Saturday Design Porn

I’m not above writing a provocative title folks. I love my design shows! Here’s a rehab of a master bedroom that has given me so many great ideas.

Since the show doesn’t reveal their budget I assume that they’re spending a lot of moola. There are those budget design shows but often they have their own staff do the majority of the work. I need a true cost assessment. Here’s an insider tip: buying furniture from North Carolina will save you a bundle. It’s the outlet capital of the US for home furnishings and often shipping is nominal.

I really like the ceiling lamp featured and immediately thought of Ikea.
IKEA PS MASKROS Pendant lamp
Maskros Pendant Lamp courtesy of Ikea
Since we spend so much time in the kitchen, er those who cook do anyway a well-designed space is a must. It should also be well-stocked but any foodie or budding gourmet knows that. Quality cookware is a must for example. I’m partial to All-Clad. The immediate costs will pay off with longevity of use of these products. For those with kids and those trying to cut back on expenses cooking can be part of your family rituals or at the very least a time to experiment with flavor combinations. Who’s up for a savory and sweet exploration?

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Love In Black & White

Here’s an interview with Former Secretary of State William Cohen & Journalist Janet Langhart Cohen being (somewhat annoyingly) interviewed by Matt Lauer. They’re discussing the book about their dating and marriage to each other, Love In Black & White: A Memoir of Race, Religion and Romance. You’ll hear about some of the old familiar arguments from Janet’s dad about “hooking up with the oppressor” nonsense – meanwhile black men have had NO QUALMS WHATSOEVER about dating and mating with white women. That indoctrination tactic runs wide and deep, eh?

I am actually slightly more interested in her earlier memoir From Rage to Reason: My Life In Two Americas, but think both will provide some insight into the skills and perseverance that will benefit all women trying to achieve career success AND a fulfilling personal life.

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Are You Flailing? How to Refocus.

Tips from Mastering Online Marketing by Mitch Meyerson though I think this applies in any industry. His books are well known to those setting up e-commerce businesses. Which is a great side hustle by the way. 
First, it all starts with your brain. We don’t need to have all of the answers, we just need to be willing to ask questions. Solutions will appear – and that’s not just New Age-speak. Regardless of what happens after this economic downturn (whether it manifests as a recession or depression or near total collapse is still undetermined) it’s going to be those of us who are resourceful that will best ride this out. (Hey I’m trying to motivate myself as I write this too!)

10 Personality Traits of Accomplished People

1. Conscientious and reliable (don’t be a flake)
2. Altruistic and considerate (there’s always somebody worse off than us)
3. Flexible (think rubber ball)
4. Able to give and receive constructive feedback (take good advice)
5. Passionate and enthusiastic (gotta have a reason to get out of bed)
6. Optimistic (always thinking the sky is falling sucks)
7. Committed to life-long learning (education is so much more than school)
8. Tenacious and persistent (be like a dog w/a bone)
9. Balanced in mind, body and spirit (woo..this is challenging but it’s key)
10. Focused on the long term (the sacrifices of today pay well into tomorrow)

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