Post-Turkey Coma Linkshare

Whether you had too much food, too much family drama, no family drama, had to work, am looking for work, are tired or wired here’s some of the blogs you might find useful. Go ahead and click on my Blog Roll page for more blogosphere antics! Enjoy your weekend!

11 Replies to “Post-Turkey Coma Linkshare”

  1. Just love your blog Faith!! (New The Good Wife Fan…thanks to you!!)I would love to read how do i get a password?

  2. I see my link wasn't included. *sigh* Nobody loves me. 🙁 😉

    Seriously though, that is a good idea. I see a few links up there I haven't visited in a little bit.

    1. I'M SORRY!!!! I thought I included you.

      If anyone would like their blog added and you're a regular commenter put your links up.

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