Reinventing Yourself With Yahoo Shine

I just looked at the video of the interview I did during BlogHer 2010 with Yahoo! Ok, so the perfectionist in me wishes I had a wardrobe stylist but I liked what I said. At least the stargazer lily in my hair looked and smelled great. Thanks to author Carleen Brice for suggesting I wear it! By the way the conference was great for many reasons  Рbut especially due to getting the chance to meet women whose work on behalf of advocacy of other women I greatly admire.

When we work at reevaluating and renegotiating ideologies and boundaries I’m not sure if we’re reinventing so much as coming into our own. What do you think?¬† There’s a phalanx of interviews from attendees at the Yahoo! Shine “You.Reinvented” Page:

Check it out and hopefully be inspired!

7 comments to Reinventing Yourself With Yahoo Shine

  • tertiaryanna

    You're so pretty! I love how happy and confident you look!

  • Tracy

    Aren't you a cutie!?! Very nice interview and I looove the flower!!

  • Lorraine

    Yes this was nice Faith. You represented well. Much continued success in the spotlight where you shine.

  • Felicia

    OMG you made a WONDERFUL impression Faith! More power to you. That flower in your hair was really a nice touch.

    I wish you all the future success in the world.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    You exuded confidence, intelligence, earthiness, and beauty.

  • Faith you are such a beautiful woman and so well spoken, my God!