Whitney Houston Oprah Interview pt 3 & 4: Hiding Pain, Cheating Spouses & Crack is Wack 2009

What do we do to cope with the stresses and disappointments we experience? Clearly something was eating at Houston but she doesn’t reveal what that is during this interview. Nor do I think she needs to. I wonder if she’s done the necessary work to get to the root of her problems. I hope this […]

Weak-Willed Men & What the Death of Steve McNair Teaches Us

Athlete Steve McNair was found murdered this weekend with a young woman who was not his wife. Someone asked why it mattered that the woman who died with him was white. Of course it matters but not for the reason some of you may think. This isn’t going to be a bash-the-white-skinned-woman rant. Or chiding […]

Jenny Sanford: New Role Model for Women Who’ve Had Enough

In what has to be another once-in-a-lifetime event, the First Lady of SC isn’t crying for Argentina! She’s not “standing by her man” or “suffering in silence”. In the Curious Case of Yet Another Cheating Republican this story has a major plot twist that goes against the grain. Hallelujah!  Just to bring you up […]