I’m So Used To Black Women Being Dissed I Almost Missed the Lesson!

For yesterday’s post I wrote with a certain amount or irony how the virtue of white women was reinforced by Letterman’s very public chastisement and remains as viable as ever. Even he was bewildered about what happened. I wasn’t defending what he’d said I was just surprised by the backlash. I’m certain he’s got the message […]

Warhol Meet Palin: There’s the Door!


In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes – Andy Warhol

Failed VP candidate Sarah Palin is holding on for dear life what Warhol so famously quipped about! It’s a looong way to 2012 though! I had a laugh as her continued attention addiction led her this week to complain Caroline […]

I Got A Letter From Sarah Palin Today

Sarah Palin is the grifter that keeps on grifting! Technically it was yesterday. And here I thought I’d be able to not need a reason to talk about her anymore. But as it turns out she kinda sorta forgot to disclose more freebies.  I’m sure the darling of the Tundra doesn’t want to face […]

Who Knew That Blogger Could Be Used As A Slur?

I tried to give Sarah Palin the benefit of the doubt. You know all those leaks of her ever growing list of foolishness came from her friends in the McCain camp. Yet time and time again the hockey mom from the tundra keeps showing us her ever growing sense of entitlement, lack of humility and […]

Leave Sarah Palin Alone!

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth! I still despise the woman for her policies, her racism, her lack of concern for other women and her ignorance but this barrage of negative information leaking from the McCain camp (you know the one who was the top of the ticket) needs […]

The Real Affirmative Action Candidate

J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo Is going back to Alaska and I’m so sorry for my fellow citizens up North but she’s your problem! You voted for her in the first place. We have our own idiot Governor to deal with. If the Republicans think they can trot the CTLF (Candidate They’d Like to F*ck) […]

McLame Tries to Rehash the Kitchen Sink Tactic. It Didn’t Work for His Good Friends the Clintons So Why Bother Now?

Sarah Palin was in the Bay Area (Burlingame) on Sunday for a fundraising trip. You know she wouldn’t have dared set foot in San Francisco proper. Something about vampires and sunlight I think! You know the No-Talk Express train is headed for a possible collision – but not before running out of gas. Lame. Lame. […]

I Predict A Debate Will Occur And the Sun Will Set…..

….but who knows what’s gonna happen afterwards?  It’s anybody’s guess. Sarah Palin might skin and eat Joe Biden for dinner, but in the end will it be a game-changer? This woman may be a twat but she’s still a white woman and that kind of privilege has allowed her to coast through an abuse of power […]

Gimme A Break!

So I am feeling a wee bit cantankerous over this alleged love fest with the pig-in-lipstick aka Sarah Palin and some women voters. Hey, she started it with her (actually her MALE handlers’) written speech containing that ridiculous comparison of dogs and mothers. I have no children or pets but felt sufficiently offended on behalf […]

Are the Republicans in League with Corporate Media to Steal Another Election?

THE CHARGE: Gross distortion of the truth and the media cover-up to keep people in the dark. THE EVIDENCE: Bogus charges of ‘sexism’ for holding Palin accountable like any other politician; Not speaking to the press or answering any questions;  Scheduled ABC interview where questions have already been pre-selected and she can skip the ones […]