Believe It and Live It: Khadijah Williams

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: Have you read the story of Khadijah Williams? Ms. Williams is now completing her first year at Harvard University in Boston. Her story of determination and mental discipline is not only inspiring but a model for all of us to follow. She grew up living in numerous homeless shelters and obviously around […]

About Our Children Feature On Parents Overcoming

This was the opening segment to this morning’s post. Three parents who’ve overcome substance abuse, domestic violence and depression are featured. This was a very powerful piece worth watching. Healthy parents = healthy children.

My Blog Name […]

AA Legacy Series Spotlight on Ethel Waters

Just so that we don’t forget where we come from here’s my tribute to Ethel Waters. Who? You may ask. Well that’s why it’s important to do these…. Ethel Waters was first and foremost a survivor. Now this isn’t going to be one of those “she was a strong Black woman” meme reinforcements. She did […]

The Real Black State of the Union Pt. 2

I’m continuing the essay I began with yesterday’s post. In picking up on the concern writer Stephen Talty expresses for how his bi-racial son will navigate his heritage he says the following:  

Raising Asher has made me more thoughtful about these things, and more driven too. But it has also made me harder in […]