The White Media Sure Loves To Promote Black Woman Angst Don’t They?

If I have to read another tired article about how black women have such a hard time with: a) Our hair b) Our dating prospects c) Our bodies I WILL SCREAM! “If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed,” the comedian Paul Mooney, sporting an Afro, says in the documentary “Good Hair,” which won […]

Michelle Obama in San Francisco Today

The FLOTUS is in California attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service. More fodder for those that hate seeing the daughter of the survivors of slavery in the White House. Too bad! This is a live stream. If it doesn’t repeat I’ll look for it on Youtube later to switch it out. Enjoy!


Michelle Obama Segments From NBC White House Special

In case you missed it or want to rewatch. NBC is really trying to milk the ratings though and will rebroadcast on Friday 8-10pm.  My Blog Name […]

Comedy Central Commemorates Obama’s 100 Days

Indecision An Indecision Exclusive! Obama’s First 100 Days Funny Political Video Political Games Joe Biden Jokes My Blog Name […]

The Blackening of the Fashion Industry

So I hear American Vogue has had three Black women on their cover this year. One was Michelle Obama, one was Beyonce and the other was an actual model, Liya Kebede. Well….big whoop. Liya shared the cover with a bunch of white models (Jourdan Dunn is in the foldout), one’s the biggest singer in the business […]

Real-Life Dress-Up!

Be your own stylist. Oooh oooh me me! Have you ever wanted to be picked first for something really fun? Well the Star-Telegram has this cool interactive guide that let’s you pick gowns for Michelle Obama. It’s a little Photoshop on speed but what female hasn’t tried on clothes or played with dolls and enjoyed […]

What Will Our First Lady Wear to the Ball?

The design world is all aflutter over the coronation of its King & Queen & Princesses also known as Swearing In Ceremony. Then it’s on to the real showstopper – the Inaugural Ball. The ‘official’ one that most of us will be reading about the next day but lots of other people will be throwing […]

Barack & Michelle Meet Barbara Post-Election Edition

Here’s the video from last night’s Barbara Walters Special. I am soooo glad it’s the Obamas going to the White House and not some of the other (cough) contenders. To just be able to listen to people speaking with a measure of intelligence without avarice is such a relief! I hope Oprah gets first dibs […]

Barack & Michelle Come to Washington

Don’t they making a dashing pair? Reuters/Joshua Roberts It will take me at least a year before the idea of seeing Brown people who are in charge at the White House becomes old hat. It may be a symbolic gesture but it has still has merit for many. I am very curious about how […]

Fun With Future First Lady Michelle Robinson Obama

I must confess my support of the husband came from my identification with the wife. So I understand why some women are so drawn to Sarah Palin. (I don’t understand the lack of critical thinking and reasons for that support but oh well). There was that kerfluffle over those that misquoted this brilliant woman […]