Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly & Roman Polanski: Media Coverage Vs. Perception

I was reading this essay last night. Oh, I feel a headache coming on as I’m writing this but it’s the big giant pink elephant in the room. Depending on what you believe, what you’ve been led to believe, actual court proceedings or a refusal to accept reality we could made a wide arc and […]

I'm Not Sure If Empowerment Is the Real Goal For Some Black Bloggers

So if you read a variety of blogs like I do you may start to notice certain trends. Some of the same readers of one blog may also read another with varying levels of interest. Sometimes blog hosts may link to each other or mention something they’ve read or commented on. Often some […]

African-American, Black or Other: Who Are We?

Are you aware the categorization of race and ethnicity in this country is different from other countries? In the UK it’s Caribbean, African or Other. They use the term Black & Minority Ethnic (MBE). Having slavery declared illegal (but allowing the “lesser” evil of colonialization) set up a different dynamic than the United States. That […]