Kanye Didn’t Give the Most Infamous Outburst on MTV

By now I’m certain enough people have heard about Kanye West’s hijacking of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. He’d been drinking and used his male privilege to assert his opinion about why Swift’s video for “You Belong With Me” wasn’t as good as Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Considering the fact she did a virtual recreation of Bob […]

Deploying A Little Negro Spirit: When Black Artists Flip the Script

In the third installment of of my series exploring music and cultural appropriation – and abandonment – we will focus on Black artists who aren’t necessarily doing what some consider “Black” music. That assessment in and of itself is problematic because of the ramifications of an audience that has acquiesced its legacy to others. […]

Deploying A Little Negro Spirit: When White Artists Go Black

I’m continuing the conversation from last week where I evaluated the use of Black gospel choirs to elevate the songs of non-Black artists. I haven’t decided whether it’s an all-out appropriation, some appreciation or callous apathy on their part but I suspect it’s a tradition that will continue. It will continue because some of […]

Deploying A Little Negro Spirit: Gotta Have Soul

Ok, I wasn’t trying to make this post a full-on charge of cultural appropriation. Though the question begs to be asked: When non-Black artists use Black gospel choirs in popular music does it convey levity to their songs? Or as Dave Chapelle would say, “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.” Is it blatant swiping of […]

Mrs. O Blog is a Sham: Black Culture Theft for White Profit 2009 Style

Ok, I am pissed off but should I be? Nichelle Gainer first posted a link on Twitter a few days ago to alert her followers about the New York Times article featuring the Mrs. O blog.  It’s a creation by ad agency Bartel Bogle & Hagerty not a personal blog created by Michelle Obama supporters. Since […]