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It was an interesting day on the Interwebs yesterday with the annual National Black HIV/AIDS Day (more on this ongoing initiative in a future post). What many were anticipating was a ruling from the Ninth Appellate Court of Appeals regarding Proposition 8.

You may recall the passage of Prop 8 banned same-sex marriage in California. In a cruel twist of fate it happened the same day Barack Obama won his bid for President. The backlash from certain quarters was immediate, vicious and irrational. Black voters were initially blamed even though they only comprise 6% of the State population.

In what appears to have been a precursor to the current swell of racial animus and nostalgia, latent attitudes were unleashed. There was a sudden rash of people who’d complain about being oppressed in some fashion engage in discrimination themselves.

“Either the United States will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States”

~ W.E.B. DuBois

I had lived in California for a decade by that time, spending the prior seven years in San Francisco. I was very politically active – which is not a stretch if you live there. I knew something was brewing with Prop 8 because the organizers of the original Yes On 8 campaign were catering more to their supporters and had failed to reach out to its opposition. Sure enough it failed.

There’s been a legal battle to overturn Prop 8 ever since.  By the time each appeal and counter is considered, this may go before the Supreme Court for a final ruling. Many consider this a rather conservative and activist bench and so they may not agree to hear arguments. In the interim other states have successfully passed legislation that allows these marriages, so there’s a rather obvious imbalance right now. The Republican candidates are predictably foaming at the mouth. It’ll be interesting to see continuing developments as they unfold.

Here are posts from the archives.

Marriage and family matters. As I stated then, I hope the LGBTQI community will check their intra-group prejudices which has often targeted their transgender peers.

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  1. They want homosexual marriage rights not marriage right for all americans however they define marriage 1 man 4 wives of 1 woman 4 husbands. It is a insincere agenda and as usual when white folks need to identify with blacks to further an agenda they will, but when we want them to identify or acknowledge the current racisms that still exist they conviently turn a blind eye or write us off as too sensitive. We've come a long way so we should be satisfied, but blacks have never dismissed their cries with you've come so far or get over it already. They are not fighting for marriage rights for all americans, which would be a real civil rights movement. They want it for a select few and that has nothing to do with civil rights the way blacks fought for it. We fought for our along with every other Americans civil rights. No comparison whatsoever.

    1. "They" is represented by anyone who's looking out for their interests. Besides there are black women who are LGBT. Marriage benefits women. Keep your prejudices out of it.

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