NYPD Coverup in Andrew Kelly’s DWI Killing Of Vionique Valnord?

courtesy of Gothamist

You know since all the focus has been on one cop, two cop, three cop CYA by the top brass with the subsequent “blue wall of silence” and protecting the brand by any means necessary it’s very easy to forget the VICTIM. Who is was African-American woman from Brooklyn. Even I had to look up the name of Vionique Valnord who was mowed over by the drunk cop after attending a wedding. The majority focus has been on the cop(s) involved in the coverup and she’s been virtually erased from the conversation. The media could be referring to her as Jane Doe. That cop and his buddies decided to tamper with evidence and give false statements to make it look like an random accident. Allegedly. She died.

This same drunk cop who bragged about trying to save her life is a LIAR. Allegedly. He’s been charged with vehicular manslaughter. Even NYC Mayor Bloomberg has publicly blasted them – and you know that rarely happens! Well we have the court system where the prosecutors and police and judges all know each other. Justice is blind. Allegedly. So as the suspensions pile up and the supervisors’ attempt at making this go away FAIL MISERABLY (let’s hope so) I sense a big fat payout in civil court will be the end result but zero criminal justice. It will never replace the life of a woman SENSELESSLY and UNNECESSARILY cut down in her youth. Cops are supposed to be held to higher standard. Allegedly. Protect and Serve and all that…BS. You don’t actually think this is the FIRST time something like has happened do you?

How many other cops pass around water and gum in an attempt to mask drunkeness, blame the weather and REFUSE to be tested for blood alcohol levels – or delay them until they’d be rendered ineffective? How many passengers flee said scene to avoid involvement when they did nothing to stop the drunk person from getting behind the wheel. Oh…they may have been even more intoxicated…but not enough to miss a pedestrian being struck and killed. EVIDENCE TAMPERING and PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT by the cops has occurred. Yeah, I said it!

Otherwise why would they have been suspended? Of course arresting someone for a crime and convicting them requires a specific set of circumstances. People charged with crimes who are GUILTY of said crimes can be found “not guilty” when there isn’t enough evidence to prove the prosecution’s case. Which brings me back to the evidence “mishandling”. Who’s actually interested in justice here aside from the family? I won’t be holding my breath for the Civil Rights organizations to do anything either. It may be white cops involved in a crime against a black person but it’s the “wrong” gender for them to care enough about.

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Mitrice Richardson Still Missing After 18 Days: Are The Police Hoping She Stays "Lost"?

In what has to be one of the worst cases of neglect and CYA the authorities claim to be “baffled” as to what happened to the missing 24 year-old after they released her from booking. I’m wondering now IF she was actually released the way the police claim and what condition she was in when they did so. Sure it’s all pure speculation on my part but if you get arrested for skipping out of paying a meal under $100 at a Malibu restaurant and have family and friends willing and able to help, you should not simply disappear into thin air afterwards.

Mitrice’s family claims she has mental deficiencies that would have clearly manifested themselves. The restaurant owner – who’s gotten a lot of negative press has gone on record to publicly trash Mitrice’s mother to stem the backlash. What a way to stay classy. Not that what she did wasn’t breaking the law but an $89 bill wasn’t grand theft larceny. This certainly isn’t going to make attending a restaurant any easier when there’s often a negative connotation that certain blacks won’t tip well – but that pales in comparison to this situation.

It simply doesn’t make any sense for a young woman with no money or a cell phone to be wandering the streets at 130am – which is the time she was released by the cops. I’m wondering how she got to the restaurant and whether she had a purse with her to begin with. That would raise a red flag with me. Either the family is being dishonest or the police messed up in not recognizing Mitrice’s diminished capacity. I can’t help but think of the possible parallels between this young woman and Maia Campbell. Clearly there’s more to this story than meets the eye. We’ll continue to observe and hope for the best.

Here’s an interview with Mitrice’s dad on Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell – one of the few media outlets giving national coverage to this case by the way. Also you should note the ratings for her show have traditionally fared better than Glen Beck’s. I only mention this because of what I think was the misguided black male protectionist-oriented focus on targeting him to begin with by some wanna-be Civil Rights organization. The attention may have gotten advertisers to pull out of that particular show (but not with the entire network) yet it tripled his ratings.

Mitchell’s show now has a focus on what she terms the “War Against Women and her coverage doesn’t exclusively focus on white women as the sole victims of crimes and neglect unlike say Nancy Grace and 99.99% of the corporate media. This is what we need to be supporting instead of focusing on a wanna-be Limbaugh who displays a negative obsession with the president for ratings and money. Real women are being harmed, neglected and overlooked and very few have protectors.

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