Tyra Show "Hell To Pay" Gay Teen Exorcism pt 2

This is the follow-up to this morning’s post. I finally got my video to download and wanted to add the interview with the 16 year old Jeffrey as well as the admission by the “Prophet” minister who says he’s going to burn in hell that she herself has been attracted to women. Of course she’s been “delivered” so she considers herself okay but the poor kid is damned…if he does or does not.

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Tyra Show "Hell to Pay" Gay Teen Exorcism Show pt 1

Was a real doosy! Jezebel posted the entire show and labeled these “ministers” bat**** crazy. A husband and wife duo who refer to themselves as the Prophet (her) and the Overseer (him) run a church in Bridgeport, CT may indeed be crazy…like a fox. Now why would any black person with a shred of dignity or knowledge of history refer to themselves with made-up titles such as an overseer? I don’t see a real mental defect. I see utter foolishness! Follow the money trail. To recap, a 16 year old (who admittedly looks more mature) had an exorcism of his “homosexual evil spirit” – only they prefer to call it a casting out. His evil spirit may be gone but he detailed how he noticed his different orientation from the age of five. He may not be acting on his “urges” but he still thinks about it.

These “ministers” of tomfoolery posted the exorcism video on Youtube. The gay teen advocacy group True Colors got the local Child Protection Service agency to remove it. The male minister gets into a shouting match with the female mentor from the group that’s trying to help the teen. The female minister states very plainly that regardless of whether the teen acts on his feelings or not that he’s still going to hell. They claim to have to have his best interests at heart and that everything they teach is an accurate implementation of the Bible.

Then the Prophet (which only makes me think about the fake LDS leader from Big Love) reveals that she herself has resisted her attraction to other women). How unoriginal. Raging homophobe who speaks out of “love” for the sinner preaching that something is wrong who is also guilty of the thing they condemn.

So while these adults clearly have an interest in how the teen lives his life I’m wondering where his parents are. What doesn’t seem to be discussed at all is that this young man has clearly been abandoned and is in the system. I also want to know who’s caring for him on a day to day basis. Neither party discussed it nor did the Tyra Show explain this obvious gap. It was all about fighting over an individual’s right to live with dignity and shaming young adults with condemnation. That’s not the way to lead people to discovering their own religious practice and belief system. That’s telling them what they should do (according to you) and why your “religion” is the only religion and those that don’t do as you say will be “lost”. That is abusive and a classic tactic of manipulation. It assumes that all people believe the same things and removes options from even studying other religious traditions.

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Matthew Shepard’s Mom Responds to Foxx’s Homophobia

Judy Shepard was interviewed by Rachel Maddow a few nights ago. In her response to North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx (who got my Award of Shame last week) Mrs. Shepard said Foxx trying to distance herself from her earlier claims of Matthew’s murder being a “hoax” was an argument of semantics not a renunciation of her ignorance

“Well, you know, attacks of lesser consequence, I guess, have been said about Matt since the beginning, and in 2007 when it passed the House, the same sort of vitriol’ was spoken from the floor as well. I did not ever expect it to be called a hoax. Anyone who has done research into what happened to Matt knows it was a hate crime, although technically we couldn’t prosecute it that way because there was no hate crime law in Wyoming and no Federal hate crime law protecting sexual orientation. So we couldn’t call it a hate crime, but it was.”

Exactly! If we don’t speak out against such atrocities we are silently co-signing them. That acceptance leads others to add to the depravity  – until it starts to look like the normative circumstance instead of evil that needs to be stamped out. Here was a situation where white (male) privilege and class status did not protect someone. That makes it all the more perilous for the rest of us. So this is for all the Duanna Johnsons and the justice that has still been denied most (trans)women of color. 
P.S. Can we please end the “That’s So Gay” and “No Homo” stupidity now!?

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Rebuttal to Gay Activism Article

I was reading the article “True Intention of Gay Activists” by Gwen Richardson after getting an email alert of new postings at the Black News website. There are so many things wrong with it I don’t know where to begin. First of all the entire tone of the article seems to stem from a visceral negative emotional response that it takes away from any credible argument she may posit. In other words with statements such as below, she’s so obviously judgmental I can’t take her seriously.

Homosexuals have suffered no intergenerational discrimination, have never been denied the right to vote or own property, and can disguise their sexual preference for a lifetime, if necessary.

It seems in her world there is no distinction amongst LGBT, just gay and these “people” can pretend to be straight for their (read that as other’s) convenience. Well I don’t know what myopic world she occupies but that is simply not true.  Even if it was, don’t you think we already have enough problems with men trying to live a lie to the detriment of not only themselves but the women they may be involved with? I say men, because Richardson offers no balance that women or non-whites may also be homosexual. I’d dare say she is lashing out at white men but she never clearly states that so there’s little point of agreement for her theories. Furthermore she says this:

Yet, the claims of gay lobbyists that their rights are somehow linked to the freedom struggle of African Americans have slowly taken root in many sectors. But, after years of close observation, I have now uncovered the true intentions of gay activists: To silence, demote or excommunicate any individual who dares to disagree with the unbridled promotion of homosexuality and gay marriage.

Now I have personally stated my support for legalizing gay marriage for it offers many financial benefits and sets up a family structure. That may not be the one many of us are used to, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any less valid. I also saw first-hand the outrage of certain white LGBTs who showed just how stuck on their privilege they are when they attacked Blacks specifically when Prop 8 failed. I even predicted it was going to fail because the campaign didn’t reach out to people of color effectively. When the face of the gay movement is a white male then it does come across as just another means of pimping the oppression banner for individual power. 
If Richardson had been more subtle in her argument she could’ve had me. Instead she is adopting language and a tone that smacks a little close to those of white supremacists – and certain Republicans – against Blacks, “illegal aliens” and women’s reproductive rights. The article further spirals downward into many falsehoods and disjointed connections between childhood molestation and the “advertising and acceptance of homosexuality” that will make more people gay. It makes her just another rhetoric-filled loudmouth with an anger problem. We all know how hard it is to dispel that “Angry Black Woman” meme!
Instead she should be looking at other causes and influences but she blames it all on teh gay. So her article is just one big vent-fest. She comes across as incredibly arrogant and intolerant. I’m certain she’d use the Bible as her excuse for being homophobic. There’s a difference between following a religious tradition and using your beliefs to attack others whose lifestyle choices differ from your own. Especially when we know how many “church-going folk” are some of the biggest hypocrites out there. She’s probably one of those Black women who’s completely Black-male identified as well. The dysfunctional kind that is and would question a woman what she “did” if she was hit…or sexually assaulted. There are so many of us who are angry and confused and we don’t know how to deconstruct the bigger issues so we focus on what looks to be the source of that problem. 
My suggestion to Ms. Richardson is that she focus a little less on what white gay men are doing and look at the state of the lower-class Black community. Addressing the pathologies of many who make choices against their self-interests would be of greater benefit to the masses than complaining about some who are setting an agenda for their advancement. In fact, despite the selfish nature as it may come across to many it is something we should be taking notes on and adopting for our own “groups”. Lest we be left behind.
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The Real Black State of the Union Pt. 1

So I was reading this great post “Ours Is Not A Culture Of Failure” by Tami at What Tami Said which was in itself a critique of the article “Race Still Matters For Poor Blacks” by Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune and “Raising the Obama Generation” by Stephen Talty. There are some great points being made but there are some areas where we our opinions diverge. 

From Page’s article: The National Urban League released its annual “State of Black America” report. Predictably, as with previous reports that the 99-year-old league has conducted since the 1970s, the state of black America is pretty miserable.

Blacks were twice as likely to be unemployed, three times more likely to live in poverty and more than six times as likely to be imprisoned compared with whites, the study said. Blacks also lost their homes due to foreclosure at a greater rate than other ethnic groups. This is partly because many blacks had been targeted for sub-prime loans during the economic boom, civil rights groups charge, even when their credit was good enough to get them into conventional loans. 

Mainstream black leaders tend to blame black poverty on external barriers like racism, discrimination and the disappearance of low-skill jobs. Conservative critics tend to blame black poverty on black behavior, attitudes and other “cultural” conditioning.

Blah, blah, blah! My response is: it sucks to be Black apparently. Do I really need a reminder of all the problems? These Civil Rights organizations are still not providing SOLUTIONS. Let’s talk about the various social classes that exist that they’d like to otherwise ignore. Having access to resources and being not only encouraged but expected to excel does impact your life. Let’s talk about white racism but we’re not in a position to ignore how our attitudes and choices compound it.

Tami writes:  Are low achievement, unemployment, substance abuse or criminality elements of black culture? Native culture? Italian or Irish culture? White culture?


And they are not the culture of the poor either.
But these ills are often the result of living forgotten in poverty in a country that is all about symbols of wealth and “getting yours.” These ills are the result of no opportunity in the land of opportunity. These ills are the result of schools with old books or no books. These ills are the result of being warehoused in dangerous, rat-trap, public-housing high rises, and tenements, and reservations and isolated Appalachian villages and trailer parks. These ills are the result of inadequate healthcare and childcare.

I agree…but I don’t. Apathy, anger, depression, hostility, hopelessness, mediocrity and imbalance. I think about how all of these things color challenging situations for people of color. We can only change the things we can control. The first thing we have to control is ourselves. Then we can address the ills of society. If you’re running with a broken leg you won’t get very far. 
If the “culture” hasn’t failed it is severely damaged. Or perhaps the question that should be posed is: “What Is Black Culture?” There are differences amongst ethnic groups of Blacks as well as different behavior patterns amongst the social classes. Of course individuals make personal choices that may differ from the majority of their group of origin but certain generalities do prevail. We’re not all Middle Class and we don’t all possess Middle Class sensibilities. Whatever that’s supposed to mean today. 
I think we can safely establish a yard stick of a dominant generic “Black” by which non-Blacks may be attributing to us all because they don’t do shades of grey, er black. It’s like lumping all Asians together or not realizing that China for example has something like 50 diverse ethnic groups. I will continue this conversation in another post because despite my efforts at editing I have so much more to discuss. 
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Hard To Believe People Still Think Like This

Via the UK Guardian:
Iris Robinson, the Democratic Unionist MP who referred to homosexuality as an abomination, will not be prosecuted after official complaints were made to the police over her remarks.
The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) in Northern Ireland confirmed today it was not proceeding with an investigation into the MP’s comments.
Robinson, who is married to Northern Ireland’s first minister, Peter Robinson, also said gay people could be “cured” of their homosexuality by psychotherapy.
Oh really? Haven’t we already put that whole idea to rest in the 1970’s when psychiatric associations declassified it as an illness? I mean labeling it a sickness allowed for all sorts of legal discrimination. It wasn’t used in the way addiction is labeled a disease mind you. Though she won’t face any legal ramifications, hopefully she will face public scorn that will give her pause. 
As unpleasant as her statements may be I think it’s great when people share their inner most thoughts uncensored. We need to know what people really think instead of hiding behind this fake political correctness crap. We need to know who our enemies are and it’s much easier to rally against or monitor them when they make themselves known so clearly. Just some food for thought.
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Will Day W/O A Gay Be a Boom or a Bust?

Day Without A Gay
Today is the official “Gay” Strike civic protest for those fighting the passage of Prop 8. Day Without A Gay is the call for action for LGBTs and activists to call in “gay” instead of sick ostensibly to impact the workplace and show how vital a certain population is. The question is, will people use their stored time off or go without pay to do so under such uncertain economic times? 
December 10th is also International Human Rights Day so anyone can participate by volunteering as well. I still think this effort misses the mark and avoids getting to the crux of a problem that is multi-layered. Here in San Francisco businesses in the Castro District are not closing though individuals are free to participate as they wish.

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Gay Is NOT the New Black!

First of all it equates gayness with being something other than Black in order to replace it, thereby ignoring Black people who are gay. Second it places Blackness as the ‘other’ as something inherently wrong and marginalized. Third, it then trumps that marginalization as if Blackness is something that needs to be or can be ‘overcome’ and replaced with something more oppressive. None of which is true.
This strategy being used by the Gay Rights Industrial Complex (GRIC) needs to end pronto!!! Especially in light of the immediate reaction by some who were disappointed by the failure of the No on 8 campaign and used racial epithets against Black people. I’ve been watching the news coverage of the ‘outrage’ against Yes on 8. I’d be hard pressed to find any media discussion exclusive of white people and the only time any PoC are mentioned it’s to scapegoat straight Blacks while ignoring Black LGBT completely. 
People are going as far as to call for boycotting businesses whose employees may have supported it. Funny, that’s the same thing the opposition was doing before the election. Do you think it’s wise to fight fire with fire? Outrage with a further escalation of outrage? I call your pissed and I’ll raise you a bitter? There are many aspects to this argument that need a more thorough and nuanced examination. 
Homophobia needs to be addressed. It should be something confronted and worked on by individual people, straight and gay (and everything in between) within their own communities. Of all ethnic/cultural groups. Perhaps if more Black LGBT for example were more open or willing to make themselves more available….I know I’m gonna get grief over this, but if you take off for the closest white neighborhood and/or are in an interracial relationship and don’t even want to ‘deal’ with Black people how are we going to find common ground? Am I really supposed to believe that Black people are somehow inherently more homophobic than everybody else? I just don’t buy it. 
Racism within the GRIC needs to be confronted. Again, when all the gay people are white (that you see in the media) it’s a problem. When all the gay people you see running national organizations are again – white – claiming a ‘minority’ status it’s a real slap in the face. Like the Republican party, somebody needs to do real ‘soul searching’ and decide if it’s going to be a movement for those that think like them and who they deem appropriate and feel comfortable with or a movement for all
I want equal rights for everyone. I want people to be able to earn a good living that covers all necessities and some wants doing what they love. Women should be paid the same salary as men when doing the same work with equal qualifications. I want people to live up to their full potential. People should be able marry other people of legal age who consent whatever their gender. We need an efficient gov’t and to be active participants in the role it plays in our lives and how we impact people around the world. There needs to be a separation of church and state. 
Today there are rallies being held across the country in support of same-sex marriage. As many as 25K people have already attended other protest marches since the election. It’s great when people feel motivated to take action. I hope this effort will be extended beyond that into a sustained campaign at working on issues that negatively impact people on a daily basis. That campaign should not be exclusive of and limited to the GRIC. 
Of all people it’s Bill O’Reilly (well his producers anyway) who took the time to bring in some color commentary with writer/activist Jasmynne Cannick. Before you view the video read her interview with Oakland, CA filmmaker Debra Wilson (not the MAD TV performer) who said:

“Look—I even applied for a job with the No on 8 campaign office in San Francisco’s Castro District. I specifically wanted to help outreach to Blacks on the issue but it was clear that wasn’t the agenda of the campaign.”

So let’s recap again: the failure of their campaign is still being pinned on Black people as the sole cause and not the Latino, Asian and whites who voted against it in higher numbers. “Black” is all-encompassing term and ignores Black LGBT and yet the movement is on par with the church based-social movement of equal rights for Blacks. But church-based Blacks voted Yes on 8 overwhelmingly. NO on 8 TURNED DOWN HELP FROM BLACKS. Except Mary J. Blige doing a Beverly Hills fundraiser which is….preaching to the choir. 
I haven’t seen any plans to address this or correct it except hearing about protest rallies – and having more white people, usually men speak for the GRIC and still insist on appropriating the struggle of my elders. Does that cover it?

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