SisterHood, the Blog Radio Podcast Discussion With Ananda Leeke Posted

Thanks to Ananda for having this open forum where our initial conversation was about marketing tactics for women of color but we broke it down to the most basic of personal interactions. It was a great conversation. We discussed reciprocity, mining the gutter for shiny objects, our lack of holding ourselves accountable, pathologies, stereotypes and how to empower ourselves. Enjoy.

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BAP Living Radio Podcast on Lessons Learned From Attending Blogging While Brown

I am pleased to announce that I participated in a roundtable session with other black women bloggers as we discussed our experiences after attending the 2009 Blogging While Brown Conference. We all made certain to give shout-outs to Gina McCauley for planning the conference to begin with and encouraging us to connect. Host Ananda Leeke moderated our panel which included the following participants: 
-Senam Amegashie

-Sabrina Miller

-Telisha Ng

-Megan Smith

-Talia Whyte

It was a great chat and we got to cover a wide variety of topics from our personal goals to Web 2.0 trends. Have a listen!

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