Preparing Yourself For Prosperity Plus In 2012 & Beyond

HAPPY 2012.

Consider every day a new baby day to nurture with the slate wiped clean. We may have the outward appearance of being together. Like with the assumption that every thin person is in superb health, our beliefs may hold inaccuracies. We may intellectually be able to identify our acumen, attractiveness or career trajectory and may even be aware of segments of our purpose.

We may be driving with an empty tank inside.

Our beliefs can hold us back from optimizing our excellence. Maybe some of us were only going to use half a tank going ten miles an hour while others burn out and crash. Maybe some never learned how to turn on the ignition. I don’t know.

Life takes us where we choose. We get to decide if and where we want to go. Or hey – if it’s all out of hands then we have no control from going here, there and everywhere. Game over. Our lack of initiative may leave us stuck. Fear may paralyze us. Yet I can’t help but think even then, there’s a beam of light that shines through the dungeons of our recesses and we can at least move towards it.

Are we doomed to not have or are we closed off to possibilities if we can’t get the things we want, the way we want when we want them? Are we being lazy or are we missing confidence to take action?

The more women who make affirming choices and shape society to be supportive, the more opportunities for a higher quality of life will be available for others to create. We’re all connected.

With regards to BWE messaging, the end result is to promote happier, more satisfied women and to restore balance. Those who benefit from the current anomaly are missing out on tapping into key strengths they could be using instead. A more definitive separation would be clearer and happen sooner for those who want to excel with more resources available to facilitate that as others expand their circles.

Those who won’t use their time, talent and treasure would still make that choice regardless. It’s like the give a person a fish vs. teaching them to fish analogy. One is barely a stop-gap. The latter empowers someone for life. I’d much rather produce than beg for help that is proving less and less available anyway. Are you playing it safe? Weighing options that will lead to future insights and breakthroughs?

Thinking about mistakes, regrets, blame and pessimism keep us stuck on a dead end street. Sometimes we may think we can analyze our way out of a situation. Painful experiences can become powerful markers that lead us to greener pastures. The best thing we can do is change our minds and act in accordance with new thoughts. If the old ways worked many of us wouldn’t be so dissatisfied. Look ahead, assume a brighter future awaits you and plan for it. Trust that every day, with a little effort and being open that you are one day closer to catching that spark. Figure out what you can and can’t control for your own peace of mind.

If you ever wonder whether you’re making progress or experiencing change, look for signs. I’ve had bits and bobs reinforced in the most unexpected ways as I’ve watched a lot of movies the last two months. I wasn’t in the frame of mind for extended viewings before, but my creativity has been re-ignited. None of these films have anything in common really, but I’ve gotten signs that have backed up the Prosperity training I took. New Thought tenets are deeply embedded once we look for them.

I completed a 10-week course that has definitely helped steer me towards greater fulfillment. I enthusiastically recommend Prosperity Plus. If you can find a class check it out. I have no stake in promoting it. I know there are other spiritual/personal development tools out there. So when I discuss prosperity, I’m speaking in general terms not the specific course.

Happiness is all around us. No two journeys will look alike, so this is an open topic with information to consider. You have to make a decision. Do what works and toss the rest!