Kanye Didn’t Give the Most Infamous Outburst on MTV

By now I’m certain enough people have heard about Kanye West’s hijacking of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. He’d been drinking and used his male privilege to assert his opinion about why Swift’s video for “You Belong With Me” wasn’t as good as Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Considering the fact she did a virtual recreation of Bob […]

Ex-BET Employee Throws Stones: He Was All For the Filth (And Violence) Before He Got Fired!

On one good note former child star Maia Campbell has entered treatment. Last week a video surfaced that showed her in a perilous situation being exploited. She has a diagnosed mental disorder as well as an ongoing substance abuse problem. Let’s hope this is her rock bottom moment to rise up from and she gets […]

Rebuttal to Gay Activism Article

I was reading the article “True Intention of Gay Activists” by Gwen Richardson after getting an email alert of new postings at the Black News website. There are so many things wrong with it I don’t know where to begin. First of all the entire tone of the article seems to stem from a visceral […]

I Told You Obama Had to Watch Out for Those Democrats

Um hmm. So we’re closing in on Obama’s 100th day in office (really I thought it’d been like 4evr) and he’s trying to get work done and such. Now I don’t agree with all of his policies and he’s more conservative than I prefer but I realize it’s all strategic. Well some of it’s CYA […]

Crispus Attucks Must Be Rolling In His Grave

After he sacrificed his very life for the creation of this nation some bozos with latent race issues want to make light of our history. So I’ve been hearing rhetoric on the so-called Christian networks – and right-wing radio/tv – about how the Obama administration is engaging in socialism by spending “our” money doing “God […]

Idiot Rethug Wind-Up Doll Gets the Smack-Down

I was watching this week’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher and had the opportunity to get my biggest laugh of the week. Watch and decide for yourself.

I’d like to be impartial and journalistic but Stephen Moore is a first-class tool. He’s on the Editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. He’s […]

President BJ

So Bill Clinton may have gone off script a little bit and slipped by his lukewarm support of Obama while on The View. As you know I said I have that show on permanent girlcott status for my sanity because the hosts have been in violation of objectivity. Later Clinton went on the Letterman and […]

The Costs for Supporting White Male Patriarchy and Greed

So we’ve got less than 50 days and according to numerous polls this election is tighter than a drum. How can that be? There’s the possibility that the corporate media is flat out lying to the public to mislead us. Ok let’s be real – that’s more than likely – especially when you take into […]

Justice: Rarely Required of Them and Much Required Of Us

                                                                    photo credit: M. Dunham Marion Jones was released from prison today. She served a 6-month sentence for lying about her use […]

St. Paul Police Recreate Police State

So what is up with the militarism mindset of the police with riot gear pushing, tackling and dragging reporters with visible credentials who identify themselves as such and are ignored and bloodied? What crime has been committed? Is this the Amerikka or Georgia?  Demonstrating is NOT a crime. Here Amy Goodman discusses her arrest.  Sign […]