Question Of The Week #3: What Are Your Low Cost Techniques For Luxurious Living?

There are numerous ways we can add luxury without breaking the bank. This is something to keep in mind as many people overextend themselves buying gifts at this time of year.

Here’s My Top Five:

Gourmet Chocolate

While I love Vosges Haut Chocolat, at $8 per bar I enjoy Green & Blacks Organic bars just as much and at $3.99 it’s more reasonable. The best bars have a higher cocoa content.  Powdered chocolate makes for amazing hot chocolate beverages.

Super Fatty/Hydrating Lotion

There’s nothing like a good lotion to make your skin feel silky and supple.

High Thread Count Bedding & Towels

The better to sleep on and rest with of course. Absorbent towels are so worth the investment.

A Good Showerhead

Energy efficiency and good water pressure keeps you sane, I swear!

Proper Time, Space & Activity To Relax and Recharge

That might require mood music, adequate sleep, candles…whatever you need for however long is necessary, it’s a non-negotiable no explanation necessary thing.

What do you need and use?

2 Replies to “Question Of The Week #3: What Are Your Low Cost Techniques For Luxurious Living?”

  1. I get my facials and brow/lip/chin waxing done at my local beauty school. I receive the same service that is done at a chi chi spa at a fraction of the cost. I call it "beauty on a budget."

    I also sleep on a satin sheet set. Pure decadence . . . 🙂

  2. I've been using olive oil as a lotion the past few weeks. It feels luxurious and will last you for months! It's a great moisturizer for those dry winter months and it also has some antibacterial properties as well.

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