Tyra Show "Hell To Pay" Gay Teen Exorcism pt 2

This is the follow-up to this morning’s post. I finally got my video to download and wanted to add the interview with the 16 year old Jeffrey as well as the admission by the “Prophet” minister who says he’s going to burn in hell that she herself has been attracted to women. Of course she’s […]

Tyra Show "Hell to Pay" Gay Teen Exorcism Show pt 1

Was a real doosy! Jezebel posted the entire show and labeled these “ministers” bat**** crazy. A husband and wife duo who refer to themselves as the Prophet (her) and the Overseer (him) run a church in Bridgeport, CT may indeed be crazy…like a fox. Now why would any black person with a shred of dignity […]

Matthew Shepard’s Mom Responds to Foxx’s Homophobia

Judy Shepard was interviewed by Rachel Maddow a few nights ago. In her response to North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx (who got my Award of Shame last week) Mrs. Shepard said Foxx trying to distance herself from her earlier claims of Matthew’s murder being a “hoax” was an argument of semantics not a renunciation of […]

Rebuttal to Gay Activism Article

I was reading the article “True Intention of Gay Activists” by Gwen Richardson after getting an email alert of new postings at the Black News website. There are so many things wrong with it I don’t know where to begin. First of all the entire tone of the article seems to stem from a visceral […]

The Real Black State of the Union Pt. 1

So I was reading this great post “Ours Is Not A Culture Of Failure” by Tami at What Tami Said which was in itself a critique of the article “Race Still Matters For Poor Blacks” by Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune and “Raising the Obama Generation” by Stephen Talty. There are some great points being […]

Hard To Believe People Still Think Like This

Via the UK Guardian: Iris Robinson, the Democratic Unionist MP who referred to homosexuality as an abomination, will not be prosecuted after official complaints were made to the police over her remarks. The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) in Northern Ireland confirmed today it was not proceeding with an investigation into the MP’s comments. Robinson, […]

Will Day W/O A Gay Be a Boom or a Bust?

Today is the official “Gay” Strike civic protest for those fighting the passage of Prop 8. Day Without A Gay is the call for action for LGBTs and activists to call in “gay” instead of sick ostensibly to impact the workplace and show how vital a certain population is. The question is, will people use […]

Gay Is NOT the New Black!

First of all it equates gayness with being something other than Black in order to replace it, thereby ignoring Black people who are gay. Second it places Blackness as the ‘other’ as something inherently wrong and marginalized. Third, it then trumps that marginalization as if Blackness is something that needs to be or can be […]