Rep. Maxine Waters Wants To Make Sure YOUR Words Are Heard

This is a special weekend post. When I saw the message Friday morning that Rep. Waters had a special announcement pending, I knew something was coming.**

I haven’t written a political post in a while. I’ve intentionally not commented on the Occupy initiative because those participating haven’t asked for anything yet. Empty venting without organization doesn’t yield lasting results. I also haven’t commented about the bill just passed by the House that’s been dubbed “Let Her Die” because Obama claims he will veto it. It still has to go before the Senate – and they should focus more on economic stabilization than regulating women’s bodies. Nothing like kicking women when the economy’s in the toilet, eh? We’ll see how this plays out.

As always, YOU have more influence than you think.

Like her or not Ms. Waters is throwing down the gauntlet when it comes to governance, employing social media and staying relevant. The politician is also encouraging your active participation, so certain interests don’t continue to take precedence without missing a beat. Think of this as Occupy Congress. Better yet, it’s time for some new leaders to emerge. 2012….election year. That should not be the catalyst. Nor is this the only means to make an impact – but it’s a good start.

Here’s her press release and Call To Action:

“Over the last several weeks, I have heard from you in a variety of ways about our nation’s struggling economy and unemployment. You have written letters, called, posted on my Facebook page and tweeted me, expressing your concern and your ideas about how to keep America moving forward. More people, especially here in Washington, need to hear your voice, concerns and ideas.  

Therefore, during the week of October 24th, I will read a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives (#ourspeech), composed entirely of your words in posts from my Twitter and Facebook  feeds that you post between now and Sunday midnight.

How will it work?

In order to participate, you and your friends must first follow me @maxinewaters on Twitter and/or like my Facebook page at Then, I’ll need you to answer this simple question: if I could give a speech on the House floor about jobs and the economy, what would I say?

Post as much or as little as you like; just make sure you use #ourspeech for each entry. Get your friends, family and co-workers involved. If you have an innovative small business idea, share it. If you have an idea on how to reform our tax system, share it. If you have an idea on how to get Americans working again, share it. If you are frustrated and just want to be heard, share it. The words you share have the chance to be heard by millions and become a part of the permanent Congressional record. Use #ourspeech to follow the conversation.  Add on to others messages, start your own narrative, edit figures and facts. You write it and I will deliver it. This is #ourspeech so we can say what we want.

Once we collect all of the Tweets and Facebook posts, my staff and I will compile as many as we can into a floor speech crediting everyone whose comments were included. Not everyone’s thoughts will be used. If we do it right, we can make your voice a regular part of the conversation in Congress. As I mentioned, the opportunity to participate starts now and ends Sunday at midnight.

Remember you must follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page to participate. Social media has offered us all a way to expand democracy. Now I want to bring it to the floor of Congress to let Washington know exactly how you feel.  If you are tired of only politicians having a say in the debate, now is your time to change that. “Follow,” “like” and contribute to #ourspeech.”

3 Replies to “Rep. Maxine Waters Wants To Make Sure YOUR Words Are Heard”

  1. Part 2

    As a result, the old school AA politicians aren't free to criticize Pres. Obama's failure to address AAs' disproportionate suffering in this economy. That would create a backlash against them by AA voters. Which is why earlier this year, Rep. Waters and others were asking Black voters to "unleash" them to confront Pres. Obama about jobs.

    Old-school Black politicians still have to find a way to remain relevant, and to channel their constituents' continued pain and frustration away from themselves as a target. It looks like Rep. Waters' invitation for voters to vent via the social media might be a way of squaring this circle. Time will tell.

    1. I'm pulling part of a comment a reader left related to women fooling themselves about the behavior of men. 'The phenomenon of hoping/wishing he'll suddenly change and do what they've always wanted has repeatedly struck me as magical thinking'. — This is the tomfoolery of the AA collective. I wish a currently elected Democrat would 'unleash' themselves on our behalf. Truth be told, there's a few white 'progressives' that would like to speak freely as well, but they won't. They don't want to be lumped in with the corporatist/racist Tea Party and other wingnut politicians. I keep hearing the objections of a small group of indignant AA women in Denver in 2008 who were NOT happy about Obama getting the nomination. Everything they were concerned about has come to pass.

  2. Faith,

    Thanks for sharing this. I'll be curious to see how events play out for Rep. Waters and the other remaining "old school," unapologetically Black, AA politicians.

    As usual, the Republicans mobilize their base by emphasizing how much they hate AAs and any public policy that they perceive might benefit AAs. Meanwhile, with Pres. Obama sitting on top of the Democratic political heap, AA politicians are being held hostage to the President's reelection campaign. Since most AA voters prefer symbol over substance ("Black Faces in High Places"), they'll fervently support Pres. Obama no matter what he does (or fails to do).

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