Help Find Missing Teen Monika Hunter!!!!

Cross-posted at What About Our Daughters 15 year-old Elizabeth Monika Hunter has been staying with relatives in Capitol Heights, MD and is now missing as of midnight August 3rd. Her sister Renee Jennings sent a private email that’s been forwarded requesting help. Hopefully we can get this cross-posted at several blogs and across social media to […]

The Tale of Banita Jacks: Another Unsupported Black Mother Cracks & Commits Filicide

Reading about Banita Jacks I can’t help but think of Andrea Yates, but the class and race implications are wholly different. Still, I’ve always had a certain amount of sympathy for Yates, who was clearly mentally ill and should not have been left alone to care for her children. Further I was always suspicious of […]

Skippy Gates The "Rosa Parks of Racial Profiling" Says Black Men Are Naturally Misogynistic

The interesting part of life is that it is not the set of circumstances that you are given that matters, but your response to them. Give the same pressures and same type of opportunities to ten people and you will get ten different reactions. The pressures and opportunities may be identical, but the responses will […]

Don’t Let Anyone Stop You From Getting Out of DBR-Ville!

Did you hear President Obama weigh in on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates last night? You know it had to be a big deal to get Obama to actually say something about race. “But I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge […]

Consider This the Black Woman’s Version of ACT UP!

A Beautiful Birth To A New Mindset

For all of those that can’t withstand the mere mention of the dysfunction in SOME black men without losing it you might want to change the channel. There is no way of sweetening the bitterness so that SOME of you may deign to read and comprehend. I can’t […]

Society Does Not Actively Support Single Motherhood (But The Black

This was cross-posted at What About Our Daughters as a companion to Gina’s post about the Raising Him Alone organization being a Trojan Horse for black women.

Before we continue this conversation can we get a social scientist to name a society that has promoted the widespread acceptance and normalcy of single/never-married women […]

CA vs. Chris Brown Proceeds. Will A Prison Number Follow?

Despite all of the delay attempts by his defense team, the case against singer Chris Brown has continued with a preliminary hearing scheduled for later today in Los Angeles. Rihanna had to be subpeonaed but she will testify about the events that lead to her attack this past February. In case you’ve been living under […]

Do You Want to Be Strong Or Do You Want to Be Free?

I featured the poem, “The Strong Black Woman Is Dead” by Laini Mataka a few months ago and I’d like to revisit this piece. Here’s some excerpts but please go back and read it in its entirety: On August 15, 1999, at 11:55 p.m.,  while struggling with the reality  of being a human instead of […]

So Let’s Talk About This Supposed Mass Dysfunction of Black Women

Some Black women of course are simply “perfect”. Then there’s the rest of us! Since I’ve been discussing pathologies an adjacent conversation about appropriate responses must be made as well. There’s been some rather serious conversations about recognizing pathologies in others and removing oneself from those that choose to engage in destructive behavior that will […]

When Being Ignored Gets You Killed

With all the focus in the national media and internets being focused on the rogue actions of male cops and perps, yet again another story of a woman of color gets eclipsed. In what seems a clear case of domestic/dating violence run amuck Loyta Sloley was kidnapped by her former boyfriend. It can’t be overstated […]