While Obama Gives Lip-Service To Our Reproductive Rights We Must Communicate More Effectively With Our Elected Officials

The following note I’m enclosing at the bottom of this post was a response to the Feminist Advisory Board for Obama regarding a letter that was sent to the President asking for a public statement denouncing the murder of Dr. Tiller. A form letter response was sent with a generic “thank you” but it was […]

Will Obama’s Beer Put An End To The White Backlash?

Is this campaign deja vu or what? Would you have a beer with this person? Gag me with a spoon! So President Obama shows just how vulnerable he is by caving to angry white men. He’s just chanting, “2012, 2012, 2012 then I can tell all of them to _____”. I have a new found respect […]

Black Men Trying to Escape Their Blackness Only Get But So Far

Whatever we run away from goes with us. If we are ashamed of ourselves we can’t hide that by mating or marrying someone of another race and not pass that onto future offspring. When we speak of black male abandonment of black women and children – typically African-American men – we must also not forget […]

You’re So Lame Award Of Shame President Obama Bow & Scrape Edition

I can’t say I thought I’d be writing a post where I’d give President Obama the Dunce Cap but so be it. I put in my time, money and effort towards getting him elected AND I voted so I have earned the right to be critical.

First of all he decided to be publicly critical […]

Obama’s Warning to the Civil Rights Industrial Complex Will Go Largely Ignored

When the “First Black President” spoke to the oldest Civil Rights organization many saw this as a culmination of a “dream” and the struggle of millions of our formerly enslaved ancestors who “overcame”. Cue the orchestra for this tender moment…  Pause. Ok I’m over it. Utter hogwash!  Sorry but this isn’t going to be a […]

You’re So Lame Award of Shame: Cornel West Meet Uncle Ruckus

I can’t keep giving them out to angry and violent white men, but that does give me an idea for an “Angry White Man Award of the Week”. That will just get boring though. So….Dr. West gets the honors this week. Though he should be sharing it with Smiley and Dyson – which I’ll get […]

Michelle Obama Segments From NBC White House Special

In case you missed it or want to rewatch. NBC is really trying to milk the ratings though and will rebroadcast on Friday 8-10pm.  My Blog Name […]

Comedy Central Commemorates Obama’s 100 Days

Indecision An Indecision Exclusive! Obama’s First 100 Days indecisionforever.com Funny Political Video Political Games Joe Biden Jokes My Blog Name […]

Greetings From DC

Hey All,

Sorry for not posting this weekend but this isn’t the time to be lugging a 5lb laptop everywhere! I am sucking on throat lozenges as we speak. A lot of talking and a 50 degree change in weather makes this girl’s throat beg for mercy!! Anyway, I will be posting pictures and such […]

Do You Think We Need A Secretary of the Creative Arts?

I’m not sure how the position would be titled or implemented specifically, but I really like the idea of having a Cabinet-level position focusing on music and the arts. There are so many creative individuals: musical scientists, the next great poet or someone who can use technology in ways we can’t envision. Not everyone is […]