Whitney Houston Oprah Interview Day 2: On Michael Jackson & Her Comeback

Houston discusses her friendship with Michael Jackson. One thing I’ve found interesting is how isolated and lonely so many of these celebrities are. They have so much talent and so many resources. It seems as if they get lost in the mix trying to self-protect. Houston says she’s feeling the love she has […]

Whitney Houston Oprah Interview Day 2: How Whitney Finally Left

Houston discusses the decision to leave her marriage. Sigh. I am really having a problem with the language and tone of how she insists on placing ALL the blame on her ex-husband. Has anyone else noticed how she also lays territorial claim to her daughter as HERS. Perhaps some children who’ve lived through their parents’ […]

Whitney Houston Oprah Interview Day 2: Whitney Is An Angel, Bobby The Devil

I admit to being captivated by this interview but I think a few things need to be made clear. This is obviously a very controlled discussion. I’d definitely label Bobby Brown a DBR black male but after one hour of hearing about all the bad things he did yesterday I’ve had enough. Whitney Houston CHOSE […]

Sometimes Love Is A Battlefield – But It Doesn’t Have To Be

I heard this song “Battlefield” by Jordan Sparks on the radio and like the lyrics. I of course give a hat tip to Pat Benatar’s classic Love Is A Battlefield. This has me thinking about the concept of why we “fight” for love and relationships. Sometimes incompatible people are locked in a battle of wills […]

Asking Black Women to Change Is Part of A Larger Spiritual War

Every time I wonder what I’m going to write about, if I’m offering something of substance and whether I should cut back on my blogging schedule of daily posts I am constantly inspired! A few thoughts occurred to me as I was writing Part 2 of Getting to Where We Want. One is that it’s […]

We Need A Training Course on Transgender 101

I can’t help but think how the greater LGBT movement has been so focused on an orientation hierarchy they’ve dropped the ball with regards to “normalizing” trans men and trans women. There’s been a huge push at reducing the anxiety and generating familiarity for lesbians and gays that it doesn’t seem so “weird” anymore. It’s […]

Doing My Part At Liberating Black Women – Including Myself!

This is a multi-tiered initiative.

First I must take care of myself – then others. To that end I have a few projects in the works. I am a creative (writing being one of my endeavors) but have not earned my living at it. I am seeking new avenues for myself, approaching meeting my […]

Interracial Dating Options Vs. Doomsday Marriage Prospects for Black Women

I was deciding whether to write this as two separate posts but I thought of the intersectionality of this latest dire prediction of unmarried childlessness for black women at MSNBC with what was a successful effort at combating it should be explored. The Free Your Mind dating event that was held in Los Angeles nearly […]

Tameka Raymond’s HuffPo Op-Ed on Colorism Is A Must Read

I noticed a few people were discussing this essay on various social media platforms yesterday but I just got around the reading it. Wow! The soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Usher Raymond certainly has her head on straight as far as recognizing the intra-Black racism, petty jealousies and assumptions by strangers goes. She took great pains to make […]

Life May Not Always Be Fair But It Can Still Be Great!

There’s a list of 51 Lessons in this article by Regina Brett and here are some of the gems with my thoughts on them: 1. Life Isn’t Fair, But It’s Still Good Our lives have unique challenges aside from individual upbringing and personal development. Modern black women also have to content with a landscape that […]