Believe It and Live It: Khadijah Williams


Have you read the story of Khadijah Williams? Ms. Williams is now completing her first year at Harvard University in Boston. Her story of determination and mental discipline is not only inspiring but a model for all of us to follow. She grew up living in numerous homeless shelters and obviously around some less than stellar people and circumstances. She talks about spending hours at the public library feeding her mind with things that challenged and uplifted her. I can relate. I used to have stacks of them under my bed that I’d checked out – sometimes forgetting how many I had but I almost always had a book in hand.

She also seems very positive and humble. She didn’t let this opportunity slip by either worrying about rescuing other people for had she “drowned” how could she have been of any benefit to anyone else? How many of us have made excuses about the things we could not do? How many of us have had moments we just didn’t believe we could do things based out of fear? I know I have! I think she had an angel on her shoulder protecting her growing up…but don’t we all in some way? I think we all have obstacles that present themselves in our lives. There’s a point where we have the opportunity to reassess and can move on. Don’t let it pass you by. As human beings we’re far more resiliant than we recognize sometimes. If we seek help and are willing to put the work into things I don’t see why we can’t achieve things beyond our wildest dreams – especially those of us who live in the so-called developed countries. For the most part our basic needs are being met. We don’t have to travel miles for clean water for example.

Let this be an moment of encouragement for all of us as we continue the journey of our lives! There’s a very famous expression one of my teachers used to have hanging on the wall in her classroom: TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Believe It and Live It!!
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Why Black Women Make Great Relationship Choices

More stories on interracial dating. This news report is a few years old and covers some of the same stats many of us are already familiar with but I’ll keep putting up signs of encouragement in the hopes the message gets out to the fence-sitters and undecideds. Besides, it’s good to see real-life couples. The proof is in the pudding. I know someone who was still only interested in limiting herself to dating black men (but not dating at all). She now says she’s open to dating a man of any race. Of course caliber, quality and fitting individual needs are vital as always. As Evia says: MATE OUT or DIE OUT!!

I also found this very thoughtful perspective from a man (who happens to be white) on why black women are great relationship choices. Interesting and encouraging!

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Minnie Riperton Unsung TV Special

For those of us who don’t have a cable package that carries TV One (and for my readers outside the US) here are excerpts from this excellent series highlighting music legends who’ve come and gone. I’m off to go track down the Phyllis Hyman episode. Minnie’s biggest hit would be “Loving You” but some of my personal favorites weren’t even released as singles.

I don’t remember this duet between Minnie and Michael Jackson, but that’s what user generated content is for!

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Old School Friday

lauryn hill – x factor
tell me who i have to be
to get some reciprocity
She was expecting equality! This video and song could be released today and wouldn’t sound or look dated at all. The brightest stars always fade out too quickly.

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Is Black Actress An Oxymoron? When Will Black Women Get Fed Up With Being Marginalized In Love and Life?

I was watching yesterday’s Oprah Show episode which featured the cast of the movie adaptation of the book, “The Secret Life of Bees”.

My heart swelled with pride at all the visions of loveliness on Oprah’s couch. Oh and the talented Dakota Fanning was there too, but really it was the various shades of brown and the body shapes that had me moved. The hips, the lips, the breasts, the smiles, the teeth. I bet they smelled good too! Everybody wants to buy what we are usually endowed with naturally! It’s not that these women are more special than so many others. It’s just that these women are not represented as the norm, but the exception.

So this may come as a bit of surprise but the better qualities of Black women are coveted and often appropriated by others for their benefit, while the source of all that deliciousness is often vilified or marginalized. What am I talking about you may ask?

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Support Keke Palmer Film Opening August 22nd

Whatever your plans are make sure to pencil in the KeKe Palmer/Ice Cube movie “The Longshots” when it is released tomorrow. Don’t wait until next week or the week after. It may be pulled from the theaters by then. No bootleg copies, no waiting for pay-per-view. Even if it turns out to be a little schlocky. Is that even a word? Eh.

It’s a POSITIVE movie starring a Black actress – actually two – Tasha Smith’s in it as well. Keke is not quite a woman yet and it’s really nice to see her get to play a smart, couth, teenager. There’s not a baby or baby’s daddy in sight [for her]. No Tales from the Hood victim story either. How did this ever get the greenlight?

Do you have any idea how many movies and tv shows I’ve watched this year where there was not even a Black female extra? And no I’m not getting paid for this endorsement and if you don’t like the movie don’t blame me, lol!

What’s it all about? Well it’s based on the true story of Jasmine Plummer who at the tender age of 11 became the first female quarterback of a Junior Pee Wee football team to go to the Nationals. It could be about baking cookies for all I care. KeKe Palmer’s in it and so far she nor her parents have allowed her to be pimped out as a teenager seductress. And she can act. I am soooo jealous right now.

(Crossing my fingers that the Limp Bizkit guy didn’t mess it up).

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s an interview with Jasmine herself: