Defining Reciprocity: Black Women Are Still Being Told To Put Everyone Else First!

Yet the buck stops here. Some women think of themselves by their ethnicity or race first. Some women think of themselves by their relationships (i.e daughter of or wife of someone). Some women think of themselves by their station in life or job. Still others are considered by gender in relation to a political agenda…but […]

Old School Friday

lauryn hill – x factor tell me who i have to be to get some reciprocity She was expecting equality! This video and song could be released today and wouldn’t sound or look dated at all. The brightest stars always fade out too quickly.

My Blog Name […]

Gay Is NOT the New Black!

First of all it equates gayness with being something other than Black in order to replace it, thereby ignoring Black people who are gay. Second it places Blackness as the ‘other’ as something inherently wrong and marginalized. Third, it then trumps that marginalization as if Blackness is something that needs to be or can be […]

Prop 8: Evaluating & Finding Common Ground

So while the blame game continues, people take to the streets in protest and file lawsuits take a look at the actual votes for Yes on Proposition 8 by non-Blacks: White Men:   51% of 31% of 10,325,615 votes: 1,632,480 YesWhite Women:   47% of 32% of 10,325,615 votes: 1,552,972  YesLatino Men:   54% of […]

Let the Backlash From Prop 8 Be A Warning

Here in California the moment of our coming together unraveled rather quickly don’t you think? Some people may not have noticed yet but certain people have already drawn their line on the white side and are gunning for our jugular.  Some of these white people who identify as gay were sorta okay with following the […]

Oprah Just Honored Gloria Steinem: Why Am I So Mad?

So I was watching Thursday’s Oprah episode where she featured Maria Shriver. Maria has an annual conference for women and this year Billie Jean King and Gloria Steinem are amongst the honorees. Now Steinem might be an ally of Oprah but is she an ally of mine? What about Laquisha from the hood? Or Monique […]