You Wanna Know Why ACT UP! Has Been On My Mind Lately?

Many moons ago I took a marketing class for creatives where we were told to find our character in mythology. The key was to get to the core of who we were as individuals and find a way to reach a mass market that cut across nationality and various cultures. Every group has certain […]

The Fight For Justice Is An Inconvenient One At Best

But it’s a necessary one. So I’m wondering what type of buffoonery awaits in the news today. Or what accident will claim the life of some unsuspecting person? Who’s child will go missing? What act of violence will occur? Who will feel so utterly hopeless that they wish they hadn’t been born. There’s always something […]

That Old Objectification Song

I was on Twitter last night minding my own business when one of the musicians I follow suggested another person to follow. I was curious who the person was so I checked his profile. I use TweetDeck which is a 3rd party application that separates messages and opens a larger window that the official Twitter […]

The Real Black State of the Union Pt. 1

So I was reading this great post “Ours Is Not A Culture Of Failure” by Tami at What Tami Said which was in itself a critique of the article “Race Still Matters For Poor Blacks” by Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune and “Raising the Obama Generation” by Stephen Talty. There are some great points being […]