After All the Brouhaha Burris Is Senator

Burris said it best, “I AM the SENATOR!” What took so long? Some cried racism without credibility but the “fact” of assumption that his appointment wasn’t valid had many pondering. Some said it was a matter of paperwork (but since it was being stalled that’s not a fair assessment). Others put their foots in […]

Let the Sliming Begin

NO ONE DESERVES TO BE SHOT IN THE BACK. I say this from personal experience. Boy, that didn’t take long. As the amateur but harrowing video of the shooting of Oscar Grant gets played worldwide, the push back by the police begins. Apparently there’s no peace for the dead as his arrest record has […]

Bobby Rush Opened Up A Can of Kick Butt!

Governor Rod Blagojevich has appointed former Attorney General Roland Burris to the vacant Senate seat in IL. Mr. Burris has more than 40 years of service and is more than qualified. ┬áIf the voters had selected him or Rush for Governor when they ran – instead of Blago – the state wouldn’t be in […]