Question Of The Week #2: How Do You Deal With Heartbreak?

The depths of grief, confusion and pain we feel at the loss of loving attachments are only surpassed by the heights when everything came together. Generally, this question might more readily lend to romantic relationships. There are other key relationships, however. ‘Lost’ love and disappointment can be impacted by outgrowing friendships. Or people we may have held in high regard, who may act in ways that seem out of character.

These things cause us to question our judgment and openness. People can react negatively to others who don’t behave in ways they prefer. Sometimes there are things we need to change. Sometimes we didn’t do anything wrong. Lack of boundaries, employing high standards or hidden (unacknowledged) motives also has impact.

So what do you do?

One Reply to “Question Of The Week #2: How Do You Deal With Heartbreak?”

  1. Feel the pain. Give it some time while surrounding yourself with good people and positive experiences; and move the (bleep) on!!

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