has passed). Without UN approval such an action would be viewed as an unofficial declaration of war. 
Here’s the kicker:

Congress “demands that the President initiate an international effort to immediately and dramatically increase the economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on Iran to verifiably suspend its nuclear enrichment activities by . . . prohibiting the export to Iran of all refined petroleum products; imposing stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran; and prohibiting the international movement of all Iranian officials not involved in negotiating the suspension of Iran’s nuclear program . . .”

Why would any member of Congress (or Senate) give Bush the benefit of the doubt about ANYTHING is behind my grasp of reality. Doesn’t Dr. Phil say the greatest indicator of future behavior is looking at past behavior? And he’s a tv hack pop psycho(logist)! He has a point here though. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the US engaged in a blockade of a sovereign nation. We know how well that turned out! 
Here’s Bob Woodward’s take on Iran in a discussion last Friday with Bill Maher.
The corporate media is not discussing it – surprise surprise. Israeli newspapers are busting a nut over this and ready to go, though so expect this to come up again. Hopefully an Obama administration will bring a truly concerted effort at peace. If McCain gets in by hook or by crook all bets are off. Israel is allowed to have as many nukes as they want without question. Why can’t other countries? I wonder how different the world would be today had Cuba gotten its nuclear weapons from Russia? I bet the US would’ve been a whole lot nicer! 
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Both govt’s are being heavily influenced by a few power-mad individuals who want to be rid of anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda. Meanwhile the people (you know us) want peace. Don’t cut off people’s water supply or bulldoze them. Maybe the next person won’t feel so desperate that they have to blow themselves up and take as many ‘enemies’ with them as they can. In case anyone’s still falling for the Georgia is a victim of Russia okey doke know this: their airfields will be used in a strike against Iran. Fun times for all, huh? 

I have never understood how a person who’s been violated would turn around and treat other people just as horribly, but we can find many examples of the walking wounded who are willing to harm some in retaliation for things another person did to them. Certain Black men in this country see fit to prey on Black women and children without batting an eye for example. These individuals usually aren’t able to form gov’ts and receive billions in financial and military aid, however. Sometimes they are allowed to have a platform in the media though to wage a cultural war instead. We can no longer make excuses for such a violation.
I am all for doing internal work on our mindsets and motivations. We should confront our traumas and take personal responsibility for future choices. This is an ongoing effort we can utilize and maintain. We’ve got some serious, dangerous and expensive actions going on right now that our gov’t is doing behind our backs but in plain sight for those of us willing to do a little digging
Who benefits from this? Does starting a war with Iran (0r Venezuela) mean you and I will be safer – or does it mean a reign of fire of contempt will flow freely from the rest of the world? Is China going to loan the gov’t money for this? How does the McCain plan for an additional $400B in Corporate Welfare help put our economy back together? This country is BROKE. BROKEDY-BROKE!! Will the dollar be worth 10 cents by the year 2012? Do you think I’m joking about this? 

I’d much rather write about my day in the park with my dog or how great a deal I got on the copper cookware I received while in France but I may never get to do those things if these violence obsessed greedy liars take over the world and all of our freedom with it.
And in case you think that is bad enough I’d like to know why Bush has recalled combat troops from Iraq to patrol the US with a pending election to be held in November? Was this how the Bailout got passed? Do you think this will be covered in the Presidential debate tonight? It should be!!! 
I still believe in the power of good over evil, but knowledge is power.

I Just Had A Weird Dream

I was outside at night. The neighborhood was very rough. I was wearing a brown jacket and a white skirt. Perhaps it was suede – but this is how I knew I was dreaming, lol. It was that deep REM when you feel as if you’re having an out of body experience. I couldn’t wake up. I see a big tank. I suppose all tanks are big. I’m angry. I start to run towards it screaming at a soldier. I have something thrown at me like a grenade or an IAD. It’s going to blow up in my face but I am able to catch it and toss it back. Then I wake up. I’m trying to understand and explain to myself what that dream was really about. Would I be considered the aggressor or the victim? Was that a US soldier I was fighting? I wonder how many of us ordinary folk would feel if our country was overrun by Chinese soldiers and weapons. I pick China due to the amount of money this government has borrowed from them and if they came to collect on that note. Would we just roll over and say, “Oh well. We buy everything from them anyway.” Or would we fight? By the way I was NOT watching any war movies before I went to sleep last night. I don’t think I’ll be drinking any coffee today either. I am still shaking.