Old School Friday – Out Darn Song!

It’s Old School Friday time! This week’s meme is Songs You Despise But Know the Words To. I had to think about that one for a while. Since the rules are songs must have been released before 1999 that leaves out all of the current music I’d most certainly choose. So I thought of this […]

Old School Friday – Can’t Get Enough of Barry

No this isn’t about the Prez! It’s Barry White Week! WooT!!!

Who doesn’t love Barry White. His dulcet tones wrapped themselves around some of the most lovely lyrics about LOVE. He even had an orchestra called Love Orchestra. This was a man who left his criminal past behind him, changed his mindset, tapped into his […]

Old School Friday – OSF Tribute

Oh I really like this week’s meme! It’s TRIBUTE WEEK!!! WooT!

I want to include so many music artists but this would be the LONGEST post ever.

The premiere song restylist of our (ok my mom’s) generation. Nobody can touch Aretha Franklin.

My favorite gypsy rock-r-lady who writes songs that tear your insides out – […]

Old School Friday: Criminals-R-Us

Okay these memes are definitely food for thought. This week is “Criminal Records”

Boogie Down Productions was the first song that came to mind. I’m surprised as well but I’m going with it. The latest MTV flap over 19 year old Taylor Swift made me think of another 19 year old’s MTV-related outburst (it was […]

Old School Friday: All Money All The Time

Ok it’s Friday. I have another post that I will share but it’s still baking in the blogging oven and since the day’s nearly half gone for my East Coast readers I can’t leave ya’ll hanging without a fresh cookie. This week’s meme is “All About the Benjamins”. Now you didn’t think I was gonna […]

Viva La France: Women Say No to Misogynistic Rap

I was relieved it wasn’t MC Solaar! Apparently this French rap artist OrelSan has been publicly called out by Segolene Royal and other politicians for recording rap music that bashes women. Royal ran for president against Sarkozy and is one of the highest ranking female politicians in France. Some of you may be familiar with […]

Old School Friday: Attack of the Divas

Ooh I like this week’s meme. Divas. Can I be one when I grow up?

My Blog Name […]

AA Legacy Series Spotlight on Ethel Waters

Just so that we don’t forget where we come from here’s my tribute to Ethel Waters. Who? You may ask. Well that’s why it’s important to do these…. Ethel Waters was first and foremost a survivor. Now this isn’t going to be one of those “she was a strong Black woman” meme reinforcements. She did […]

Old School Friday – Keeping It Together

This week’s meme is: Keep It All In the Family.

Hmm, I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s and 90’s oldies by Canadian artists this week so my twist will be nationality instead of biology.

My Blog Name […]

Color Me Dumbstruck: Pharrell Says Talent Must Make A Comeback

Isn’t it nice to know that others who have a certain amount of influence feel the way you do about certain things? If 2009 gets known for one thing (aside from our first year with a Black President and the state of the worldwide economy) then let it be known as the year people […]