Mandela Would Be Proud: McKinney Returns to Gaza

This time Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney successfully got through the illegal blockade and delivered medicine and other goods to the residents of Gaza!!! Crow if you will but she is certainly one determined African-American woman on a mission of peace. In honor of one criminal, rabble-rouser and terrorist per labeling by the US […]

So Much For Freedom: Last Time I Checked Cynthia McKinney Was Still Kidnapped

So while some of us are out celebrating and chillaxing with friends/loved ones, we have an African-American female politician being held against her will since Tuesday by a foreign government. It’s our 51st State and ally Israel. If we’re going to talk about the “unfairness” and “evil” of North Korea and Iran let’s talk […]

President Ahmadinejad Throws Down the Gauntlet

Well the media and political maneuvers continue! Iran’s President has indicated his nation wants a better relationship with the United States….and Israel. If the Palestinians are treated with justice and can make their own decisions. This has suddenly gotten very interesting. We’ll see how sincere this gesture is and whether “conditions” will be met. All […]

Local Protests Scheduled for Dec 30th National Day of Action

Well if Hamas started it, innocent civilians are getting their butts kicked – and worse! There’s already the ongoing humanitarian crisis that still hasn’t been resolved. Suffering makes you a little less likely to want to sit at the negotiation table. There have been quite a few protests in San Francisco already, at the […]