Ya’ll Get So Riled Up Over Whites & Their Racism But Are Silent When Black Women Are Attacked

So there’s this continued brou-haha over the private club in PA that rejected a group of black youth. Several people are howling racism and shaking with rage. I hear one of Rev Inc. may pry themselves away from the camera, um the mic, um Jackson family long enough to lead a march. Nothing says “we mean business” like standing in a sanctioned area designated by the police and screaming.
Obviously I have a slightly different take.
Yes it was racist.
Yes I feel for the kids.
It was a crass way of getting their point across for those adults to do anything in front of children. Was it “merely” racism? There’s an underlying class issue at play here. Whites are always so defensive about having their attitudes evaluated for potential racism they have a knee jerk reaction in trying to avoid it. Nothing ever progresses. Had someone decided to come clean and say they were concerned about the behavior of the group it would’ve opened a serious dialog. They’d still be getting vilified but for a completely different reason. 
The continued excuses by blacks about policing publicly displayed dysfunctional behavior undermines any cry of racism. Perhaps if so many weren’t showing each other at our worst (hello BET Awards) some white people wouldn’t have such an immediate negative reaction when they see us coming. Like whites’ avoidance of being referred to as racist, blacks avoid the painful evaluation of things of an internal nature as well. It’s literally killing us.
We can’t just focus on the “scourge of racism” when it comes from whites when we don’t do anything about the black racists/sexists amongst us. There was one black male DBR complaining on Twitter about a white actress making some derogatory comments about blacks but less than 72-hours ago he was agreeing with the very rotund and unattractive sports writer who trashed Serena Williams. Where was the outrage for THAT?
You can’t have it both ways black people. Either you take up the cause for ALL injustices or you leave it alone and roll the dice.
What was the socioeconomic background for the black campers versus the white ones?
I am telling you there is blowback for public displays of misbehavior that go unchecked. When you have so many blacks who want to make excuses for the criminality of others you can expect some unforeseen ramifications. Dare I sound bourgie here because I’m not, but had these children been taught to modify their behavior for a diverse public setting? You know there are times you see people talking loud, shouting at each other in greeting or doing things that imply an intimacy amongst themselves. That would be fine if they were at home but not on the bus or in the mall or at a parking lot. Remember you have to use your “inside voice” at certain times.
I know I’ve scurried away from those blacks that bring unnecessary attention to themselves. I’ve also given warning looks to those whose behavior warrants it. This isn’t limited to those of lower incomes either. Some seem to reek of “I Am Special” and make a point of trying to present themselves as the next monarch of Britain. They tie up public lines at places like coffeeshops asking for their extra particular specific order and are willing to force you to wait while they deign to complete it. Just so you know who they are. So we have the case of ghetto vs siddity. Either one is not a good look!
There’s still this unspoken message that blacks must rally against every slight, every racist incident when it involves a white person. What about black on black crimes? You know the murder rate where black males are killing each other faster than any racist white cop. Satan is not the evil equal of God nor can every ailment within the black community be blamed on others.
I’m getting tired of hearing about how the “white man has held the black man down”. I’d dare to say many are using this as part of the perpetual victim argument. Slavery is over. We have black male (and female) billionaires. I can’t say those individuals are actually doing anything for the masses but we have examples of people achieving and we can certainly learn from part of their model. There is nothing preventing men from returning to school en masse for example. 
We can’t ignore the contempt a lot of those black elites have for the rest of us. We should note though the paper bag test was started by dark skinned and self-hating black men who wanted to immediately separate themselves, mate and procreate themselves out of their blackness. So certainly education and career achievement was stressed. Having a tight-knit family and their own community was also important, but it was for their own individual happiness not for the entire collective. Marginalizing black women was an active part of their agenda. 

That agenda has trickled down across all social strata. When the debasement of black women is addressed and stopped then perhaps I will muster up some outrage.

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If These Gay Rights Groups Don’t Come Down On Perez Hilton They’re Done!

I think I should have titled this “I’m Done With the Gay Rights Industrial Complex”. 

Yeah this is supposed to be about the big bad blogger who uses his 1st amendment rights to bash other people for laughs and profits. This is supposed to be about our discussing how it’s wrong for people to get into physical confrontations. Apparently Will.I.Am and Fergie approached blogger Mario Lavaderia, who writes as Perez Hilton at the Much Music Awards show (it’s the MTV of Canada for those not aware) to complain about his pissy behavior. Things got heated and his manager hit Perez, according to…Perez. It’s a little hard to tell since he’s changed his story a few times. 

So in what is highly suspicious behavior Perez sends a message on Twitter for readers of his blog to call the police. He retaliates by verbally attacking Will.I.Am – not the manager. He uses several choice “F” words including the one universally accepted as an anti-gay slur. Then he proceeds to make a video to talk about it. He claims he was “intimidated”. That’s code word for “he’s a Black dude and they’re downright dangerous”. Perez is like 6′ while Will.I.Am is like 5’5″. Now if that isn’t *itch behavior I don’t know what is!

I read this and I rolled my eyes, honestly because we have so many more important things going on, but this hasn’t died down yet. Perez is using this to draw further attention to himself and his blog. Again, I thought I was going to ignore this as the actions of stupid, immature person, but now I’m a little peeved because another blogger posted a link on Twitter today’s Dish Rag column in the LA Times AND I watched the video:
Said Hilton in his video: “I made the split-second decision — that I was gonna say what I thought was the worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear” — which was a handful of assorted F-bombs.  {No I’m not linking to it}

Oh so calling a Black man a thug and faggot is okay, Perez….really?

Per GLAAD rep Rashad Robinson: “These are vulgar anti-gay slurs that feed a climate of hatred and intolerance toward our community. For someone in our own community to use it to attack another person by saying that it is, quote, ‘The worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,’ is incredibly dangerous. It legitimizes use of a slur that is often linked to violence against our community. And it sends a message that it is OK to attempt to dehumanize people by exploiting anti-gay attitudes.”

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has asked Perez Hilton to apologize for slurs he hurled at Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas. 

I’m taking big breaths here….they’ve ASKED? Um Perez…could you pretty please with sugar on top not be such an hypocritical *sshole because you’re drawing too much attention to our hypocrisy and we can’t have that.

First of all how many Black people work for GLAAD? In positions of authority (i.e check-writing ability)? In Kat Williams voice: I’ll wait.

This is the ongoing argument and unresolved problem with the Gay Rights Industrial Complex. It’s run by a bunch of cis-gender white men who will be the first to cry discrimination when it suits them but engage in their own version of racist/sexist/gender identification terrorism and erasure from the table when it suits them. Of course there are white women in charge as well so they don’t get off the hook either, but I’m focusing on the majority ruling class here.

Why only ASK? How about DEMAND?!!!

See I remember not too long ago when a Black man (I know some of you are surprised I’m taking up the cause of one as I’m critical of so many…whatever) on a certain tv show was vilified in the press for MONTHS and subsequently FIRED on the mere ACCUSATION of using the word Faggot.

That would be one Isaiah Washington. 

Can I just say how much the show blows and the Dr. Burke character was great but the actor got sold down the river for not showing enough deference to a white man. I still don’t know how an argument with one actor turned into a anti-gay railroad job involving another actor who wasn’t even involved (and has now taken his overinflated ego elsewhere). Except that I think he and a certain blond actress (who decided to stay on the show) used the conflict to their advantage for more money and increased air time. Don’t tell me Hollywood isn’t cutthroat!! 

Perez Hilton was all over this with multiple postings about Washington and saying some particularly nasty things. Have I also mentioned that Perez used to work for GLAAD? Well…I digress. My point is the GRIC needs to come and police their wayward enfant terrible with a quickness! They need to devote air time and hand-wringing over one of their own being JUST AS DISCRIMINATORY (EVEN MORESO) as they’ve accused others, including Washington of being.

Otherwise I don’t want to hear about how unfair it is that “we’re” not supporting ENDA, DOMA and other discrimination. Don’t ask me for money or to participate in your campaigns either. As an African-American woman I have enough crap to deal with yet I still spend time and energy devoting myself to injustices that occur everywhere. 

Right now this is looking like good old fashioned white racism on Perez’s part. He doesn’t get to run to the Discrimination Safety Zone by using his orientation or ethnicity when it suits him while actively engaging in it against others. The silence from the GRIC will only confirm they are in agreement with hating on Black people.

You are either in support of justice across the board or you are full of it!

**Update a little birdy on Twitter told me that somebody read my little post…and Perez has “officially” apologized.** Imagine that! Now it’s time to start reigning in all the wayward Blacks that are dragging down the perception of the entire group with their foolishness.
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White Woman Virtue Intact As Letterman Forced to Eat His Words

Wow there is some serious animus going on. I totally missed the David Letterman controversy because I was off doing other things. Apparently he insulted Alex Rodriquez by suggesting that he’d be interested in one of Sarah Palin’s daughters. Actually he made a joke about her getting knocked-up at the Yankees game. Was the joke tasteless? Yes. Did it deserve the level of outrage that has gone on for four days? That’s debatable. 
Clearly Letterman has no love for Sarah Palin and I would’ve thought it best to leave any children out of it – except for the fact that she’s pimped out her own kids and “superior” moral virtue. I figure if you don’t feed the gremlins they won’t grow, but leave it to their PR machine to kick in. By the way, Letterman’s joking is all President Obama’s fault!
Now Letterman has apologized because some advertisers pulled out. He owns his show so he can pretty much do what he wants but I’m surprised by the level of vitriol on both sides and the undercurrent of hostility which has everything to do with the declining influence of the Republican Party. 
So I’m not going to talk about free speech or how the Palins are using this to their advantage because we already know this! I almost feel sorry for Dave except he’s a very wealthy white man and will be fine. He’s just butted heads with the great big Right Wing machine – which he’s been doing for some time now. So this is kind of like two titans fighting it out. 
The hypocrisy occurs of course because of the attention that’s been given this as if it was a SERIOUS ISSUE!! when Fox, MSNBC, CNN and plenty of other newspapers and media spread their lies and vile hate speech EVERY SINGLE DAY and it’s ok when THEY do it. This doesn’t even compare. My only advice to Dave is that he should remember that white womanhood is a sacred thing to many that they will defend regardless if it is Sarah Palin or her daughters. 

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Double Standards for Black Female Athletes

Brace yourself I feel a rant coming on!
Marion Jones was one of nearly 700 who requested a pardon or commutation of their sentence from Shrub. She was denied. One of the more notable pardons was granted to John Forte (Fugees) who was charged with intent to distribute narcotics because he went to the airport to retrieve a suitcase that contained $1.4M worth of cocaine.  We all make mistakes, but come on.
Marion was sent to prison for lying to Federal prosecutors about her use of performance-enhancing drugs. She was retroactively stripped of all her Olympic medals as well as her relay teammates, removed from the entire history of the IOC and had to return her prize money. Martha Stewart was sent to prison on a similar charge over a $50K stock trade. There’s also the fact that taking questionable drugs cause long term damage to the body of an athlete. Now we can argue the merits of guilt and need for punishment for breaking the law but I feel uncomfortable with these results. Especially in comparison to the way crimes are viewed when committed by certain men. I know race, class, privilege and as usual – connections can make all the difference in how ‘justice’ is meted. Paging Scooter Libby….
Genarlow Wilson has been touted as a victim of harsh sentencing. Somehow if you and a group of your friends decide to have sex one after the other with a passed out girl (drunk/physically impaired = no consent = rape) in a hotel room and then move on to getting fellatio from a 15 year old and taping it for kicks, you the oppressed Black male is being railroaded by the ‘system.’ 
Moving on, one other thing that really irritates me is how the mental prowess and strategizing techniques of the elite athlete is completely ignored for physicality when the athlete is Black. Like with Serena and Venus Williams. If I hear one more correspondent talk about “their power” or how they “overpowered” their competition I will scream! Sheer strength is not enough to become the number-one ranked tennis player and remain for multiple years. 
Which is why I think the use of performance-enhancing drugs is far more prevalent than what the powers that be would have the general public believe. Is it with tacit approval but a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy, where if you get caught you’re on your own? After all, the US of A wants world dominance in every area including athletics. Who gets to decide what’s legal and what’s not? Alcohol used to be banned – and it never will be again no matter how many impaired people get behind the wheel of a vehicle and injure or kill others. So why was Marion Jones so publicly humiliated and jailed when she got caught? Was it the severity of the crime or was there more to it? She could’ve been potentially charged with other crimes – which she may have been acquitted of by a jury of her peers. Was it race or gender or both that motivated the prosecution?