Blogger Beware: David Merfield of Upload Robots Uses Twitter and Social Media To Exploit Workers

I engage a variety people across social media platforms. Twitter is one of them. They are without a doubt the most popular micro-blogging site that exists right now. And, if you’re a frequent user, you can gain a lot of insight into any number of industries based on those that participate and exchange […]

Black Elites, the Kennedy Family, You & Me

I’ve wondered from time to time why it seems certain benevolent whites have often had more sympathy for the plight of blacks than other black people. Especially when it comes to the black elite. Perhaps hate is too strong a word to describe the standoffish attitude, but disdain or indifference could probably work equally as […]

Are You There Chicago — It’s Me Faith!

I’m attending Blogging While Brown this weekend!!! I am so psyched to be joining the many participants whose words I’ve read for months that I’ll get to meet in person. Isn’t it funny what can happen within a year?  I started a blog. I actively participate in social media. I’ve been challenged, dissed and […]

Now Twitter’s Really Gonna Get Busy: Here Comes Oprah

Well we should all gird our loins because Oprah’s a-coming to Twitter. According to the official Oprah Winfrey Show page on Facebook – which she also recently joined:

The Oprah Winfrey Show: Oprah’s now on Twitter! Don’t miss her very first Tweet this Friday on the Oprah Show!

Personally I’m finding so many […]

Black Female Bloggers And Allies – Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better

I have quite a few posts bubbling to the surface that I want to write about but I must prioritize my schedule this week. I am very excited that my recent engagements with other bloggers of color has encouraged a renewal of my mind. It’s really good to know that if you’re open you […]