Mandela Would Be Proud: McKinney Returns to Gaza

This time Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney successfully got through the illegal blockade and delivered medicine and other goods to the residents of Gaza!!! Crow if you will but she is certainly one determined African-American woman on a mission of peace. In honor of one criminal, rabble-rouser and terrorist per labeling by the US […]

So Much For Freedom: Last Time I Checked Cynthia McKinney Was Still Kidnapped

So while some of us are out celebrating and chillaxing with friends/loved ones, we have an African-American female politician being held against her will since Tuesday by a foreign government. It’s our 51st State and ally Israel. If we’re going to talk about the “unfairness” and “evil” of North Korea and Iran let’s talk […]

Let the Sliming Begin

NO ONE DESERVES TO BE SHOT IN THE BACK. I say this from personal experience. Boy, that didn’t take long. As the amateur but harrowing video of the shooting of Oscar Grant gets played worldwide, the push back by the police begins. Apparently there’s no peace for the dead as his arrest record has […]

Playing Chess In the Dark: Ending Our Dependence On Oil

Gaza Funeral “I will set a clear goal as president: in ten years we will finally end our dependence on oil in the Middle East.” If the President-Elect can make serious in-roads in that campaign promise we will have “peace” in the Middle East. We can redirect the $9B+ in aid and untold Billions […]

Cynthia McKinney’s Latest Crazy Antics!

I say crazy with the upmost respect because she risked her life trying to deliver medical supplies to Gaza earlier today. The boat she was on was surrounded by Israeli warships, fired at and rammed numerous times to render it inoperable. Now I’ll argue the gov’t has the right to take an appropriate military […]