Follow-Up to Good Hair: Still Being Mocked & Who Went To See It?

I know somebody actually paid money to see Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” MOCKumentary. The question is how did it fare? Did your curiosity take over and you simply had to go? The pre-release buzz was so great that even some black men went to see it – which of course tells me there was some […]

Saturday Design Porn

I’m not above writing a provocative title folks. I love my design shows! Here’s a rehab of a master bedroom that has given me so many great ideas.

Since the show doesn’t reveal their budget I assume that they’re spending a lot of moola. There are those budget design shows but often they have […]

Believe It and Live It: Khadijah Williams

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: Have you read the story of Khadijah Williams? Ms. Williams is now completing her first year at Harvard University in Boston. Her story of determination and mental discipline is not only inspiring but a model for all of us to follow. She grew up living in numerous homeless shelters and obviously around […]

Chris Rock Pulls A Steve Harvey: Stop Stealing From Black Women!

I knew it!!! Rock is being sued by filmmaker Regina Kimbell for copyright infringement for swiping her film My Nappy Roots with his insulting “make fun of black woman hair angst” rip-off. I hope she has a good lawyer. If he can’t get the case dismissed outright he’ll probably seek to settle it with a […]

NYPD Coverup in Andrew Kelly’s DWI Killing Of Vionique Valnord?

courtesy of Gothamist You know since all the focus has been on one cop, two cop, three cop CYA by the top brass with the subsequent “blue wall of silence” and protecting the brand by any means necessary it’s very easy to forget the VICTIM. Who is was African-American woman from Brooklyn. Even I […]

Mitrice Richardson Still Missing After 18 Days: Are The Police Hoping She Stays "Lost"?

In what has to be one of the worst cases of neglect and CYA the authorities claim to be “baffled” as to what happened to the missing 24 year-old after they released her from booking. I’m wondering now IF she was actually released the way the police claim and what condition she was in when […]

Housing Options In A Tough Market

As with various cooking shows I love the design shows. I think it fulfills some sort of nesting desire. I also like the idea of being inspired to aspire to elevate oneself be it in preparing a meal to having a life that may be better than one can imagine. It’s all about working through […]

Raping A 13-Year Old Doesn’t Count Because Whoopi Says So?

Some people take their protectionism of exploitation, abuse and rape committed against women and children to a new low. It’s not just Whoopi Goldberg I’m referring to. If you’ve watched any episodes of To Catch A Predator then you know what I’m talking about. The men (and increasingly women though they’re not featured on that […]

Letterman Extortion Focus Ignores His Sexual Misconduct

I know this is apparently the biggest news story of the year, but is it really such the crime against humanity as it’s been implied? David Letterman was allegedly approached by the ex-boyfriend of one of his staffers who demanded $2M to keep silent about his past sexual relationship with her. So Letterman “revealed” that […]

Old School Friday – Can’t Get Enough of Barry

No this isn’t about the Prez! It’s Barry White Week! WooT!!!

Who doesn’t love Barry White. His dulcet tones wrapped themselves around some of the most lovely lyrics about LOVE. He even had an orchestra called Love Orchestra. This was a man who left his criminal past behind him, changed his mindset, tapped into his […]