Defining Reciprocity: Black Women Are Still Being Told To Put Everyone Else First!

Yet the buck stops here. Some women think of themselves by their ethnicity or race first. Some women think of themselves by their relationships (i.e daughter of or wife of someone). Some women think of themselves by their station in life or job. Still others are considered by gender in relation to a political agenda…but […]

Black Women Hair Angst Should Not Be Open For Public Consumption

I could actually take the “Hair” out of the title of this post and leave it as is. Black women angst should NOT be open for public consumption!! I find these conversations to be challenging, painful and difficult. They require time and great care as we sort through things. The issue is they’re often full […]

When Stumbling Out of the DBR Matrix These Are Great First Steps

Or you might consider this part of your escape route when deciding which pill to take when you decide to get out of **DBR-Ville!! This scene is from the television show The Game. I have mixed feelings about this show overall but this was an excellent example of what a woman should be doing with […]

How Black Women Stuck In the DBR Matrix Fall Down The Rabbit Hole Even Further

We don’t have to stay in the Matrix. I have a lot of sympathy for the young woman featured in this segment. This was from a Tyra Show episode on racial perception. It had the usual discriminatory attitudes and inflammatory behavior but this woman is clearly hurting and very very confused. She’s adopted the negative […]

Reality Star Ruby Discusses Her Life

Reality tv star Ruby Gettinger was featured on a segment of the Wendy Williams Show last week. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the tv version of Wendy is much more personable than radio Wendy. She’s had some interesting guests on. During this interview Ruby discusses her 300 lb. weight loss, the struggles of changing your […]

Polanski, Phillips, Kelly and Other Would-Be Predators

Well this is interesting. Director Roman Polanski has been detained by the Swiss gov’t after he flew there to attend a film festival. The United States will possibly seek his extradition after he fled the country during his rape trial in the 1970’s. This is one case that has always “baffled” me. I always felt […]

Phillips Incest Allegations Continued Discussion with Chynna Phillips

I’m glad I decided to watch yesterday’s Oprah Live episode because she had a follow-up interview with Mackenzie Phillips. They discussed the reaction from family and friends. Mac’s sister Chynna sat on Oprah’s stage to publicly declare she believed the allegations as they had been revealed years earlier. What else can I say?


Old School Friday – OSF Tribute

Oh I really like this week’s meme! It’s TRIBUTE WEEK!!! WooT!

I want to include so many music artists but this would be the LONGEST post ever.

The premiere song restylist of our (ok my mom’s) generation. Nobody can touch Aretha Franklin.

My favorite gypsy rock-r-lady who writes songs that tear your insides out – […]

Mackenzie Phillips From Rape to "Consensual" Incest – The Ways Women Compromise to Cope With Abuse

“I can’t be the only one.” So says the daughter of Mamas & Papas founder John Phillips. Deconstructing the source of unresolved traumas that initially led her to abuse drugs as a teenager and up until now seems to be a never-ending process for Mackenzie. In this clip from her interview with Oprah she says […]

American Writers & Artists Series with Tom Kavala

Thanks to Muslim Bushido for introducing me to this great website. The focus of AWAI is to help people develop skills to acquire financial security, independence and freedom. Like many things floating around in the universe we should take what’s useful to us and has appeal to our particular needs and discard the rest. I […]