Questlove Of The Roots Finds Out He Can’t Get Away With His DBR Behavior

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy! Questlove must now get approval for every piece of music the House Band plays on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon after using a crude song introducing Michele Bachmann when she was a guest in November. She immediately demanded an apology from the network. He should be glad he still has his job! Leno never had this problem with Kevin Eubanks.

Thou Shall Not Denigrate White Women 

Write that 1,000 times on the black board, son! Despite the way this has been downplayed so Fallon can save face, this is big. Even if the woman in question is a dubious political hack, she will be protected. Even if they themselves are no friend to other women. Questlove forgot in a normal, functioning [albeit imperfect] society males can’t cannibalize women – especially those part of the dominant group. Yes, there’s violence and sexism, but we can find numerous examples of males who face negative consequences when they get to far out of pocket.

His censure by Comcast/NBC wasn’t racist either. I wrote about David Letterman getting his public smack down when he crossed that invisible line with Sarah Palin. Then there’s always John Mayer. It’s just the chickens coming home to roost. Excuse me while I let out a Schadenfreude chuckle, but here’s an opportunity for evolving away from his and other weak-minded [black] males’ limitations. It’s a two-fold lesson actually.

Check Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself

Talent does not trumpet lack of character for unrepentant criminals. Be he Woody Allen or R. Kelly; Roman Polanski or Jay-Z it’s all the same woman-hating misogyny. I have written dozens of posts covering the specific ways black males denigrate black women and the collective attempts at destroying the self-image of black girls [often supported by these same grown women who’ve cannibalized themselves for “approval”].

One of the reasons I’ve moved on from this exclusive focus is it’s depressing and soul-crushing to remain focused on this level of toxicity. Not to mention it’s pure evil and has gone mostly unchecked in the black community even now. Hence the term Damaged Beyond Repair (DBR). You might exchange that with rotten to the core. Darkness and death cannot coexist amongst light and the living. This is why you move on. Occasionally a reminder is necessary, but not looking back.

What usually happens is they do this to black women and nobody says anything. Except for a few of us rabble-rousers who are “sellouts and haters” for expecting basic respect. Some idiotic BW actually defend it. What’s happening is the hatefulness builds and boils over to get spewed onto other groups. Like Tracy Morgan talking about how he’d kill his son if he found out he was gay. Oh..wait didn’t revolving inmate T.I. say some anti-gay mess recently, too? I could cover this nonsense every day, because as pathetic as it is one of the rapper/comedian/loser types will open their mouths to insert something.

Am I saying white males and other groups aren’t collectively misogynistic and hateful in many ways? Of course not. Fallon didn’t appear to be at all concerned beforehand. I could give you a very long list of repeat offenders, but while their numbers might be equal to or greater than that of blacks due to their larger populace, the proportion isn’t. Also, they usually know when to keep their mouths shut. Like when you’re an employee of a major corporation that has business interests to protect. You wouldn’t have three-fourths of the black collective on a death spiral (refusal to marry, abandoned children, etc.) if this unchecked behavior and lack of accountability wasn’t being reinforced. Yes, it ALL ties in.

Who And What You Support Matters

I’ve also issued a firm warning to those “liberal” whites who turn a blind eye to the denigration of BW and children so they can befriend, act a fool and make money with these black male DBRs. It’s going to continue to blow up in your face. They know exactly what they’re doing. Questlove bragged about choosing the offending song hours before the show taped via his Twitter account.

I haven’t gauged the response amongst his large following, but I hope a few of them put the pieces together. This isn’t about Bachmann, it’s about principles and enacting standards. I have written this type of blog post numerous times over the past four years and it’s progressively getting worse. I do actually wish more BM would do some serious soul-searching and get off the victim/lesser-than dead-end line of thinking, but it’s an issue they have to resolve within and amongst themselves. Hurt people with unexamined issues who act out are too volatile to trust.

We Are Each Responsible For Our Own Lives

There are as many obstacles or opportunities as you choose to create or let handicap you. Many of you BM are going to find the once-reliable jobs (Postal Service, Professional Sports, Rapping) will not be an option. The problematic behavior shows up across the board. The sense of entitlement is galling. It’s time for AA males in particular to let go of their get rich or die schemes and focus on education, being less flashy and more substantive. They wanted out of “blackness” and will continue bumping their heads while occupying “post-racial” land. Black women are no longer the go-to scapegoat, cannon-fodder or sponge to leech from, so you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see this specific pattern of destructive behavior from black males who may not be considered part of the less-desirable sub-group (but whose criminality and irresponsibility tend to be admired) continue to spread across greater society at large.  

Now if we could jut get an apology from Bachmann for her behavior.


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9 Replies to “Questlove Of The Roots Finds Out He Can’t Get Away With His DBR Behavior”

  1. Good point Faith. I was definitely wrong in saying that. In no way have I found the time nor inclination to go to the trouble to read or even find the article.

    It was said simply out of a sense of amazement and curiosity -- to read or even know of this drummer's history of a lack of discretion.

    And in the irony that is present -- my own comment displayed a lack of discretion. A learning moment -- indeed!!

    You are correct —how would reading something like this add to my plan of elevation? It wouldnt. I hope others will learn from this my present comment.

    Thanks Faith.

    1. I’m not here to tell you what to do, it was a gentle reminder for you to look at the big picture and decide what will serve your life best. Now the question I have is whether publishing this was beneficial if I’m accurately gauging the amount of attention paid to watching train wrecks instead of more productive ventures.

  2. @ Dee Dee

    Thanks for the reference to the Rolling Stone interview. I had not read it..but will be googling it shortly! Now as to your comment "..the world isnt a hiphop club!" are correct. This shows the extent to which the young man thinks..only as far as he sees the world.

    Yes Quest will be out of a job (along with the rest of the band ) loooong before Jimmy Fallon ever will. Remember there is a franchise called "The Tonight Show"..that is still awaiting the heir apparent. The next move up will be ( with a certain sense of probability) Jimmy Fallon. So the idea of the NBC honchos losing their heir in training over this is -- next to impossible. BUT -- the idea of losing a "stepped all the way out of line" Black ..let's just say ..within the realm of sho'nuff.

    1. I want to urge you to not immerse yourself in that article. In carrying out plans for your elevation, how does that assist in achieving your goals? Do you enough time and acquired resources to give to that? I most certainly did not write this post to encourage focus on non-functioning black males (which is why I didn\’t link to anything).

  3. I have the issue of the Rolling Stone with an interview with the misogynist in question. He appears infantile bragging about spending fortunes on records and sneakers. And yes, Faith "the man" cut off his balls and handed it to him in a jar. He is neutered I expect to see him playing in a dress in a hot second. I also saw an interview. He got a gigantic reality check. He tried to play it off and be blase but the playa got PUNKED for the world to see! The world isn't a hiphop club!

    1. It’s just as important to hold Jimmy Fallon responsible. It’s his show. If push comes to shove, The Roots will be out of a job before him, but his judgement is highly questionable for a male past the age of 30. Like attracts like, doesn’t it?

  4. -- Pt 2 --
    Now back to this Bachman deal..yeah "son got schooled- quickly -- and handily!! I commented about this very same thing earlier this past few weeks. And like I said there -- I'll say here too — I am sure Jimmy Fallon and THe Roots got an earful at the meeting that was quickly held following the obvious fallout from his little "upsrising".

    And I'll say it again -- ww have an immense power structure from which they operate and pull from. They have ORGANIZED groups that fight for their destiny, future and image. It is something to behold really. But the upshot is -- when bw marry/date from within that power structure WE too benefit in spoken and unspoken ways.

    1. If more BW realized they could operate within an existing power structure instead of settling for the Mammy/Mule role, they'd see a significant rise in benefits across the board. A few women will take note and act. The book on reinvention belongs to Asian women. I just got around to watching, 'The Social Network' and there's a scene where the guys basically discuss their appeal.The reason why BW & Marriage gets discussed from a slanted view is we are the viable candidates between the choice of BM and BW. We add long-term value. As more of these BM further erode whatever stock they have left and give away whatever resources they've cobbled together through bleeding the masses of BW dry, the negatives will outweigh whatever usefulness that was seen as an asset and any further patronage from the higher-functioning groups (such that it is) will end.

  5. Yes ma'am..I too saw the fallout from this coming a mile away. I too read the quicky AOL article where Quest's own tweets were published, showing that he indeed had talked about it.

    What did this man think?!?! Did he think he was just chit chatting with his frat brother or something?..Just a quick "hey what's up..guess what I did last nite kind of thing?! The reason why I took notice of that article..or even read it..was because he had did something like this the previous few weeks before the Bachman deal. He had "tweeted" to some friend or follower about parking his car a few blocks away sometime in the wee mornings and having seen a SWAT like formation of police. THese police had been posting up because they were there getting ready to break up the Occupy situation in NY.

    His tweet then "kind of" got him in hot water, because this tweet to an Occupy follower gave a few people at this thing a "heads up"..and allowed a few people to gather their things and get ready for the police breaking up the Occupy situation.

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