Blogger Beware: David Merfield of Upload Robots Uses Twitter and Social Media To Exploit Workers

I engage a variety people across social media platforms. Twitter is one of them. They are without a doubt the most popular micro-blogging site that exists right now. And, if you’re a frequent user, you can gain a lot of insight into any number of industries based on those that participate and exchange […]

Couple Discusses 1st Time Homebuyer Tips But What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Angie and Hawk make an attractive couple don’t you think? This show is a follow-up series that revisits home buyers after they’ve made their purchase. They offer advice and share things they’ve learned since closing. I really love the decor in their dining room as well. Everything seems to be going well for them.


Jimi Izrael: The Root’s Resident Misogynist Is At Again

Of course since we know Skippy Gates is the “mastermind” behind starting The Root on behalf of his white benefactors (at the Washington Post) my thoughts on this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. I’ve already made my feelings known that Gates offers NO VALUE to black women whatsoever. It’s why we have to […]

Tyler Perry Will Botch For Colored Girls No Matter How Hard He Tries!

“I WILL NOT BE NICE…” Black Women Need to Stop Giving Black Men Carte Blanche to Tell OUR Stories!!! I admit I was absolutely LIVID when I read this in the entertainment industry trade paper Variety yesterday: Lionsgate has tapped Tyler Perry to write, direct and produce an adaptation of the 1975 play “For […]

The White Media Sure Loves To Promote Black Woman Angst Don’t They?

If I have to read another tired article about how black women have such a hard time with: a) Our hair b) Our dating prospects c) Our bodies I WILL SCREAM! “If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed,” the comedian Paul Mooney, sporting an Afro, says in the documentary “Good Hair,” which won […]

Will Obama’s Lack Of Fortitude Seal His Lame Duck 1-Term Presidency?

I’ve just read your Op-Ed in the New York Times. Barack, Barack, Barack. I had so much hope for serious change. The demographic of the NYT tends to not include those without internet access, lower incomes and less education – the ones who really need the health care plan passed. So who were you trying […]

Consider This the Black Woman’s Version of ACT UP!

A Beautiful Birth To A New Mindset

For all of those that can’t withstand the mere mention of the dysfunction in SOME black men without losing it you might want to change the channel. There is no way of sweetening the bitterness so that SOME of you may deign to read and comprehend. I can’t […]

California Statewide Special Election: More Disdain for the Little People

There are times when I think the only ideology separation between the Texas and California Governors is Maria Shriver hitting one of them upside their heads when they get too right wing. That and quite a few of us rabble-rousers keeping the illusion of a liberal State going. I’ve written quite a few blogs about […]

If You Don’t Want BET Part DUH Write to the FCC TODAY!!!!

I like to temper my complaining and outrage with action so in case you’re not aware of the vast Bob Johnson conspiracy to make Black people look like fools some more here’s the gist: Ion Media (white company) has “partnered” (though the terms are a secret) with Bob Johnson and Urban Television to petition […]