Obama Disses Paterson: Beware the Negro In Sheep’s Clothing

So word on the street is there’s blood in the water. Obama wants New York Governor David Paterson to not seek reelection. Interesting. Some speculate it has to do with his bungling over appointing, er not appointing Caroline Kennedy to the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. Hmm – who cares? The economy is still […]

Will Obama’s Lack Of Fortitude Seal His Lame Duck 1-Term Presidency?

I’ve just read your Op-Ed in the New York Times. Barack, Barack, Barack. I had so much hope for serious change. The demographic of the NYT tends to not include those without internet access, lower incomes and less education – the ones who really need the health care plan passed. So who were you trying […]

Does The Sonia Sotomayor Confirmation Fill A Quota?

I know many people are very pleased with the “successful” confirmation of now Justice Sotomayor. It does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Out of 111 Justices, she is the third woman and first Latino to be appointed. The Republicans continue to live up to their surly, childish ways with nearly 2/3rds voting […]

With All the Positive Press for Hill & Bill Are We Sure Clinton Won’t Run in 2012?

When Bill Clinton went to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-il was that a sign of what’s to come? He was successful in getting journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling released. Did that seem a little easy at the end? A photo op and a declaration of “defeat” so North Korea would be “victorious”? […]

Laura & Euna Are Free! Is This A Rise From the Ashes Moment For the Clintons?

Kim Jong II has pardoned journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Former President Clinton flew to North Korea to negotiate visit with the North Korean leader. I am certain their families are very relieved – and grateful. What I am even more curious about is what was promised to secure their release and why […]

Remember When I Said The Democrats Would Bring Obama Down? Maxine Waters Calls Out Rahm Emanuel & Blue Dogs.

This was an interview from a few days ago but since it’s regarding our healthcare plan it is still current. Maxine Waters was interviewed by Carlos Watson of MSNBC where she very clearly lays out the nefarious activities of Rahm Emanuel. He recruited a very active minority of “Conservative” Democrats referred to as Blue Dogs. […]

While Obama Gives Lip-Service To Our Reproductive Rights We Must Communicate More Effectively With Our Elected Officials

The following note I’m enclosing at the bottom of this post was a response to the Feminist Advisory Board for Obama regarding a letter that was sent to the President asking for a public statement denouncing the murder of Dr. Tiller. A form letter response was sent with a generic “thank you” but it was […]

Top Ten Reasons Blacks Support(ed) An Obama Presidency – And Why We Need to Reevaluate Things

As I continue shedding old skin and reordering my thinking now that I’m outside the Matrix I find myself revisiting my support of Barack Obama. While I would still likely vote for him again I have to think of all the ways I can benefit from this alliance while measuring it for reciprocity. You can’t […]

So Much For Freedom: Last Time I Checked Cynthia McKinney Was Still Kidnapped

So while some of us are out celebrating and chillaxing with friends/loved ones, we have an African-American female politician being held against her will since Tuesday by a foreign government. It’s our 51st State and ally Israel. If we’re going to talk about the “unfairness” and “evil” of North Korea and Iran let’s talk […]

Just When You Thought A Same Sex Marriage Had Gotten Through By "Accident"!

I knew it was too good to be true and was waiting for the other shoe to drop. When the New York Post of all “newspapers” publishes a story you know they get the side eye after their President as primate debacle earlier this year.  They claimed to have an Exclusive! titled, “Wedding Crashers” on […]