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Faith Dow is a marketing, media and creative professional who uses new media across multiple social networks, writes and organizes content and promotes external communication. After spending several years in front of the camera and on stage as a performer she’s redirecting her interest in connecting with audiences in new media.

Writing for the blog Acts Of Faith In Love & Life Faith since 2008, she deconstructs long-held beliefs how people relate to established cultural, social and political norms, particularly professional women of color with compelling and often hard-hitting essays.

From a social media perspective Faith is an avid follower of the principles set forth by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, “Outliers” which indicates mastery of subject or skill set after putting in 10,000 of work towards acquiring it. Her focus is on the development of communities (online and offline) utilizing marketing and technology.

She has traveled throughout the United States and lived abroad (London, Toronto, Dublin) affording her the opportunity to work with diverse cultures. She’s also interested in making workspaces and schools more efficient by using social media as a tool for connecting to like-minded audiences and students. 

Faith has led panels combining advocacy with community activism, attends premier social media, political and tech-related conferences, contributes at other popular online forums and has appeared on radio shows like The Takeaway. She is currently writing a book on how women of color use social media as well as a commercial fiction novel. She divides her time between San Francisco and Washington DC.

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