New Music Artist Deals Provide Key Strategies For Black Women

We can look to the latest trends in the music industry as an example of ADAPT OR DIE. The old model doesn’t work anymore and those companies that still try to do business in an outdated way will not survive. The RIAA can’t keep suing individual users for file sharing forever – though they may still insist on trying. After my research on Gates’ support of 2 Live Crew unearthed the RIAA’s involvement and support as well I wish them all the failure in the world. 
There’s a new venture called Polyphonic run by three music industry veterans. They want to pair with emerging artists as well as those disgruntled with the state of business as it stands. They’ll invest a few hundred thousand dollars into these artists who will then in turn actively engage in building their audience. The artists are responsible for cultivating relationships and must take a greater share of duties. They won’t get an advance but they’ll own all of their masters. In other words they’ll have to work hard and make strategic decisions. Artists with any sense of entitlement or those looking to be carried won’t cut it.
This lesson can apply to anyone but it is especially useful for African-American women who wish to maximize their appeal on the global stage. As many Black Women Empowerment (BWE) bloggers have discussed one of the first steps must be removing yourself from unsafe residential areas. So let’s say you’ve done that, had a chance to reorder your thinking and are ready to move ahead? Perhaps you’ll be attending one of the Free Your Mind events to meet an eligible bachelor or some other uplifting expansion of your dating pool. Now I think we need to continue with our efforts at having multiple income streams. This economy is NOT going to settle down anytime soon.

Now, with the structure of the music business shifting radically, some industry iconoclasts are sidestepping the music giants and inventing new ways for artists to make and market their music — without ever signing a traditional recording contract.

“Artists are at the point where they realize going back to the old model doesn’t make any sense,” Mr. Message said. “There is a hunger for a new way of doing things.” NYT article Artists Find Backers As Labels Wane

So let’s retranslate that to apply to the state of the average AA woman: The structure of the black community has completely dissipated from the pre-Civil Rights model. Some of the older generation’s wisdom may still be left and needs to be put into practice immediately. In the meantime you must remove yourself from all people who don’t use any common sense and are immersed in pathologies. More and more black women are at the point where they realize the black community model is dead and beating a dead horse doesn’t make any sense. The realization that it’s time to get out is dawning on more and more of them. Reciprocity is key to building all future relationships and endeavors.
Reciprocity is the key to all of this, including the new business model supported by the Polyphonic endeavor. This is a good example of a new world order where we can also apply the laws of attraction. Being positive but taking active steps and requesting help will surely result in success on various levels. We can have the 360 degree life that encompasses all the things we need from personal liaisons to spiritual fulfillment. We don’t necessarily have to know all the steps but we have to try. There will be no handouts or hand-holding.

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