Getting To What We Want From Where We Are Pt 2

Alrighty, picking up from where we left off yesterday, the first step at progress is changing our perspective, our point of view and our outlook as encompassed by our mindset. How we see what’s before us makes all the difference in the world. If for example you think something doesn’t have value that may in […]

Getting To What We Want From Where We Are Pt 1

Have you ever felt disappointment? If you’re a living, breathing human being of course you have! The difference between how we react to it is what distinguishes success from failure in achieving life goals. Well…I may have assumed a bit here. The first thing we need to have ARE life goals. So if you want […]

New Music Artist Deals Provide Key Strategies For Black Women

We can look to the latest trends in the music industry as an example of ADAPT OR DIE. The old model doesn’t work anymore and those companies that still try to do business in an outdated way will not survive. The RIAA can’t keep suing individual users for file sharing forever – though they may […]

Calm Heads Must Prevail When Reacting To Iran’s Election

I really wanted to title this post “Before We Show Our *sses Making Assumptions” but I think you get the point. We need to be careful how we discuss and engage North Korea as well. We had better think carefully about how easily we are manipulated by the United States corporate media. Also do I […]

Tavis Needs A Better Cheerleader

I hope Krissah Thompson has learned the meaning of the word reciprocity. For all her sticking her neck out and taking professional hits that have left her credibility questioned over her not-so-secret ‘promote Tavis Smiley article’ from last week, she lost a golden opportunity for serious and thoughtful commentary. In Blacks At Odds Over Scrutiny […]

Why Are So Many Blacks Unwilling To Offer Valid Critique of President Obama?

In responding to this post by blogger CPL at Jack & Jill Politics, “Does the POTUS Have Problems with African-Americans In His Cabinet?” you’d think she asked if Obama was the anti-Christ. Here’s an excerpt:   I have said (and got shot down for my efforts) that who Mr. Obama chooses for his Administration […]