Pushback From The Partially Aware But Still Indoctrinated Black Woman

She has heard the message of empowerment and despite choosing to ignore the bulk of it, enough has seeped in that she can no longer pretend. Despite her best efforts at carrying the load she now notices the massive amount of excess weight on her shoulders. Even as she continues to beat the drum of the black male/save the community mantra she’s growing increasingly frustrated for her self-limiting choices. She just won’t admit it. This is why it becomes futile to try to free a mind past a certain point. Yes, I took that from the Matrix. The movie touched on universal themes of how people are being controlled and the struggles of those who want to break out of the pod and the fake world for REALITY.

This may be a bit of a venting moment for me because I allowed myself to be drawn into a useless conversation with one such woman. To be clear I do not subscribe to any delusions of grandeur. I’m not waving a wand or adjusting my tiara from a lofty perch. I, too have had to put in hours of internal evaluation while uncovering painful truths. I’ve also freed myself from concepts that would continue to diminish my life. My journey as with life is a continuing one. If I had my wish I would have figured these paradigms out ten years ago – heck even five – because I told myself I had all the time in the world to do so under the assumption it would be quick. My life would be completely different now if I had. The show must go on though and I can still take comfort in knowing I’m in a better place and will act accordingly. 

I’ve learned my lesson after dealing with your garden-variety obstructionists to those who’ve missed diagnoses of psychopathic disorders. Even exploring the possibility of evaluating these ideologies brings such fierce objections from women who are unwilling to explore concepts beyond what’s familiar or discomforting. First, comes the accusation of my being passive aggressive/too dismissive because I generally refuse to rehash why black women need to look at shared values above race/ethnicity from those who’ve stated they don’t agree (the nothing but a black man types). This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this by the way, but it makes no sense for me to try to convince anyone of anything when they are closed-minded. Would you spend time arguing with an unrepentant child molester? I have better things to do with my time!  

Next comes the talk about how she’s met numerous wonderful black men (yet she remains curiously un-partnered or inadequately so). Then, she has to insist that her willful self-limitation is a preference or worse that it’s biology that compels her. All of which removes the decision-making process to external forces and not chosen actions. Now, we all know black males have no such biological programming when it comes to them dating and marrying non-black women. Isn’t it odd this “biology” has singularly attached itself to mostly African-American women? Yes, stating these convoluted reasons comes across as insane to normal people but we’re talking about the indoctrinated. No such deductive reasoning applies.

What really gets my goat is how these indoctrinated women won’t let it go. They’re the other dimension to those who’ve designed that box for black women to reside in that ultimately diminishes their life span. They can’t go back to complete ignorance and are resistant to change – but they don’t want any other women to make affirming choices. To them it’s a slap in face for their complacency. Even as those of us who discuss matters of empowerment and living optimal lifestyles are doing so to elevate other women, we are viewed as enemies by many. There’s a difference between agreeing to disagree and continually circling around the reinforcement of ideologies that don’t work. They resent the efforts of those women who’re doing the necessary work towards their elevation and it makes no LOGICAL sense.

Some of you reading may be wondering why it’s an either/or scenario. Well, it’s due to the focus on what other women are doing when it’s opposite of their own efforts. Of course they’re not actually making any serious efforts they’re waiting (wasting time they can never get back). It is often denied vehemently even after they’ve clearly stated it. They’re waiting for those who’ve gotten out of the Matrix or are in process of doing so to fail in some way so they feel good about their choices to hold out for the exception.

I know a few black women who are happily single, actively preparing for partners and even some who are in fulfilled marriages to black males. They’re not harping on this. It’s those women who are dissatisfied that won’t let it go.  It’s due to their hostility towards other women who discuss means of empowerment, why interracial dating should be a regular occurrence, that marriage needs to be put back on the table as a birth right for any female born (or made) into a patriarchal society, to stop attempting to disqualify statistics that reflect the current sorry state for the majority, why blocking any logical conclusions from a proper analysis of how poor decisions have negatively impacted recent generations will ensure it continues to implode and especially from properly assessing the behaviors and motives of black males. While there is hatred of self there is also hatred for black women long at play. It has been steadily increasing to the point it has escalated to violence. These Dunbar Village type crimes are not an anomaly. They are strong indicators of what the future will be for many black women if they don’t remove themselves from dangerous black males and their enablers.

Many are familiar with the term DBR (damaged beyond repair) but they don’t really understand what it means and how it applies to the psyche of a corrupted soul. Nor is it stated how this is the equivalent of walking amongst suicide bombers. They want to take out as many others as they can – as well as themselves. Some people want the government to (rightfully) classify the KKK as a domestic terrorist group but ignore how similar actions are being enacted by blacks against other blacks. Hence the violence against other black males – but that’s at least being discussed. Although the conversation is misleading and misdirected I don’t see any pushback on those stats. In fact, there’s been a glorification of a certain mentality that justifies criminality, never imposes personal responsibility and always blames it on racism or lack of opportunities.  That’s a LOT of negativity and the epitome of allowing fear to take over.

While I empathize with black males and see how many feel angry about systematic oppression their focus as a collective does nothing to address it. They want to obliterate themselves and their image. They expect women to carry them and do not focus on our uplift. If they can’t be contributing members of society they are useless to your elevation. This is why black women have to start thinking of themselves by their gender and position in a patriarchal world before race. While our cultural legacies have great significance nothing else should trump women living in Western cultures (who seemingly have more freedoms) from getting everything they deserve.

Many black males will complain about “the man” at the drop of a hat but are eager to be accepted by white males as equals. They want everything and anyone white males have access to but won’t do the necessary infrastructure building to sustain the black community. They reject black women as worthy mates but do not hesitate to use them as battery fuel to sustain themselves with (yes another Matrix reference). When you have a group of males who refuse to provide stability for their offspring you will see how quickly it declines. They know they are inadequate in many ways but when not blaming it on whitey they will tell black women we are expecting too much. Just like gangsta rap, BET and the various “hood” movies ushered in a new era of denigration, so this illogical feeding frenzy about the romantic options for upwardly mobile black women continue the assault. War has been declared on us but we haven’t mobilized a response and are being attacked on all sides, picked off one by one.

It makes me wonder how many more casualties will it take to wake many of us up out of our Matrix-style coma of magical thinking. When in comparison to those from other groups who have also had to overcome external oppression, we as blacks have failed miserably at protecting women, children and the elderly. It is not the job of the females of any collective to advance it forward or protect it on their own. This isn’t the land of Amazon and while a group of women who are self-governing, living separately amongst their gender may not be a bad idea, far too many black women defer to misogynistic males to make that a viable option.

You know there is another term that is far more widely used than DBR to describe the mentality and actions of males who respond to their misogyny and sexism and take it out on women: serial killer. If you look at the profile these males are usually white, well-educated and often considered attractive. It makes no logical sense for them to derive pleasure from taunting, maiming, raping and killing women but they are damaged beyond repair. So to answer another question many pose, no you cannot “love” these men back to normal behavior. There are probably more black male defilers of women per population count but it’s being ignored because they’re targeting black women. Yet if you look at the response from the white collective they correctly label such men a danger to their group’s continued advancement. They have criminologists and profilers who’ve studied the reasons behind their behavior and they DO NOT CONDONE IT.

Likewise for those that target children, they make certain there’s repercussions for those who take out their aggression in such a way. Even after some who’ve been caught and served time they want to make sure everyone knows they still may pose a threat, hence the sexual offenders registry, Meghan’s Lawand the Amber Alert. Shows like Nancy Grace put the harm that comes to white women and children on blast. While many of us complain black women and children are not given equal concern why is the focus on whites valuing us when we show we don’t value ourselves? Not only are the males not being held accountable but this will bring us back to the beginning of this conversation – why don’t black women love themselves enough to put their needs as individuals first? Why is the idea of self-actualization met with open hostility? Why does telling black women to think of themselves as WOMEN first and race last so threatening? Why do so many black women continue to focus all of their time, energy and money on false ideologies? Why are so many of us settling?

We’re at the proverbial fork in the road. Some of us will take the path that leads to our freedom while others will choose the path that encircles. So while they may be walking they’re ultimately not going anywhere. They are free to stay on the Titanic while it sinks. Just stop blocking other women from their own elevation, especially the next generation. We all have free will to make choices. Some are making the wrong ones but an increasing majority aren’t even exercising their basic options. To each her own – but make sure that you can still find a chair when the music stops.

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  1. It's like that old No Doubt song Don't Speak…

    "hush hush darling, don't tell me 'cause it hurts". The thing is, not facing the truth with have more painful consequences in the long run than waking up and dealing with what's real, NOW.

    1. As long as the cretin is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, etc and the new girlfriend as an accessory then perhaps some justice will be served. I'm certain that if the history of this extremely dysfunctional relationship had all the markings of violence. Women that don't heed the warning signs WILL become cannon fodder.

  2. Excellent post, Faith. I can empathize with your frustration. Another reminder why sometimes we need to let go.

    I'm glad you brought up the subject of residential shifting that is occurring within major cities of the United States. You touched on Harlem. There was a once in a lifetime window of opportunity for the black residents to collectively buy up the property of brownstones when it was priced at an all time low in the late 90s. Some of my friends were savvy enough to do this, but they were the minority. Now Harlem is a hot bed in the real estate market. When I visit NYC, more and more upper middle class, professional white families are buying up the property left and right. The majority of Harlem blacks are being pushed to the side because they don't have the resources to compete. They won't or can't adapt. Most of them will not survive this shifting. I predict within twenty to thirty years Harlem will become a predominately middle to upper class white neighborhood, like its origins over a century ago. What goes around comes around.

    The same can be applied to these Bw who are Matrix zombies. They too will not survive the shifting that is taking place. It is heartbreaking.

    1. Thanks Jazine: There is also a huge displacement dealing with class. Not all of the new residents are white after all. Blacks of more upwardly mobile social classes have moved to Harlem as well. I've heard from a few people who did try to buy homes in Harlem that they were stymied in place of other groups of people when trying to buy into certain buildings but I'd still chuck that up to doing too little too late after further barriers were in place.

  3. Faith,

    You said, "Despite the annoyance of this ongoing obstruction it is clear that the efforts at chipping away at the facade has taken effect."

    Of yes, most definitely! LOL! I'm seeing the BW's empowerment message being embraced (at least in part) on a number of BW's blogs that had previously been dead-set against the idea.

    It's been amusing to watch the online "conversation comfort zone" in which several rabid and known "Ikettes" operate get smaller and smaller.

    What the "Ikettes" and their Internet Ike Turner-puppetmasters don't realize is that AA men's ongoing failures and DBR behavior is the greatest and the most successful "recruiting sergeant" ever for spreading the BWE message.

    Damaged Beyond Repair AA males are inadvertently proving the truth of the BWE analysis of AA women's situation by their behavior!

    And by their ongoing refusal to protect and provide for BW and children, AA men in general are burning their bridges with ever-increasing numbers of AA women. [Including the BW who previously felt politically obligated to support them.]

    From what you said earlier, your conversation last summer with some educated, professional, on-the-surface-only-"good BM" DBR AA males was the final straw that fully yanked the scales off your eyes.

    I had a similar experience a few years ago. It was the series of deeply selfish, DBR-type comments from so-called "conscious brothers" at a "Black Love/Black Unity" blog that ultimately pushed me all the way OUT of Black Nationalist ideology. [And I had previously believed in that ideology since college.]

    The things these so-called "conscious brothers" said on that and other "Black love" blogs shocked me into the realization that the masses of AA males will NEVER protect and provide for BW and children—BW are on their own, and need to act accordingly!

    So, whether the partially-aware and still indoctrinated AA women like it or not, there's NO going back to sleep after one's eyelids come even partially open.



    Thank you for your kind words; I truly appreciate it.

    Peace, blessings and solidarity.

  4. Faith,

    You said, "They’re waiting for those who’ve gotten out of the Matrix or are in process of doing so to fail in some way so they feel good about their choices to hold out for the exception.

    I know a few black women who are happily single, actively preparing for partners and even some who are in fulfilled marriages to black males. They’re not harping on this. It’s those women who are dissatisfied that won’t let it go. It’s due to their hostility towards other women who discuss means of empowerment . . ."

    Well, I believe these partially-indoctrinated, mostly-frustrated AA women are angry at self-actualizing AA women for several reasons:

    1-Misery loves company.

    2-Misery also loves to pretend that it's not miserable—that "things aren't that bad." [Which incidentally, seems to be almost a mantra among indoctrinated AA women.

    In response to almost any suggested course of action to seek abundant life they automatically say, "Things aren't that bad that BW need to do X, Y, Z." Things like think in terms of gender first, date interracially, move out of Black residential areas, etc.]

    3-At heart, they would really like to go back to sleep in the Matrix. Each new power fluctuation caused by another AA woman "unplugging" herself from the Matrix makes it impossible to go back to sleep. They're hoping that if all the escapees fail, then they'll be able to get back into their trance.

    To continue the Matrix analogy {chuckling}: It's very similar to the Judas character from the 1st Matrix movie. When he talked about his reward for betraying the other escapees, he said that he daydreamed about eating a big, juicy (fake) steak. And, most of all, that he didn't want to remember ANYTHING about the real world. And so it is with these resentful women.

    Peace, blessings and solidarity.

    1. Thank you Khadija! There's a fine line between dissatisfaction and misery. Despite the annoyance of this ongoing obstruction it is clear that the efforts at chipping away at the facade has taken effect. At all times I am aware that I must spend the majority of time elevating myself, though these excuses do help make the indoctrination all the more clear. I have yet to hear one point that is dissimilar to all the rest and I have an answer for them all. The continued dismantling of the indotrination continues.

      Yes, you even sounded the alarm on your first blog Muslim Bushido about the conditions for blacks who still reside in large cities that are decaying. Today I was reading the Twitter feed of a CNN reporter who was headed to Detroit to cover the bulldozing of 1/4 of that city deemed unsalvagable. I'm also reminded of when New York City decided to bring in developers to the East Village/Lower East Side. They removed all of the homeless people who resided in Thompson Square Park overnight, put in kid's play sets and mass evictions were issued as buildings changed hands. Likewise many have complained about the gentrification of Harlem that will price out many blacks who've been living there under the assumption subsidized or under market value rentals would always be available. This is the new reality.

      If those more vulnerable black women are not prepared to find new careers, new social circles and a new way of thinking they will be rolled up and out and no one will give them a second thought.

      1. Faith, as usual, this is an excellenet post.

        Speaking of Detroit, Khadijah, I remember the post you did a while back about the 50 cities that have been scheduled to be 'returned to nature' in certain areas and that these cities all have majority black populations. Well, I live here in Memphis, one of those cities on that list. I haven't heard any talk about 'returning to nature' locally yet, but I can definitely see where the effort would begin whenever its implemented. It's only a matter of time.

        I'm getting off of these BWE blogs for a while and spending more time empowering myself and my son.

        I absolutely love you guys, along with Lisa Vasquez, Evia Moore and others. You have confirmed what I've come to learn about most black men: that they don't give a damn about nobody but themselves. If it ain't all about them, it ain't about nothing. They've moaned and groaned until they got what they wanted: for everything black to be all about them. And they still have the nerve to complain about being oppressed.

        Well, I ain't getting left behind to drown in this madness. These DBR dudes and their mammy supporters can have it.

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