Lateisha Green Post-Conviction Update & Essence Interview

I have some good news to share for those interested in justice across the board. The now-convicted murderer Dwight DeLee has been sentenced 25-years to life for killing Lateisha Green. Ms. Green was a lovely trangender woman who was brutally murdered by DeLee for no reason other than her gender identity which I’ve discussed in […]

Note to Readers, Lurkers & Nurturing Future Alliances

It’s been an especially hectic two weeks at Acts of Faith blog. I know I have readers who are not black or live in “black communities” or have to deal with any of the issues that have been discussed. I bet it’s been an eye-opener! I also am welcoming a lot of new readers who […]

Mandela Would Be Proud: McKinney Returns to Gaza

This time Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney successfully got through the illegal blockade and delivered medicine and other goods to the residents of Gaza!!! Crow if you will but she is certainly one determined African-American woman on a mission of peace. In honor of one criminal, rabble-rouser and terrorist per labeling by the US […]

You Wanna Know Why ACT UP! Has Been On My Mind Lately?

Many moons ago I took a marketing class for creatives where we were told to find our character in mythology. The key was to get to the core of who we were as individuals and find a way to reach a mass market that cut across nationality and various cultures. Every group has certain […]

The Fight For Justice Continues With the Murder Trial of Lateisha Green

Update: July 17th – A jury convicted Dwight DeLee of manslaughter in the first degree as a hate crime!!!! WooT!! Of course, the caveat is that it was manslaughter and NOT 1st degree murder. Witnesses had been intimidated against testifying (WTF) and Teisha’s brother had also been injured when this miscreant murdered her. So this […]

In A Fair World Bush Would Be Sentenced to Prison Instead

And Cheney. And Rumsfield. And A bunch of others too. Since we know life doesn’t always pass out party favors, let’s grab a glass of your favorite beverage and raise it in toast of journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for throwing shoes at #43. Now one could argue […]

Prop 8 & New Jersey 4 & Other Misdeeds: Where Race, Class & Gender Collide

Later on today the oral arguments will be heard in the California Supreme Court pro and con regarding the passage of Proposition 8. The judges will have 90-days to render a verdict. If the ruling strikes down the Proposition, the California Constitution will forever alter the definition of marriage as between a man and a […]

Update: 4 Suspects Have Been Arrested In Rape Case

Well this would have to be one of the quickest solved rape cases. All four suspects in the gang assault of a lesbian resident of the SF Bay area from December 13th have been taken into custody. One of the suspects turned himself in – and get this – he has a girlfriend. I guess […]

False Mea Culpas from Bush & OJ

Karma is a debt that must be paid. OJ Simpson was reduced to tears and begging the judge for leniency at his sentencing hearing today. He had been found guilty for a dozen counts related to armed robbery and kidnapping. He might be eligible for parole in 9 years but I honestly don’t see […]

McCain Wants More Deregulation as WAMU Folds

Mr. Cut & Run and his Republican cronies (not all Republicans) are going to stall this bailout for as long as they can until they twist the knife in a little deeper in the backs of the average American. Unless WE stop them. Now Washington Mutual is going down the tubes. See that bailout was […]