Blogger Beware: David Merfield of Upload Robots Uses Twitter and Social Media To Exploit Workers

I engage a variety people across social media platforms. Twitter is one of them. They are without a doubt the most popular micro-blogging site that exists right now. And, if you’re a frequent user, you can gain a lot of insight into any number of industries based on those that participate and exchange information. I’ve had memorable interactions on Twitter.

From general conversations to just reading links as others share their time and expertise. One person I follow is Sarah Evans has emerged as an authority in social media (Update: that of course was later called into question). So, when she posted a message (referred to as a Tweet by regular users) about a job listing last month for Upload Robots, I immediately applied.

Couple Discusses 1st Time Homebuyer Tips But What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Angie and Hawk make an attractive couple don’t you think? This show is a follow-up series that revisits home buyers after they’ve made their purchase. They offer advice and share things they’ve learned since closing. I really love the decor in their dining room as well. Everything seems to be going well for them.

Let’s scratch beneath the surface a little shall we? Angie seems like a nice lady – the type that would do anything to keep her man happy. I’m certain she considers herself a modern independent woman as well.

So despite all appearances to the contrary what’s wrong with this picture?

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Jimi Izrael: The Root’s Resident Misogynist Is At Again

Of course since we know Skippy Gates is the “mastermind” behind starting The Root on behalf of his white benefactors (at the Washington Post) my thoughts on this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. I’ve already made my feelings known that Gates offers NO VALUE to black women whatsoever. It’s why we have to evaluate why certain blacks are elevated to a certain status and for what purpose. It was a reward in part for his loyal servitude at letting the world know black men are naturally brutes.

So someone sent me a link to Izrael’s latest ridiculousness: Memo to Black Women Get Real. Are you feeling warm and fuzzy by the title? I basically skimmed his latest “black women ain’t *hit” hack piece. Is Toure taking notes? I’m not even upset about it. In fact I laughed because I realized I’m reading the rantings of a weak, subjugated man. As long as he limits his jabs to the keyboard (yes that would be a Chris Brown reference) I can simply tune him out. Remember those commericals that said “living well is the best revenge”? I hope other women realize a few things:

1. Izrael has a book he’s trying to sell
2. He’s counting on black women being confused
3. He assumes that women will automatically take advice from a man
4. He hopes no one will ever question his motives for regarding all of the above

From the mule’s mouth: “You are not Michelle Obama, and you will probably not end up with Barack … or Denzel. If you want to find the right one, lose the high ideal and get your priorities in order.Please trust that it takes more than an education and a successful career to be wife material. And women think if they wait long enough, they will find their own Denzel Washington. The problem is, there isn’t enough Denzel to go around. As I mention in my upcoming book The Denzel Principle, if black women want to marry a black man, it seems as if they have only a few choices…”

The Denzel Principle….seriously?! Hmm I see he hopes using the oft-touted male role model of desire would automatically prompt black women to buy this book sight unseen. Plus how many times have you heard some random Negro sniff that Michelle is the lucky one and how Barack could’ve “done better”! In case you’re not aware Denzel Washington is supposed to be the epitome of a quality black man and the one that ALL black women want. Mmm okay. Not that he isn’t a great actor but of course he’s put on a pedestal by some for being married to a non-Euro looking black woman, etc etc. He is still a man though, flaws and all. So let’s get real here.

This also feeds into the indoctrination of black women only being available for black men and not considering men by CALIBER and AVAILABILITY. This “Black Love” myth needs to be slayed and I have to thank Izrael for helping do so. Does he think he’s doing himself any favors with his hurt boy throwing rocks routine? Race cannot be the main thrust of the tie that binds people together. We already know by sheer statistics there simply aren’t enough black men to go around anyway. So black women can either hope for the miracle of that one black man, be alone, settle for less or LOOK ELSEWHERE and find a man who’s able to love and protect them. I go for the last option.

Besides the last time I checked Washington is still married and I cannot co-sign panting after a married man under any circumstances. Man sharing questionable men is why black women have the highest rate of HIV/AIDS rate to date. So let’s recognize these articles as the last vestiges of a dying breed: bitter, angry, low-caliber black MEN who can’t compete in the real world so they have to level the playing field by knocking us down. I trust more of us see this from a mile away and aren’t falling for the okey doke.

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Tyler Perry Will Botch For Colored Girls No Matter How Hard He Tries!


Black Women Need to Stop Giving Black Men Carte Blanche to Tell OUR Stories!!!

I admit I was absolutely LIVID when I read this in the entertainment industry trade paper Variety yesterday:
Lionsgate has tapped Tyler Perry to write, direct and produce an adaptation of the 1975 play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf”. (It’s a play written by Ntozake Shange)

Lionsgate noted the project’s the 10th title in its ongoing franchise with Perry, and Perry’s first film to be based on non-original source material. “Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All by Myself” opens Sept. 11, and “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?” is set to open April 2.

Perry is also a co-presenter and exec producer of Lee Daniels’ Sundance winner “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” which Lionsgate is releasing in November.

Lionsgate announced in March that it had acquired the feature rights to the stage play and signed music video director Nzingha Stewart to helm from her screenplay adaptation.

I included that extra little blurb that many will have missed from seeing red. There was a black woman writer/director who’d originally been attached to the project and was subsequently DUMPED in favor of a man whose films range from Mammy to Sapphire and Back as the only image of black women.

I don’t care that he’s friends with Oprah either. Oprah has been VERY suspect lately with her endorsements anyway. Now that she’s interviewed Jay-Z for her magazine and Chris Brown has been complaining about the “hard time” he’s received from her I’m almost ready to bring out the DUNCE CAP.

How in the heck is HE supposed to be able to tap into the nuances of these characters? He’ll do about as well as Steve Harvey has done with his watered down hack version of that relationship book he’s claiming as his sole invention. Yeah right. I’m still waiting for “Madea Goes Away Never to Return” but I fear I’m asking for too much.

What’s the solution? Writing to Lion’s Gate and telling them we’re going to BOYCOTT this film? Well it’s already been cast apparently. Not to support it when it’s released? That’s a possibility. There’s always this catch-22 with Perry because he hires out of work black actresses but we don’t use our power properly to demand the entertainment industry respect us. The majority audience for his films lack a certain amount of discernment and critical thinking skills. Not enough of us are seeing our reflection on screen (and are desperate to) while the focus on fake religiosity (being some variation of a holy-roller) and race over gender (thinking in terms of our blackness instead of our womanhood and individuality) means very little criticism for Perry. It also means we’re cheating ourselves by settling. Some of us still fight.

Before everyone gets totally depressed from reading this post I’m including some of the jokes and comments a few people made via Twitter last night to lighten our distress:
  • Tyler Perry Is Why the Cage Birds Drinks..Heavily
  • Is Tyler Perry seriously adapting For Colored Girls? I thought it was a joke.
  • He’s going to play the rainbow since there are no male roles.
  • Am I the only one who thinks TP should stop making movies?
  • Dear Tyler Perry: Please stop making TV shows, movies, books, scripts, doodles, etc. Just to be safe, please cease all creative endeavors.
Here’s an PBS segment featuring Shange.
Supplemental Reading at Jezebel
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The White Media Sure Loves To Promote Black Woman Angst Don’t They?

If I have to read another tired article about how black women have such a hard time with:

a) Our hair
b) Our dating prospects
c) Our bodies


“If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed,” the comedian Paul Mooney, sporting an Afro, says in the documentary “Good Hair,” which won a jury prize at the Sundance film festival and comes out in October. “If your hair is nappy, they’re not happy.”

Le sigh. There is no political related ideology in wearing our hair with or without chemical processing. It’s a personal choice! This is why I am wary of having black men try to deconstruct issues that pertain specifically to black women. Or give dating advice when they themselves haven’t had successful relationships. I mean I don’t see any movies helmed by us about how their anatomy has been erroneously touted as a means of boosting their insecurities. It would be considered insulting, yet here we are having other people tell us what our “issues” are.

Ladies you shouldn’t fall for it. Despite some of the serious issues we discuss here and across the blogosphere these discussions initiated in outlets like the New York Times don’t necessarily have our best interests at heart. Considering how the majority of the staff – especially upper management is 99.99999% white and male – I have a hard time believing the our stories are of such interest. What has happened is a heightened combination of curiosity and contempt from numerous quarters since Michelle Obama became First Lady that serves as a catalyst for this.

Now one agenda is to do coverage that serves as the back-handed compliment and the white editors make certain to hire a writer with some black heritage to pen it. In other words to deflect any charges of bias they’ll say the (condescending or derogatory) tone and content was at the discretion of that writer. They were of course pulling the puppet strings. At any time they could find a writer who could produce a quality piece of substance that is equally compelling and informative.

Another agenda is to do these types of black people 101 stories where they do a superficial exploration of something that has been a bone of contention for many. Like our hair apparently. It’s either feast or famine apparently. They have gone from ignoring us completely or only reporting the worst offenders to having an axe to grind. When do these shrinking sources of legit media offer an exhaustive, inspiring or accurate portrayal? It’s a fluke but it does occur from time to time.

Not that I don’t welcome media coverage for things like the population of missing and exploited women and children. Or having our beauty touted in a favorable light. There’s just no balance. It can’t all be about our First Lady or some variation of ” Black Woman It Sucks To Be You”. There’s a fine line to be had in discussing obstacles and in evaluating stereotypes or exposing pathologies. How we respond is equally as important for we can do things that help elevate our image or chip away at recent progress.

We need to be wary and evaluate who wants to engage in these conversations and why. It is often not designed to be helpful in removing barriers but to reinforce them. Why are we letting other people dictate what should be our own agenda with a message we take responsibility for and protect?

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Will Obama’s Lack Of Fortitude Seal His Lame Duck 1-Term Presidency?

I’ve just read your Op-Ed in the New York Times. Barack, Barack, Barack. I had so much hope for serious change. The demographic of the NYT tends to not include those without internet access, lower incomes and less education – the ones who really need the health care plan passed. So who were you trying to reach? Honestly you were the best to emerge from the Democratic candidate pool last year, but November 4th seems like a million years ago. I’ve personally waited for you to fully utilize the power you tapped into but unlike many others I don’t think you need to be given more time. You act like an insecure person unsure that they belong but you WON the election. That piece makes you look like a beggar at your own ball. It’s time to act Presidential. It’s time to crack some skulls and whip people into shape. You’ve taken this whole Knights of the Enemy Roundtable thing too far.

One year ago at the Netroots Nation conference in Austin, Texas the mood of the crowd was one of excitement and elation over the possibility of a Barack Obama presidency. (I concur I was there and the mood was full of promise.)

A year later, with that possibility achieved, a sense of cynicism has begun to creep in. On Saturday morning, one of the president’s closest advisers, Valerie Jarrett addressed the Netroots Nation conference in Pittsburgh. And while attendees were largely supportive throughout the question and answer session, the reception was warm at best. The defining moment, in fact, came when Jarrett was hissed and heckled.
You’ve always been slow to react, slow to respond in kind to attacks and have so far gotten lucky breaks that didn’t derail your entire initiative. It has not gone unnoticed that you opened your mouth to defend Skippy Gates of all people but have been silent on every single attack against your wife. I don’t like that! Yeah…we get it you’re a lover not a fighter. You want everyone to just get along. You think you can appease enemies with trinkets and shiny objects or worse – giving away the store!

So now that this health care plan is teetering on the verge of annihilation by politicians who are DEMOCRATS (in name only) and will be so gutted as to be useless what are your back up plans for this country? This is just a taste of what the rest of your term will be like. Scraping by the skin of your teeth is not displaying leadership. Forget your back up plans – what will the most vulnerable of voters do after being fed to a pack of wolves? By the way I’m still waiting for the US to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. That was a campaign promise, remember?

Those loan modifications haven’t been allocated either. Oh and a few more banks have failed. I’ve also found it quite odd that companies who had to be bailed out with TARP funds are posting billion dollar profits less than one year later. What company bounces back that fast?! I smell a conspiracy to help somebody get elected. Yup I’m putting on the tin-foil hat for this one. Just call me Fox(y) Mulder. Lest anyone forget while many of us are unemployed and without medical coverage billions are still being spent abroad and the military budget has not decreased. That was supposed to be cut. Which was one of the reasons why I voted for you. I’m also wondering how the un/under employed are supposed to PAY for this health care plan when they have no money?

Democracy Now! Interview with Ralph Nader (who is flawed but has gone around politicians to get corporations to make concessions that have saved lives.)
The big mistake that the Obama administration made was they did not have continual public congressional hearings documenting the greed, the fraud, the $250 billion in billing fraud and abuse alone that the GAO years ago has documented. They didn’t document the $350 billion of waste, the overhead of Aetna and UnitedHealthcare and other health insurance companies with their massive executive salaries and bureaucracies. They did not document the deaths, the injuries, the sickness that hundreds of thousands of Americans go through every year because they can’t afford healthcare. And by not doing that, by playing this behind-the-scenes game with these executives from the big health-industrial complex, they were vulnerable to the split in their own party in the House, with the Blue Dog Democrats emboldened by an apparently wavering and indecisive President Obama, and they made sure that they were placed on the defensive. Well, the significance is that Obama is being undermined by his own party in Congress, because the Blue Dogs are getting far more money from these corporations and campaign contributions than the so-called liberals in the Democratic Party.

But, you see, I say “undermined”—I’m not quite sure that Obama is objecting to this. He has set the whole atmosphere of catering to these giant corporations. He has made every mistake that the Clintons made in 1993, ’94 with their health insurance plan, except that he’s leaving Michelle Obama out of it. He’s made every mistake.
So far you’ve been a huge disappointment. The excitement generated from your seemingly quick ascendancy was too hard to resist. You’re slow-footed and haven’t taken control of your party. You’ve made a public declaration of extending an olive branch and been slapped with it. I’ve watched the corporate media spew every lie and right wing/racist philosophy since day three. When John Roberts “accidentally” messed up your Swearing-In didn’t you know it was on?! Yet you refuse to prepare and you don’t fight. Bush was a cowboy and Cheney was Darth Vader. They took no prisoners! Yet you want “bi-partisianship”. You can’t negotiate with terrorists! They want your head on a platter literally and figuratively. All of those “enemies” are undermining all that you do.

Per another
New York Times Op-Ed – this one by Paul Krugman:
President Obama is now facing the same kind of opposition that President Bill Clinton had to deal with: an enraged right that denies the legitimacy of his presidency, that eagerly seizes on every wild rumor manufactured by the right-wing media complex. So much, then, for Mr. Obama’s dream of moving beyond divisive politics. The truth is that the factors that made politics so ugly in the Clinton years — the paranoia of a significant minority of Americans and the cynical willingness of leading Republicans to cater to that paranoia — are as strong as ever.

In fact, the situation may be even worse than it was in the 1990s because the collapse of the Bush administration has left the G.O.P. with no real leaders other than Rush Limbaugh. So far, at least, the Obama administration’s response to the outpouring of hate on the right has had a deer-in-the-headlights quality. It’s as if officials still can’t wrap their minds around the fact that things like this can happen to people who aren’t named Clinton, as if they keep expecting the nonsense to just go away.

Or perhaps I’ve read this wrong. You didn’t surround yourself with people who can turn on you because you were foolish or believed your own hype but because you’ve already surrendered. You’re just a figurehead for other people’s plans and are far more crafty about it than any of us imagined. You never had any intention of doing anything remotely close to your platform (like many politicians) but you tapped into a zeitgeist where people actually believed you. You brilliantly laid a trap so the Clintons would let their inner racism out and after a hard-fought primary “won” the nomination. You make half-hearted gestures and will tell us, “Oh well I tried”. If so the plan is working brilliantly. So many people are focused on race and fighting each other much like how Bush used Osama bin Laden to rile people up and distract them that nobody sees the big picture.

Of course so many black voters (and a few “progressives”) are still looking to you to “rescue” them from having to be focused, disciplined and fight politically but you’ve got their votes locked as long as you keep dangling the perception of making an effort. You’re a (great black hope) Trojan Horse to many. I shudder to think who’s hiding inside the statue ready to break out in the middle of the night. Most are not seriously questioning you on anything and to bring it up is met with mass denial. The white fright is bringing out the knee-jerk reaction of history of African-American struggle in this country and many are going in circles.

I’d like to know what these plans are and who the people behind the curtain (Oz) really are? The Blue Dogs? The ones Rahm Emanuel – your very own Chief of Staff and chief AIPAC supporter brought into power? It’s also worth noting Rep. Mike Ross, the leader of the Blue Dogs owes his seat to Bill Clinton. What’s really going on here? Perhaps you are simply foolish enough to think you could work something out with compromised policies being better than Republican ones. Like that secret WH deal with Big Pharma. Except there are 60 Democrats and the party controls the House and the Senate. So Republicans are not needed and if you ruled with an iron fist and laid down the parameters to the Democrats you’d actually get something done.

At least go down fighting for the little people and against the insurers and the drug companies! I seriously have to wonder though with all of the white men you’ve surrounded yourself with from similar backgrounds how you’re actually able to determine what’s best for those of us who don’t fit that demographic. You’ve flipped-flopped on LGBT issues as well. As some of us have noted you are half-white and half-African and know nothing directly of the survival history of African-Americans in this country. You also are NOT liberal or all that progressive. As evidenced by your wavering support of funding ALL reproductive services including abortions. Limited choices are not real choices. All the symbolism in the world isn’t going to put food on my table. I have to do my part, but so do you Mr. President. I think you’ve passed out checks that we can’t cash.

For those that still want to try to save the Public Option (after Single Payer was gutted) contact the White House TODAY! If things turn around it will because WE pushed back not because the President fought for this.
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Consider This the Black Woman’s Version of ACT UP!

A Beautiful Birth To A New Mindset

For all of those that can’t withstand the mere mention of the dysfunction in SOME black men without losing it you might want to change the channel. There is no way of sweetening the bitterness so that SOME of you may deign to read and comprehend. I can’t recork the bottle. My experiences are not yours and we don’t all share the same perspectives. So proceed with caution and take deep breaths. If ALL of your experiences have been straight out of a Disney film enjoy your memories because that is truly wonderful. This isn’t a movie and we have to do a cold-hard assessment of what it’s like for the collective not a few individuals. So proceed….
Someone asked me if I really believed that the majority of black men despise black women. After my awakening outside the Matrix last week I would say absolutely. I’m not going by my feelings. There was no break-up and nobody “done me wrong”. I had a conversation with some men and gave them every opportunity to be gracious. Their contempt floored me and it wasn’t even about me. I realized that contempt went from Michelle Obama to Serena Williams to you and me. Educated men who are not criminals, unemployed, or multiple baby-daddies. You know the ones we’d think were “normal”. So it got me thinking. If this is what you consider NORMAL behavior then you’ve been devalued for far too long and have lost all discernment.
  • Abandoning a woman and the child you’ve created is a sign of contempt.
  • Denying your child and not providing (well) for him/her because you don’t like the mother. (The Kelis/Nas divorce will show this. Will she now become a “chickenhead” to justify the deplorable behavior of the black male rap artist “God”?)
  • Killing the child from another woman’s previous relationship.
  • Promoting lighter skin as your preference is skin shade racism. Black on black racism. Whatever you don’t prefer you place little value in.
  • These numerous (educated, non criminal) men who ecstatically dissect the body Serena Williams in the most condescending manner imaginable, write articles referring to Michelle Obama as a “ghetto girl” and other public attacks on black women.
  • These men that complain about black women for every little thing we do or don’t do.
  • These men that refer to us as Pedestal Pattys for daring to go on a date w/o offering sex afterwards. The entire purpose of dating is to find out if you are compatible for marriage. At least that’s what the purpose of dating is supposed to be. It’s not how little money you can spend before suggesting we do the mattress mambo or claiming to be “nice”.
  • Not being able to walk down the street without some guy trying to “holla” at you. It is in fact worse. Women have been shot and killed over not handing over a phone number or agreeing to go out with these DBRs. It is street harassment, & physical intimidation.
  • The 50% rape and molestation rate for black girls living in the “black community”.
  • The complete SILENCE from the”good” men who see all of this happening and DO NOTHING to stop it. With the public Letterman smack-down over the Palin “joke” we see how white men DO step in when necessary to police the men in their group.
Nowadays some pretty warped thinking has people doing everything out of order is the correct way to live. People who know better have remained SILENT. No more!!
If this wasn’t about black men would you feel free to find any of this deplorable?
As I’ve already shown in this post on a blogger who recognizes DBR behavior, you can read the thoughts and words of a white man who wasn’t afraid to state the obvious. They consider the bulk of the white women who get involved with black men to be low class. They very plainly see the mass dysfunction in the “black community” but aren’t saying anything. Anytime it has potential to spill over into their residential areas or disrupt their daily lives they IMMEDIATELY step in to put a stop to it. 
Exhibit A. Post-Katrina armed guards stop survivors from entering their less damaged areas
Exhibit B. PA Private Club bans Creative Steps students
Too many blacks are decrying the racism instead of putting two and two together. When you let gangsta rap take over with their talk of shooting the police, drugs, alcoholism, violence and a death wish you put them on alert (even as the white male executives who actively promoted that garbage made billions for their companies). When you let people go on Jerry Springer and Maury to display the results of their out of control sexual escapades and proof of irresponsibility, people took notice. When BET decided they were going to show blacks at their absolute worse and blacks ate it up, people took notice. Even now this latest reality show about the drug addict mother and sister of an R&B singer is being watched. When the liberal use of the N-Word is condoned and by a man who’s a college professor (and infotainment hustler) and he was NOT SHUT DOWN, people took notice.
That would be all the other racial/ethnic groups. The average African-American? Not so much. People complained but they didn’t do anything to stop it. 
Has it occurred to anyone there’s a reason why certain blacks are getting unfettered air time because they’re reinforcing this dysfunction. It not only upholds white supremacy but it prepares others to write off ALL blacks.
Let’s talk about the way black women interact with each other. Since so many are still living the “black community” lie they’re usually competing with each over some variation of a DBR. They rush to buy relationship books from black men, even men who’ve been married three times and cheated on his last wife with his current one. They defer to these men and are male-identified. They’ll forgive a man for anything short of rape or murder (and sometimes that too) but will cross another black woman off their list for good for any little slight or for having a difference of opinion. They often berate their female children and are extra harsh on them. They don’t warn them of the dangers of their environments or prepare them. They often regard each other with suspicion or are generally dismissive and competitive in other situations not involving men for NO REASON. They often adopt the same DBR behaviors but only when dealing with other.
I have to admit I was prepared to take the hits from black men who don’t want the DBR behavior evaluated and the women who rush to their defense. I see it all the time. Any mere mention that black man isn’t perfect is seen as a challenge. I am an advocate for black women and girls after all. What I didn’t expect was the vitriol I’d get from some of those women for talking about why the OOW birth rate is literally killing them and their children. We don’t want to continue sending the message that’s it’s a day at the park when we know that’s a lie.
ACT UP! was founded in 1987 by a few radical LGBTs and supporters who decided that the death and poor quality of life for their group was UNACCEPTABLE. They insisted that individual people change their behavior. Yes they had their choices dissected. Yes they were told they couldn’t just do whatever they wanted. They had to take precautions. They had to THINK. No it wouldn’t do anything for some people but it would prevent a similar unpleasant set of circumstances for others. That’s the point. Save the group. By any means necessary. It was also why the shift occurred to promote stable relationships and marriage. This is how the rest of society operates and they could not continue to act in opposition of it. So if that means women don’t have sex until well past 21, so be it. If that means leaving behind your biological family for a family you create of like-minded people, so be it. If that means taking the slings and arrows for daring to mention that raising a child by yourself is not a good idea then so be it. 
This isn’t about telling someone they have to be anything….except SMART. Wise in their decisions. Once you bring another life into this world it isn’t about you anymore. It’s about the quality of life for that child. I see far too many people struggling under the burden of not having enough. Not enough time, not enough money, not enough sleep, not enough help. We can’t talk about the DBR black men and not think about the origins of their lives. They were once children. Innocent. They were usually abandoned or not raised in the most condusive environments. Yes someone may have tried their best as well but we see the results don’t we? After a certain age it’s simply too late. So if we’re gong to warn women to stay away from them why can’t we talk about how they came to be? It’s a vicious cycle. It’s too late for many many people. Again, this isn’t about you. 
This is like throwing a rock at a tidal wave. This is a last ditch effort to see who can be saved. We’re never going back to the economic highs of the 1990’s. The entire financial system was propped up on lies. Unless you have at least $1M in assets and can liquidate it, who’s really safe? We’re all trying to live, so why not live as well as we can? Multiple streams of income are necessary. Children require a lot of time and expense. They are an investment. Some people don’t put any thought into the type of life they are able to provide them. People have pets they treat better. In fact a lot of people have pets but never take them to the vet or the groomer or to obedience school. They just do whatever they feel like, feeding the pet whatever they think will fill their bellies with little nutrition in mind. Some people treat their children with the same careless attitude. 
This is radical talk to not only suggest but TELL black women to get out of the “black community” mentality. It’s a death trap of poor residential neighborhoods were crimes against humanity are happening EVERY DAY. You don’t know this because you may not live there and it’s not being reported on the news. It’s a death trap of out of order thinking where the dysfunctional has become the norm. It’s a death trap when people will fight you to take away their poison. No other group categorized by the CDC is suffering the way black girls and women are. The CDC – which stands for Center for Disease Control by the way – is tracking our demise. Think about that. They have it all plainly listed on spreadsheets. 
If this was happening to white women other whites would have stepped in and called attention to it. If the OOW birth rate keeps increasing for them they may. Of course those women are thought to be part of the lower classes and sexing black men so they may be left to their own devices as well. 
For all of you who want to stay in your “Cone of Silence” and in the “Land of Denial” go ahead. YOUR experiences may be different. That’s not what’s the typical for most black girls. This isn’t about you, it’s for THEM. We have a small window of opportunity to get a message out and I don’t have time to argue semantics, degrees of oppression, why properly crediting African American heritage is correct (since it usually involves a self-sacrificing WOMAN) and other points of contention someone wants to come up with.
Are you really in support of black women and girls (with all the necessary accountability) or are you more invested in being “right” and holding on to your totems?

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California Statewide Special Election: More Disdain for the Little People

There are times when I think the only ideology separation between the Texas and California Governors is Maria Shriver hitting one of them upside their heads when they get too right wing. That and quite a few of us rabble-rousers keeping the illusion of a liberal State going. I’ve written quite a few blogs about the Governator and how some voters made a poor decision by sending him to Sacramento. I try not to rant anymore but honestly what else can I do? The state is in shambles and he PROMISED TO FIX IT NOT MAKE IT WORSE. He can’t blame it ALL on the economy either. 
Regardless of political party affiliation it is a FACT the Republicans blocked ANY passage of the State budget that called for an increase in taxes for the rich and refused to cut spending on the Prison Industrial Complex.  The debt ballooned to $43B. After CA was on the verge of total collapse a budget was passed – in part thanks to the three (3) Republicans that broke ranks. Notice I said a budget not a good budget. Note all the teachers that got pink-slipped afterwards – and there was still a $9B shortage. If that wasn’t bad enough there’s now an additional $21B shortage for this year. What the HELL-O is going on? Please tell me why ANY of these politicians (barring Karen Bass and Debra Bowen) are in office?
If you’d like to read the Senate Bill the Governor signed calling for this ballot legislation you may read it in its entirety here. Propositions 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F are up on the voting block this go-around as well as local issues. Now I’m not here to tell you how to vote, but the turnout is expected to be low for a reason. The governor is on his way out while pushing for 1A-1E hard. 1F calls for barring any raise for Legislators during a time of recession so I think the average CA resident will have NO problem supporting that one. So if you consider the piss-poor job that’s been done by the same person asking for something it should give you pause. 
Here’s an interesting take from writer/activist Jasmyne Cannick: 
Why is it that when Californian’s are threatened with early prisoner release, the government suddenly finds the money to avert the current crisis at hand? But when the same voters are threatened with the unexpected release of thousands of teachers from our public schools, it’s business as usual.
What could be scarier than another generation of undereducated young adults headed into the workforce? Where do you think they’re headed after graduation and the harsh reality sets in that they aren’t qualified to even clean toilet bowls? Newsflash—most people don’t commit crimes for the sake of committing crimes. I’m not in support of raising or extending taxes, let me make that clear. Too many of us are living without an income to tax in the first place due to the current economic crisis. 

If you ask me, before we’re forced to vote, especially where our public schools are concerned, we should demand a piece of legislation be passed that mandates that all state, city, and county elected officials with children put their kids in a public school in the district they represent. And if their kids are headed to college, they have to first attend a 2-year community college or 4-year State University before heading off to the Ivy Leagues. If it’s good for the gander, it’s good for the goose and their goslings. Maybe then, they’d take this crisis a bit more seriously and stop playing Russian Roulette with the future of California’s workforce.

Voter Guide which explains the Propositions. By the way Election Day is May 19th BUT YOU CAN VOTE EARLY!!! You can go to your local City Hall and vote NOW. Don’t pass this opportunity up!

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If You Don’t Want BET Part DUH Write to the FCC TODAY!!!!

I like to temper my complaining and outrage with action so in case you’re not aware of the vast Bob Johnson conspiracy to make Black people look like fools some more here’s the gist:
Ion Media (white company) has “partnered” (though the terms are a secret) with Bob Johnson and Urban Television to petition the FCC to grant Ion an all-access pass to programming that would kick off all the smaller Black and OPC (other people of color) programmers including believe it or not, TV One. The scam is on people! It’s a bait and switch because Bob doesn’t own Ion and Urban would be granted access through the other company – maybe. Once the deal is made it would be too late to change the terms or nullify it.
Bob Johnson gets to be the Black face for a white company and he even had the nerve to get support from other Blacks to do it. Talk about selling yourself short….and selling each other out for pennies?!!! So the question is: do you want Bob Johnson’s second wave of Black bucks/video hos/idiocy staring not only at you – but being broadcast around the world as the ONLY IMAGE OF BLACKS – every day into perpetuity? 
Speak now (actually write a letter and mail it pronto) or forever hold your peace…..
Federal Communications Commission 
Office of the Secretary
445 12th Street S.W. 
Room TW-A325 
Washington, D.C. 20554

File#: BALCT-20081118AGX, et al.; 
          DA 08-2621, DA 08-2772

In the Matter of Paxson Communications Licensee & Urban Television LLC
Assignee, For Creation and Assignment of Full-Power Television Licenses
To the Attention Of:    Commissioner Copps
                                Commissioner Aldelstein
                                Commissioner McDowell
Write your FCC “You had better deny this crap of poo!” (body of the) letter here –
I’ll even suggest something so you can cut and paste.   
We do not approve of this pending request from the above-mentioned parties. These companies and organizations DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE ENTIRE BLACK POPULATION in this country. We do not want Bob Johnson and his enablers trading our self-respect for a few trinkets. We do NOT want this deal approved. PLEASE DENY IT!!! 
Read the entire thread at What About Our Daughters for ALL the gory details. I’m going to take another shower now.

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